Welcome to The Necromancer's Cult. Here we are worshiping only stories which have Necromancers or Undead Creatures as their main protagonists.

Be sure to follow our rules to the last sentence, else you will be punished by ETERNAL BANISHMENT!

*dramatic lightning*

  1. Don't judge anyone for their kink no matter what it is.

    All of us like something different. There is no point attacking those who like something you don't if it isn't influencing you.

  2. Don't post threads which aren't related to this group.
    "My sausage is bigger than yours!"
  3. More rules may come later

We also support so-called "Safe"Necrophilia, which is a term for NSFW Necrophilia content which is more or less violence and gore free, and its mainly focus is Living on Dead/Undead action.

If you don't know what Necrophilia means, then, God have mercy upon your soul, then read this thread:
Beginners Guide To Perversion - Necrophilia

  1. Don't post stories with less than 65% rating


    There is literally no reason to keep here terrible stories that no one will ever read.

  2. Don't post stories that do not include Necromancer or Undead of any kind as a main protagonist.
  1. Don't post stories with less than 65% rating


  2. Don't post stories that have large amounts of blood, gore and violence.

    It is "Safe" for a reason, the idea is that here would be NSFW content which everyone can enjoy.

More rules may come later

Do you like the idea of a specific main character? Try to visit our other groups like this!

Or you can visit our brothers in NSFW crime!

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[Adult group embed hidden]

Welp, this is it. I hope you'll have a pleasant stay.

Oh! And remember, everything we do in here is of course completely out of scientifical curiosities.

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