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I'm a fantasy enthusiast who loves to write, and I'm aiming to be a professional fantasy writer eventually. I love to help out other authors when I can. Feel free to PM me or drop by and say 'hi'.

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Sweetie Belle Fic Review 4 (White Collar) · 3:56pm May 2nd, 2013

So I keep track of just about all the Sweetie Belle fics that come out. And just yesterday I came across this story:
White Collar by: TailsFox 88

The story's blurb and picture were enough to catch my attention, but sitting at nearly 30 000 words, and the fact that it was a crossover with a show I've never seen, I was a little hesitant to start. But I found some time to give it a go and darn I was hooked.

In this story, Sweetie Belle has a very compelling sort of trickster/conmare character about her, while still holding onto the bits that make her Sweetie Belle from the show. Part of what makes her so compelling in this story is wondering how she got to be the mare that she is now in the story. I think that character is perhaps the strongest part of this story, at least that's what sold it to me.

The OC in the story is also very solid as a character, both he and Sweetie Belle create the best sort of dynamic relationships that protagonists can share. And their dialogue is very well executed. At no point did I find myself losing interest with the story or the characters, but instead got more intrigued as I read.

This story also has the hallmark of all great crossovers. You don't need to have watched/read the source material to get immersed with this story and the characters. So if that crossover tag was something that might have dissuaded you from reading because you haven't watched the TV show White Collar, you can rest assured it won't matter.

The story is well paced and catches you up to speed with what you need to know about the characters through actions, dialogue, and setting.

In short, this first chapter was wonderfully crafted, and I highly recommend it to anyone. It shows promise for a great story filled with mystery, and I'll wait for each chapter on the edge of my seat. It takes a place in my top five fics so far. (Of course I love seeing fics as they come out rather than waiting for the whole thing to be finished)

So, if you want to read a great Sweetie Belle fic set in a less-harmonic Equestria, filled with a promise of many mysteries to come, and rich characters to be explored, then this is the fic for you. Join me in reading every chapter as it comes out. Great fics like this should have a larger audience.

Enjoy the Sweetie Belle fics,

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Comments ( 4 )

Have you read Sweetie's Mansion? Its pretty good

Heh, this one sounds like Sweetie's Mansion, in terms of the whole crossover aspect. I just wonder if it will have the same quirks. Only one way to find out, though.

Thank you for the recommendation. :twilightsmile:
It is indeed story worth attention.

1053912 No problem. It would have been a shame for it to have gone unnoticed.

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