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Did somebody order A LARGE HAMburger?!

Fair Warning!

I am a philosopher, and an absurdist.
I will treat life as a game of chance.
I will argue over anything.
I will play devil's advocate.
I will challenge any belief.
I will criticize criticism.
I will laugh about it.
All puns are intended.

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Fillies and Gentelcolts...

I am here for one reason: Fallout: Equestria.
Fortunately I don't need a reason for most of what I do, though I always keep a few handy, so I am likely to get around.

I am but a humble representative of a crack team of writers and visual artists, consisting of myself and one other. Hence, if I ever seem grandiose it is only because I must be confident enough for two; and I am confident.

Here is our agenda for the day:
[ ] Surpass Kkat in every way, shape, and form.
[ ] Surpass Alan Moore in every way, shape and form.
[ ] Surpass Neil Gaiman in anything.
[x] Finish a story.
[x] Finish two stories.
[ ] Finish three stories.
[x] Put a combined 200+ hours into a setting.
[x] Put a combined 400+ hours into a setting.
[x] Lose count of combined hours of world setting.

Now for a few expository questions:
Q. Who is your favourite fictional character?
A. Jesus.
Q. What is your favourite game?
A. A table-top one, no wait.. this one.
Q. Who would you like to write the next season of MLP:FiM?
A. Mel Brooks, every time, regardless of the series.


So I Deleted Zero Hour... · 5:53am Oct 22nd, 2016

Why? Because I want to start fresh(ish). I'm practically done with my fifth chapter and the rewrite of chapter four, but my co-writer has yet to finish his first. When he does, I have to expect I'll want to make some changes. And that he'll share that sentiment.

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Some Sandman. A lot of his other books. V for Vendetta I haven't read yet. Want more Moore, but his stuff is usually more money. Worth it though.

Yes, I have. Have you read Sandman or V for Vendetta?

Well, I can't wait to read your H&H day entry. Good luck.

You've read Watchmen? American Gods?

Those are my two favourite writers. I onced ranked King over Moore, but then I read the Killing Joke.

A mention of two of my favorite authors (Gaiman, Moore)? Followed.

Your Face thanks you for the follow. :coolphoto:

Thanks for the watch Sophos ;)

Welcome to the Fo:E group! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! :twilightsmile:

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