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In her arrogance, Sunset Shimmer believed for years that she could outrun her past, no matter how much time went by. But with her defeat at the hands of Twilight Sparkle, and her humiliation in front of the entire school, that assumption, like so many others, has been proven gravely incorrect.

Now, like all those who came before her who thought the same, she must look within herself and face her demons. What question remains is whether she can quell the fire within, or if it will consume her entirely.

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My oh my...such a deep introspection. I love it!

I know is meant to be just a oneshot, but I would truly love to see this further expanded and see how the rest of the series is impacted!

No, Sunset realized. She wasn't angry at Twilight Sparkle. She was angry at herself.

Very powerful, and very relatable, line.

Sunset dealing with self-loathing would be an incredible personal journey to read about. I hope you do more.

Who did that cover art?
It's amazing

This was a lovely look at Sunset dealing with her own demons. I always like stories that approach these topics where there just isn't a clear bad guy or things aren't so simple, and dealing with self-hatred is definitely up there.

Short introspective stories like this are my favorite type of fanfic, particularly when they're short and to the point like this one.

...with a group of students she'd abused and driven apart begrudgingly allowing her to be their 'friend' only because Twilight Sparkle had told them to.

I like that perspective, I didn't think of it and it makes perfect sense. Very telling of who Sunset is and how she feels.

Her entire body and face was covered in a slick, dew-dropped sheen of sweat, and the golden scarlet strands parted from her skin with a wet and peeling resistance.

I love that line. I've always really liked your descriptions, you have a way of drawing such clear pictures without going over the top with the length or complexity of sentences.

Liked this as much as your Sonata one. Hope to see more soon.

A nice take on her struggle to come to grips with what she’s done. If anything, I’d like to see this expanded into something more. You could get some really good plot lines with this take.

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