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She/her. I write about horses. If you want to support me, consider getting a commission.


Small Update · 7:45pm February 11th


Wanted to give everyone an update on my lack of activity as of late. Both with regards to posting in general, as well as my longer-running fics like Cooling Embers and Homecumming. Some of this is very personal, and I'm also dealing with lots of brainfog right now, so I'm going to make this nice and quick.


Had a terrible December that regressed my mental health greatly. Still dealing with the aftershocks.

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Cooling Embers: Rekindled · 7:11pm Dec 9th, 2023

Hey yo, nerds. I'm finally writing Cooling Embers again. And what's this about two chapters at the same time? No way, dude. That's fucking wild. I'm losin' my god damn gourd.

So check it out. This blogpost has literally no proofreading whatsoever, I am just throwing this out because I'm feeling very strangely hyper today. Cringe, as the kids might say.

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This is a bad idea. · 4:46am Dec 1st, 2023

Like the title says.

But hey-o. Bad brain chemicals make ya do weird things. Even when one of those things is posting about your feelings online. Which is, like, one of the worst things you can do.

Probably not gonna matter too much anyway. Not like anyone reads these posts. Last one I made certainly proves that.

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Looking for Readers and Artist (Cooling Embers) · 9:57pm Nov 20th, 2023

It's been too damn long since I've worked on Cooling Embers, and I want to come back with some real oomf. To make sure that happens, and to give this story the love it needs, I'm looking for beta readers and an artist.

For readers:
1. Please be available. I can't be waiting around a week or more to receive feedback.

2. Be knowledgeable, be experienced, and be interested. If you're a fellow writer yourself, even better. A writer with long-term story experience, the best.

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Join Me In 2023's Jinglymas · 11:03pm Nov 6th, 2023

I am participating in this years Jinglymas. Join in yourself and if you're lucky you might have the chance to get your story written by me!

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Big Update + Rebranding · 7:57pm Jun 4th, 2023

Any of those paying close attention to me might have noticed my recent decline in posting.

I would like to assure you this has been a temporary lull. I've been incredibly busy with writing - both commissions and something special of my own, which I'll get to later.

Through the month of June and beyond, I will be going through my backlog and uploading new stories. Past this, I have several large announcements to make.

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Summer Sin Celebration · 5:44pm May 30th, 2023

Thought this looked like fun, so I'm joining in on this year's Summer Sin Celebration. Check it out if it interests you!

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Ko-fi & Bidness Update · 5:13pm Jan 14th, 2023

Hi! I now have a Ko-fi so if you ever want to support me by just chipping in a little bit, feel free.

Also, on the business side of things, I'm now opening up commissions permanently.

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Open For Writing Commissions (3 Slots) · 11:21pm Dec 7th, 2022

If you're reading this it means I have opened up three slots for writing commissions. If you would be interested in purchasing something, see my previous blog for more details.

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Commissions Info · 11:19pm Dec 7th, 2022


Skip the following if you'd like to immediately read my terms of service:

If you're reading this. I think it's safe to presume you are at least semi-interested in receiving a commission from me. Before I dive into the details, you might ask why me, over anyone else?

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