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  • 5 weeks
    The Day of the Dead Anthology

    The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a now-famous tradition from ancient times that has been a huge part of Mexican Culture through the centuries. Like so many things in Mexico, it's influenced strongly by certain aspects of the Aztec people.

    It has shaped the way those of us with that heritage look at life and death in many ways, and most importantly on the remembrance of, and honoring the deceased. We traditionally decorate little altars dedicated to the memories of those that passed away… but it's not a somber occasion.

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  • 29 weeks
    PSA: Using AIs to Write and Publish Stories in Fimfiction

    Hello everyone, this is a PSA (Public Service Announcement, for those of ESL) to put to rest consistent questions about using AI to 'write' stories and publish them here. This is not intended as a poll or a request for feedback. It is exclusively a clarification on an already-existing rule.

    People ask: "Can I, oh great and powerful D, post a story or chapter that I got ChatGPT to write for me?!"

    And the answer, my friend, is... No.

    Absolutely not. Not in a thousand years!

    Because you didn't write it.

    It is not your creation. You are NOT the author. In fact, you are the opposite.

    There seems to be some confusion when interpreting the following rule:

    Don’t Post (Content)


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  • 57 weeks
    Jinglemas 2022!

    Jinglemas is the annual tradition on Fimfiction to exchange stories around the holidays with users on the site. This single event allows all Fimfiction users to come together and celebrate the reason for the season. Ponies!

    Enroll in this Secret-Santa-style gift exchange to request a holiday themed story, to be written secretly by another participant during the month of December. And in turn, you will be tasked with writing someone else's request. Then all the stories will be exchanged at Christmas! Simplicity itself! Thanks to the hard work of the Breezies, everyone will be ensured to get their gift!

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  • 85 weeks
    Phishing Awareness

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this?

    And then you magically find yourself in a suspiciously familiar site, except that you're not logged in, and it requires you to do so?

    Well. Don't log in. This is a scam, and a cheap one at that. 

    There've been recent attempts to obtain Fimfiction users’ personal data, like passwords and/or emails through links like the one I'm making fun of above. And a distressing amount of people don't seem to know what phishing attempts are.

    If you HAVE entered a site like this and put in your data, make sure to follow these basic steps at least.

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  • 96 weeks
    All Our Best [Royal Canterlot Library]

    As should be obvious from 15 months without a feature, life has taken the Royal Canterlot Library curators in different directions. While there’s still plenty of awesome stories being written in the My Little Pony fandom, we’re no longer actively working to spotlight them, and it’s time to officially draw the project to a close.

    Thank you for all of your support, suggestions, and comments over the years. We’re grateful to have been able to share seven years of exemplary stories with you, and give more insight into the minds behind them. In the spirit of the project, please keep reading and recommending fantastic fics to friends—the community is enriched when we all share what we love.

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  • 101 weeks
    Jinglemas 2021 has come to a close!

    Jinglemas had 114 stories written and exchanged this year!
    You can read them all here, in the Jinglemas 2021 folder!

    Jhoira wrote The Hearths Warming Eve Guest for EngageBook
    GaPJaxie wrote Twilight and Spike Hide a Body for Telly Vision
    SnowOriole wrote The Armor Hypothesis for BaeroRemedy
    snappleu wrote Words Said So Often That They Lack Any Meaning for Trick Question
    NeirdaE wrote Starlight and Trixie Direct a Play for Moosetasm
    Ninjadeadbeard wrote Garland Graveyard Shift for NeirdaE
    Roundabout Recluse wrote Apples to Apples for Ninjadeadbeard
    MistyShadowz wrote The Times We Shared for NaiadSagaIotaOar
    Petrichord wrote A Gentle Nudge for Angel Midnight
    Jade Ring wrote Past, Future, and Present for Frazzle2Dazzle
    Jake The Army Guy wrote The Big Talk for Dreadnought
    The Red Parade wrote Heart Strings for Franso
    Greatazuredragon wrote A Hearth’s Warming Question for GaPJaxie

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  • 131 weeks
    Reunions: A Swapped Roles Contest!

    Okay guys here's something fun presented by Nitro Indigo.

    Presented by me, I guess, but I digress.

    Last year, I (Nitro Indigo) noticed that there was a surprising lack of roleswap fanfics on this site. To fix that, I decided to run a roleswap contest over the summer themed around secrets. While it didn’t get many entries, it nevertheless attracted the attention of some big authors and was the origin of two of my favourite fics. Overall, I think it was a success, so I’ve decided to run another one!

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  • 204 weeks
    Minor Rules and Reporting Update

    Hope everyone is enjoying the new year.

    Some small changes have been made to our rules as well as to the reporting process.


    "No attacks directed at individuals or groups due to race, gender, gender identity, religion or sexual identity."

    This better clarifies our previously ill-defined hate speech rule and includes groups as well as individual attacks.

    "No celebration, glorification or encouragement of real life criminal activity."

    This includes past, present and potential future crimes.

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  • 206 weeks
    Jinglemas 2019

    There's truly no time like the holidays. What's better than copious amounts of food, quality time with family and friends, hearing the sweet sound of Trans-Siberian Orchestra on repeat, and unmanagble financial stress from our capitalist overlords?

    Gift exchanges of course!

    Our Own Little Way of bringing Hearth's Warming to Fimfiction

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  • 226 weeks
    "Ponyfic: There Can Be Only One" wrap-up [Royal Canterlot Library]

    We're still recovering this week from the fandom's final Bronycon.  (In some cases literally — a con-crud-ridden Horizon is dragging himself out of bed to write this.)  So in lieu of a Bronycon-week feature, we'd like to talk a little bit about the panel we hosted to find THE FANDOM'S BEST FANFIC™.

    We've got a full writeup on our royalcanterlotlibrary.net website — including the complete bracket of 16 fics in contention for the title; shout-outs to great fics which we couldn't fit on the shortlist; and the full results of audience and curator voting.

    Our hearty congratulations to Monochromatic's "The Enchanted Library" for taking the BEST FANFIC title in an upset victory over our #1 seed!  We'll be running an interview with Monochromatic as soon as possible.

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Site Post » Jinglemas 2023! · 1:21am November 2nd

Jinglemas is the annual tradition on Fimfiction to exchange stories around the holidays with users on the site. This single event allows all Fimfiction users to come together and celebrate the reason for the season. Ponies!

Enroll in this Secret-Santa-style gift exchange to request a holiday themed story, to be written secretly by another participant during the month of December. And in turn, you will be tasked with writing someone else's request. Then all the stories will be exchanged at Christmas! Simplicity itself! Thanks to the hard work of the Breezies, everyone will be ensured to get their gift!

You only have until November 24th to Sign up!

For more event details, or if you are interested in becoming a Breezie, see the Event Rules, our FAQ, or join our Discord!

Report Wanderer D · 2,585 views · #jinglemas
Comments ( 30 )

Yes, I know it's November, but people need time to think of a request and sign up.
And then I need time to exchange everyone's assignments.
And then everyone needs time to write the story gifts.
And then there needs to be time for everyone to exchange those gifts.
And not all on the same day, to not overwhelm the approval queue.
All by Christmas.

Enrollment: Nov 1st - Nov 24th
Writing: Nov 25th - Dec 21
Exchange: Dec 22 - 26th

to soon its november

D-F #3 · November 2nd · · 22 ·


Y'all couldn't even wait until November 2nd, could you.

It's November man...

All right, I've been eyeing taking part in a Jinglemas for literal years now, but the fates never seemed to align for me to do it in the past.

So I think this is the year where I finally change that and sign up for one of these. Let's do it! :raritystarry:

Also, to all of you complaining about this being posted so early into November--you're all forgetting to consider just how much time and effort it takes for all participants to coordinate for an event such as this, enough that you pretty much need to start the ball rolling this far in advance in order for it to really work effectively. :raritywink:

Will yaʼll stop saying itʼs only November? Jinglemas takes time to organize and set up. It needs to start early. By the time you get your assignment, itʼll already be the end of November.

Some things simply take time and need to start early. And besides, Jinglemas has always opened at the start of November. This ainʼt nothing new.

Yaʼll need to chill.

The Hearths has defrosted.

Unfortunately I won't be able to participate this year, which is a shame because I find I really have to stretch writing for the prompts which is a good thing. But I foolishly volunteered to organise a family holiday the week before Christmas and where work is much busier I just don't think I'll be able to pull it off. I don't want to dissapoint anyone :fluttershysad:

Maybe I can dust off my Christmas Carol ponification.

Youʼre very welcome.

The question is whether I should ask for a crack ship again.

Because last time, the author made a sequel, won a contest, and now we're co-judges.

I wanna help but I don't know G5 well enough if someone gives me that request. I don't wanna ruin someone's gift by a lack of knowledge.

The way people are matched up, you're generally only matched with someone who's requested similar characters, or the same property if it's not the main FiM one that everyone is fine with. Last year any G5 requests were kept in one pod. Similarly, requests that specifically ask for EqG are paired against those who've done the same.

So if you don't ask for G5, you won't get someone asking for it. :twilightsmile: Given how many people haven't bothered to watch the show(s) (and probably won't ever), that will likely remain the case for Jinglemas going forward. Least for the foreseeable future. :scootangel:

I think the fastest way to shut down my writing motor is to ask me to make something. Brain locks up, creativity vanishes, and I blame High School English class and the mandatory writing assignments. I mean I did write Police Navidad for Estee last year, but that was on my own and ye gads the most recent full story I've posted. So I'll see about writing something this year Secret Santa like on the side.

All the haters are just silly little billies. It takes time to organize things and then once everyone is assigned it takes time to actually write, proofread, ect. That's not even taking into account when things go wrong, you gotta plan a bit extra time as a buffer for that.

It sounds really well thought out, I'm quite tempted to join too! :twilightsmile:

My main forté is spicy stories, although for this contest I think I can manage to switch genres!

Prooobably not going to join, but just voicing my general appreciation of Shakespearicles and the entire team for hosting this event every year. :heart:

Haven’t decided on taking part this year, since I failed every time…

But it does seem fun

Does anyone have any tips or ways to encourage someone to actually be able to finish it without completely… anything that would make one lose interest?

gosh, but that author sounds handsome

The handsomest! A brilliant writer, great friend, and absolutely swoon-inducer to boot!

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but are we allowed to request stories about humans? Like the Equestria Girls? :twilightsheepish:

You absolutely can. The Equestria Girls pod is usually one of the larger ones each year.

Oh! Good deal! Thanks for the info! :twilightsmile: I'll definitely throw my name in then~

Omg applejack is dead.

I've never actually done this before but it seems fun and I'm tempted to join so I'm gonna give it a try!

If you don't know G5 just mention that when you PM me your request.

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