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Just another new writer looking to improve her abilities. Critique always welcome, harsh or otherwise.



Some say that time heals all wounds. Others say absence makes the heart grow fonder. How, then, is one supposed to move on from a home and a life from centuries ago when the hurt only grows stronger with each passing day?

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For your first story it’s pretty great

Much appreciated. I've actually been writing for quite a while now, but only ever as roleplay and a couple short stories spread across my high school years. There will certainly be more to come soon.

Im very exited to read them

Here have derpy :derpytongue2:

A nice first publish. You don't see Aria's sisterly side too often, and the aquarium rather fits them as a place of comfort. Nicely done.

Really, this story is at least two-thirds good. (Streaks of excellent count as part of the good.)

I liked a lot about this story. The idea is sweet! (I mean that in multiple senses of the word.) It makes so much sense that the siren sisters would be missing their old home, and it's interesting to see how each siren deals with that in her own way.

Delightfully sweet family fluff. I enjoyed reading immensely.

There's something wonderful about seeing actual depth in Sonata and Aria's bond beyond the usual 'she annoys me ' kind of vibe. I also like how the readers get to also see what Adagio is like in the eyes of her sisters. Overall, pretty awesome!

It was nice getting to see that sisterly bond between Sonata and Aria get explored more in this story. I love the idea of each of the sisters longing to go back to their home and missing it, it was some great emotional stuff.

Oh, and Sonata should convince Adagio next to give her enough money to buy a little fish friend as a pet. The thought in my head of Sonata having a little one to look after is one I find to be cute.

That left me a bit heartbroken. Sonata is the sweetest of the trio and I don't like the thought of her being sad.

I get it though.

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