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A Cruel And Terrible Crustacean


"Old Equestria's war is not our war..."

These words are law in Stable 61, last bastion of sanity in a world at war. At least according to the folks who live there. Ponies, zebras, griffons, you name it. They all live there in peace.

Peace is... not always easy, especially for people like Snowflake. The ones who don't quite fit in. Don't quite follow the plan.

What's a big sister to do when she's taken away from her brothers, and forced to face who she is without them? Snowflake must answer that question, and live in the process. Those aren't necessarily the same.

Now she's got a psychopathic mare, griffon merc, thieving technophile, and a killer sniper to deal with day-to-day. Quite the increased activity from monitor jockey. And then there's the little sphere tucked away in her gear…

She never had this kind of trouble with her brothers.

Attention! I am not the author of this story. I'm merely the custodian. The author left the fandom and this site a while ago, but they were kind enough to return and repost it so that everyone could enjoy it once again, including posting some previously unlinked content! So, enjoy, everyone. That's why it's here, after all.

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Is there anything different in this version, or is it the same as before?

Why did you compress the chapters? I actually liked it better when the chapters were split into smaller chunks...

Huh, first time I’ve heard of this. Seems interesting.

I have a question though and it doesn’t cause offense.

Why was this story published all in one go? Adding the chapters on at worst a weekly basis would’ve greatly increased the chances of it being found and enjoyed

We only saw one more group of Steel Rangers on our way to the Monitor room, a pair of scribes bearing plasma pistols, but my Pipbuck alerted us to them before they noticed us.

Not sure if i missed it but when did she get the pipbuck back?

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Comment posted by Captain Absolution deleted Feb 22nd, 2020

A fic well done. It is a rare story that makes me feel that much for the characters...

This was one of my favorite FOE stories even thought I didn’t knew what was happening sometimes

Red Ice was interesting to observe as a full persona, but fuck is it so good to have Snowflake back in relative control. ;w;

I had no idea at the time, but it all makes sense now, that Sweet Lips and Caber Toss were full on references to Samurai Jack, and that's god damned epic.

also, this story was a fuckin' journey, man. I loved how imperfect, yet perfect Snow was for this role. That ending had me in tears, man. Tears. Every single moment with Lexi and the buff bros, Snow, and Undertow, heartwarming as fuck.

gaaaah i can't even get fully coherent thoughts on here right now.

story was hella good, and the time i spent readin' the heck outta this was more than worth it.

This is a very enjoyable story and I finished it just before Amethyst Wind removed it from FimFic. I think the original cover was awesome.

I've read all the big name Fo:E fanfics, and at least the first 2 books of Project Horizons. I had regarded the large number of sidefics out there for a while, and wanted to see if any were good once I had exhausted the big ones. I ended up settling on this one and WOW am I glad I did. It's a damn shame this fic lost all its previous engagement on account of having to be 'reuploaded' cause it deserves a lot more attention than it's been left with now.

The premise and setting are interesting, I've lowkey wanted a winter setting Fallout game; this isn't a game of course, but I feel you also don't see many winter setting Fo:E fics, either way it's unique. I think the Sombra, Cadence and changelings subplot could've been expanded on, but it's unique imagining of certain show aspects that were left out in original Fo:E canon. The characters are great too, I found myself being really engaged with the pegasi twins and their relationship with Snowflake. Honorable mention for the animals as well, I think "Molar Bear" is when the story really hooked me.

A little rough around the edges of course. There's some formatting issues early on that may be an artifact of reuploading it, so if the 'curator' is still around it's something to look at. The POV shifts later in the story were confusing and didn't really get any better. The ending was alright, I had hoped for more including some more concrete resolution between Snowflake and the twins. Oh well, still better than the ending of 'Heroes'. Also there's some little details that kinda took me out of it (Vanchoofer? Really? Amethyst never had 'Vanhoover' cross the mind? Also 'Red Ice' and 'Blue Fire' are about as basic as it gets.) Also Naiara deserved better, rest in peace best Zebra.

Anyway I suppose there's not much point in critiquing it too much considering people don't seem to stop by this fic much anymore. Hopefully I'm not the last one! If anyone happens to see this comment and is on the fence, give it a shot. All that aside, there's another reason I'm commenting, and that's to share some proper fanart I made of the main cast:

if anyone happens to see this, let me know that you did, would love to know what people think. :twilightsmile:

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