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Post-war Equestria. Some ponies spend their entire lives fighting the wasteland. Others, are dropped there.

Born and raised above the cloud curtain, the anxious First Lieutenant Sienna has been unwillingly sent to the wasteland by her commanding officers. With Sienna the only survivor of the mission, she must find a way to survive the harsh, deadly environment of a new Equestria. Not only that, she must find a strange treasure known as the Rainbow Pearls and protect her new-found friends from a bigger threat, the Hope Coven. With her new friends, new enemies, and new mission, she will have to get it together to keep Equestria from further harm.

That is, if she doesn't have an anxiety attack!

*****This is a rewrite of my original story, Fallout Equestria: Our will.*****

For Mom. You did help me, even when you think you didn't. I love you.

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So it's a rewrite; to what extent? You don't have a blog post or anything to describe/explain and I really wanna read this. Can I read the original, or are the changes preventative?
You should make a blog post and link to it explaining. :)

The original is still up, but it is canceled. I wrote a short post on the original explaining everything! I wanted to start over because I wanted to make it less amateur. Hopefully I've accomplished that in this version. :twilightsheepish:

I think it should be 'hoof-eye coordination', since ponies don't usually have hands. Good chapter, though!

Don't expect much from me, I'm afraid. I don't comment often, just read and lurk.

Thank you for pointing that out! Sometimes, I admit, I forget ponies do not have hands. :facehoof: I will fix it ASAP!

I missed this. Sienna is such a joy to read.

Gasp! What foul villain cur has accosted our heroic pega-mare? Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ba- I mean Fallout Equestria: Our Will (rewrite)!

She says thank you! And then she continued to consume all of my cake and alcohol. Excuse me while I fight.

"Gorgeous! Now, for the cherry on top! I want you to have something. I found it in an old ministry building last year, along with these dresses and the makeup. I think it was a MoI office. Lucky for me, it was so radiated, no normal pony could get into loot around." She floated a small, wooden box to me.

'Into' is when somebody enters a room. Here, you want 'in to'.

Also, you used the word 'couth' and it's not used often, nor recognised by my British English spellcheck. 'Uncouth' is, I know, but the English language is odd and we stopped using 'couth' as the opposite of 'uncouth'.

Thank you! Simple typo!

Also is south really not used? I always thought so but I guess that's my mistake! :twilightblush:

I'm not familiar with couth as a word. Wiktionary lists it as 'obsolete', though apparently it's used in some Scottish dialects. As I'm much closer to France than Scotland, I can't say that for certain.

I apologize for the typo again. Autocorrect obviously doesnt recognize it either. :facehoof: Anyway, I think it should be a word. I would use it!

It was a word, several hundred years ago. We just stopped using it, preferring to use the words sophisticated, graceful and glamorous to mean the same thing. We did not, however, replace uncouth with unsophisticated, ungraceful and unglamorous.

Unidentified Energy Detected


Unidentified Energy Undetected


Seriously though, how does one undetect something?

It's a little joke! Lol


Oh. There it is!
Nope... nevermind.

My sense of humor is extremely dumb :facehoof:

Like how the npcs in fallout lose you after you just crouching behind a trash can

We're back! Can't wait to see how this goes ^^

"Sike, right?"


"Say sike right now!" I cried.

Oh for fuck's sake! Seriously?

First of all, it is and has always been spelled "psych".
Second of all:

First of all: I'm sorry I laughed at your comment.

Second of all: is it... Is it really spelled "psych"? :rainbowderp:

I dont think it was bad per se, but since it was my first fic i had a lot of things that needed changing. I think it needed a fresh start. I'm definitely happier with the newer version!

After lots more hugging (seriously, I love hugs) and crying, Nico finally lifted his head off mine.

Hugs have been scientifically proven to be very healthy.

Yes. Ironically, people are advising against it, now.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Shite. I'm kinda upset over the fact that a foal was foalnapped...can't wait for more!

Sorry for the upset, friend. :fluttercry:

I think I answered this before. I'll copy and paste my response here, anyway!

Hmm. Well I like for my readers to find whatever voice they think would suit the characters.

Me, personally, I'd like to think Sienna's voice sounds like RaRa from the show, but a little more antsy. Maybe a hint of Rarity (because, come on. Rarity is best pone) without the posh accent.

I'm not sure about Nico I havent really thought of a voice for him. Calm? Kind of monotone.

Redd is confident, so hes probably a little loud naturally.

Violet's got this Rainbow Dash thing going for her. A mix of RD, Spitfire, etc.

Like I said, I'm sure everyone has their own idea what they sound like. This is just my perspective.

Heh, no problem. I'm used to these fics.

Just read you rewrite and I love it. Looking forward towards more.

Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying! We recently moved to another town and we are still getting settled in so thats the reason I haven't been uploading any chapters! I will be getting back to it soon! Thank you for your patience!

Hope the move is going well. I know it gets crazy changing locations. Hope all continues to be great.:twilightsmile:

Great update! Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Great update! Hope all is well.

Thank you! I haven't been writing as much because I (like Sia) have pretty severe panic disorder and I've been dealing with that. I'll be back to writing, soon! Thank you for your patience!


I quite like the character development in this story, the Pepper/Sia thing was an interesting twist but really enjoying how its turning out. Will be waiting patiently for the next installment

I get the feeling that ZERO Luck stat is going to be one TARTARUS of a bad omen...

I am so glad you're enjoying! Character development was something I had to really work on between the original and the rewrite, but hopefully the rest of the story will be just as pleasant

Sia needs ALL the luck she can get :rainbowderp:


yesss banger chapter again. finally got her body back, this'll be fun;)

Awesome update! Keep up the good work! I’m really enjoying this story.

Thank you! Hopefully it wasn't too much of a turn! :moustache:


Wow! new exciting twists as always, keep it up

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