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Hi, guys! I'm a huge fan of MLP:FIM! I love drawing, writing, and painting! Always up for making new friends! :)


Post-war Equestria. Some ponies spend their entire lives fighting the wasteland. Others, are dropped there.

Born and raised above the cloud curtain, the anxious First Lieutenant Sienna has been unwillingly sent to the wasteland by her commanding officers. With Sienna the only survivor of the mission, she must find a way to survive the harsh, deadly environment of a new Equestria. Not only that, she must find a strange treasure known as the Rainbow Pearls and protect her new-found friends from a bigger threat, the Hope Coven. With her new friends, new enemies, and new mission, she will have to get it together to keep Equestria from further harm.

That is, if she doesn't have an anxiety attack!

*****This is a rewrite of my original story, Fallout Equestria: Our will.*****

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 4 )

So it's a rewrite; to what extent? You don't have a blog post or anything to describe/explain and I really wanna read this. Can I read the original, or are the changes preventative?
You should make a blog post and link to it explaining. :)

The original is still up, but it is canceled. I wrote a short post on the original explaining everything! I wanted to start over because I wanted to make it less amateur. Hopefully I've accomplished that in this version. :twilightsheepish:

I think it should be 'hoof-eye coordination', since ponies don't usually have hands. Good chapter, though!

Don't expect much from me, I'm afraid. I don't comment often, just read and lurk.

Thank you for pointing that out! Sometimes, I admit, I forget ponies do not have hands. :facehoof: I will fix it ASAP!

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