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This story is a sequel to Fallout Equestria: Survivor's Guilt

There is a legend in Equestria and beyond, about a great treasure hoard left behind by the last of the Dragon Lords Ember. Many have searched for it, but none have found it, either coming back with horrifying tales, or not coming back at all.

8 years after the war with the Enclave, 4 friends come across a map leading them to the first clue to the Great Hoard. Fueled by curiosity and the story of the Hoard's wealth, they set out to try and find it.

But will they succeed? Or will they meet the same fate as so many that came before them?

Cover made by Hagallaz.

Set in the universe of Fallout: Equestria by KKat.

Co-written with Megaskullmon.

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 38 )

While I'm not a fan of the way you're releasing this, given your other projects, I admit this is interesting. Already getting Hobbit vibes. And just because of that...

This... This I think should be the theme for the story.

Love it and Happy to help again.

You're welcome, kinda figured you would. It was either that, or this.


I think any of those would work.

Yeah, but given the tone of the story, I figure the piece from the Hobbit would work better, as Serenity's not exactly like Jim from Treasure Planet, despite the plot similarities.

That's just your love for the film speaking isn't it?

8896790 Well yeah, but either one does work really, especially the Hobbit one.

There are only 5 of them! That is not a horde!

Comment posted by RuinQueenofOblivion deleted Apr 30th, 2018

8896807 Okay, I made a mistake and mixed up Horde and Hoard, but YOU made a mistake because the fic itself describes it as a massive collection of treasure, which would be a hoard. If you read the fic, you'd have realized what I meant.

I can see that the joke went right over your head then...


Oddly It was a silly joke but of course this Fim it is a silly place.

Yeah, it does. Fits the adventure theme of the story.

You know, as plenty of them have already been made and referenced, I'm going to avoid the obvious Pirates of the Caribbean jokes here and just say... good work. Serenity and her marefriend? So cute.

Hmm, interesting... I'm half-expecting a certain Navajo legend to show up soon, or something equally creepy now that the spirit world is introduced. Also, love the worldbuilding in this chapter, masterfully done. As ever, this was playing in my head throughout the entire chapter.

Also, Serenity's interactions with her marefriend? Really cute. Really coming onto her own as a character here.

I love this chapter its fun writing this with you.

Okay, cute at first, but as soon as the Skinwalkwer showed up... shudders (But what should I expect from a chapter named Ghost Town, things to not be creepy?) God, you did the legends of that damn bloody thing respect I'd say, if there's even a proper way to do that.

9197422 That's what happens when you listen to a lot of horror stories, you pick up on how these things work.

...I think you listen to a little too many if you ask me.

I have no room to talk, given I watch Doctor Who and Supernatural really, which are both plenty scary.


Heh I enjoyed this chapter a lot

Yep, just like the Misty Mountains of the Tolkien Books. Never an easy passage.


Heh the Gangly mare and the naga thing was my idea.

As a classic rock fan, I'm obligated to make this joke.

Love the dream sequence. I also have to say I really enjoyed the skinwalker I have known if this legend for years and have to say you did an excellent job with mb asking it work here.

9733968 Yeah I had been listening to a lot of Skinwalker stories at the time I wrote this. Another one appeared in my fic Kamen Rider Justice.

Is the story in hiatus or cancelled?

10154357 Hiatus, me and my co-writer plan to work on it but we keep getting distracted.

I'd honestly have put this through a Grammar checker because I can really tell which parts were Mega's and it... bothers me. Like, it really does from a writing standpoint.

10305572 Yeah... we really need to work on that in places.

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