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This is the part where you all sing along, kids.


New story in the works · 4:01am Jun 25th, 2018

I’m working with BlackRoseRaven to develop a story about Princess Twilight in a journey to get back to Equestria after a trans dimensional mix up sends her to the world of Avalice from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced.

There will be mature themes such as violence and sexual stuff. Please let me know what you all would like to see. I’m going to at least have full body nudity and one or two sex scenes.

The setting will be ff version of Equestria Girls.


I AM WEEABU TRASH · 8:56pm Sep 15th, 2017

I caved in and bought the Sakura and Huniepop Humble Bundle and I am only just slightly ashamed. The cute girls and sexual content lured me in. Most of the "games" have pretty cliches stories for the most part. It was only 10 bucks for all the game, which on steam total to around 140 dollars. Great deal honestly. NO REGRETS! Tempted to make pony fics versions of these games maybe.

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Inspiration · 8:15am Jul 9th, 2017

It's funny where inspiration can come from. I hadn't a vague clue on what to write next until I though about the old video games I used to play, especially Atari and various arcade games. Simple as they may be, you could make up stories for them. And that is what I plan to do in the possibly near future.

I want to make short stories starring various ponies and make them based on the games of old. I welcome any ideas y'all can cook up as well.


More updates · 4:51am Apr 23rd, 2017

Ok, so I realize I haven't been writing my story for a bit now. It's going to be on hiatus for a while until I find my muse again.

Though I will be doing some book reviews soon. I will start with the Daring Do limited edition books, then I will be maybe reviewing fanfics from here if you guys want to see any. I do ask you to bare with me as I've never done reviews of anything that is more than "I liked it. *smashes mug* Another!"

Muffins for anypony who gets the reference.

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New Head canon · 3:14am Apr 21st, 2017

After recently rewatching the first Men in Black movie, I have started to imagine Ponies as tiny ponies the size of the tiny alien that drives a human size robot.

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Current plans · 9:23pm Mar 6th, 2017

Hey guys. I know I haven't posted much lately. Insert lame reasons here.

Just wanted ya to know I am going to be cowriting a hopefully awesome new story with BlackRoseRaven and it involves Octavia, changelings, and robots. Stay tuned until next time, my lovely children!


Big plans · 10:47pm Jan 8th, 2017

New chapter out. It's a bit of exposition so bare with me folks. I just like dialogue. If I could write plays on this site I'd be one happy bat pony.

Hopefully the setup for Unexpected Events is good enough. I am planning adventures and such. Maybe gonna be some action! Lasers! Magic! Fun! Drama might be a thing too.

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Update · 7:26pm Jan 4th, 2017

My fevered dreams and random daydreaming have brought me my plans for chapter 3. I don't know how long it'll be, but I hope it is still interesting. I plan on updating Unfortunate Events once a week, either on Saturday or Sunday.

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Happy New Year! · 8:47pm Jan 1st, 2017

So it's a new year now. I was awake for it due to working overnights on weekends. Fun stuff.

So on to resolutions. I'm not changing much. I am not dead though, so that is good. And people have expressed interest in my currently in-progress story The Unexpected Events in the Life of a Vampire Bat Pony. A mouthful to be sure. Maybe I should abbreviate it to TURITLOAVBP. That just rolls off the tongue now, don't it?

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A Little Help Please? · 10:34pm Dec 11th, 2016

I find that I have a major problem that is impeding my writing. Mainly it is the fact that while I can create individual scenes, I lack the ability to connect the scenes into a coherent path of cause and effect. So while my scenes are good, transitions are subpar at most.

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