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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


Loves ’em to bits. Much to Sunset’s chagrin.

Based off the tag by the same name on derpibooru. Tag filled with mostly suggestive - but infinitely hilarious - images.

Browser discretion is advised.

Will update as free time and inspiration dictate.

Chapters (8)
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I'm surprised it took this long for someone to do this story.

I would have started spitting it out earlier, but I had stuff to deal with over the holidays.

Needs a sex tag. For the characters,
Applejack - McCree
Rarity - Symmetra
Sunset - Soldier 76
Pinkie - Tracer
Didn't pay attention to whom Fluttershy is playing as.


I can't wait for more! This is funny! ^^

Pervy Pinkie Pie was hilarious in Alicorn Switcheroo, Pervy Pinkie Pie is hilarious in this :rainbowlaugh:

Lavender ahh:duck:. A hint of Sunlight or am I over shiping it.


SOMEONE had to say it.

This should be really intresting. I can't wait for the next chapter and more boobs!

She stopped at her dresser, stifling another yawn as she pulled open the top drawer where she kept her clean bras. She intended to grab the soft sporty one with the little turtle pattern on it. It was one of her favorite pairs to sleep in. Both comfortable and cute.

Lies. Nobody likes to sleep in bras.

But I guess Sunset's a horsewoman, so maybe she does? Idk.

Shy's line about staying on the payload sounds more like Jack to me. Sunset's rockets made me think she was Phara, then she switched to Mercy.

Soldier makes sense with both the barrage and not having to aim parts.

But Soldier's barrage is still a machine gun, isn't it? Phara is known for her rocket barrage.

The title is another clue. PharaMercy, which is the popular Phara/Mercy ship, and Sunset plays Phara, then switches.

I will admit that makes sense. And with soldier I was referring to the helix rockets.

:pinkiegasp: How dare you mention my unmentionables?!

Because I love you. Also to make a point. :eeyup:

I think that the impossibility of it all should be a big enough clue about who that pony is :rainbowlaugh:

Read all four chapters that you have posted so far. Fell over laughing my backside off until tears fell freely from my eyes from the laughing I loved every bit of this. Reminds me of the road runner cartoons this was great.

Well, Pinkie was already being hilariously inappropriate, what's adding a little creep factor in to the mix? :pinkiecrazy:

I HAVE described this fic to other people as "comedic existential horror."

This is amazing:rainbowlaugh:

Plot twist: Sunset's been radiating low levels of magic the whole time she's been in the human world. This Pinkie is actually a spontaneously generated bra golem just trying to do her job.

Annnnnnnd we've just gone from cute and funny to straight up horror/slasher.... but wait there's more! *waits intently for next chapter*

*looks at Shimmy's natural bacon mane*
Why does she switch to Mercy? Because "HEROES NEVER DYE!!!1!!!11!!!ONE!!!"

I bet the enemy Reaper would have something to say to that, and that would be "Dye! Dye! DYE!!!1!!!"

This is why Mayor Mare can never be a true hero. But she can be a true villain if she tries.

I kinda wish she had held back on Phara's "eat a bajillion dicks" rocket barrage ulti so Pinkie could've used Mercy's "HEROES NEVER DYE1111!!!One!!!1!" for play of the game, for the Shimmy's friends are true heroes who will never dye (that one time Fluttershy went a bit goffiks to model for Rarity don't count and dyed her hair black don't count cuz it wasn't all of it and still had pink in it).

The play of the game should've been Rarity getting hooked and then exploded by the duo of Junkrat and Piggy, then kills showing up on her screen as the kill room she shoved all her turrets into did its job. Or Pinkie quickly stealing all of Shimmy's "eat a bajillionteen dicks!!!!" rocket barrage kills, saving the enemy team from being exploded to death and instead dying to little light pellet thingies, because the art of making things dye is competitive. Err– I mean die.

They should've been playing Warzone on Halo 5.

"We can still destroy the enemy core!"

Yep. Gotta love Palmer.

And part of Pinkolem's job parameters is going on bra raids when Shimmy loses her bra? Enough to cover the entire ceiling of her bedroom is about enough? Retrieved in the most zaniest ways, of course, for all work and no play make Pinkolem a dull golem.

Y'know, when Shimmy gets possessed and they have to rotate the room so it looks like Shimmy is being dragged along the ceiling by bra ghosts or tiddygeists, that would make it, like, a carpet of bras in the visage of Pinkie's face. Like a carpet of bras you could lie down on and do fun sexy stuff :pinkiehappy: And if she lies down on it face down, it will be like the Shimmy is wearing the biggest, Pinkiest bra ever :yay:

Well, according to Friendship Games bloopers equestrian ponies are roughly the same size as EG humans (maybe a little smaller) but oh well. It's still funny :).

Perhaps. But in the images tagged Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits, pony Pinkie is usually significantly smaller than human Sunset. Lends itself well to comedy.

You get an upvote just for using "bacon bits" as a euphemism for Sunset's boobs.

lol... the title of this story gets you an upvote XD
Nice start

Mmmmm, shower stuff :trollestia: I like~
Nicely done

Hahahaha, oooh... I like it.

:rainbowlaugh: I think it'd be easy to figure out who this was, Sunny needs to get her shit together.
And OOOHOHOHO, The awkwardness of all of those bras... one can only wonder how that'll end.

Well then... wasn't expecting that.
hahaha, nice job!

Author's Note:

Haha! That's literally the last story I read.

Anybody have like a pet cat that follows you into the washroom and you get tired of trying to shoo it out and you go ahead and take a leak and it watches you? Yeah, I really don't get it. Maybe cats are more pervy than we give them credit for :3

Pfttt. Sunset's bacon bits. Twilight party cannon. What's next? Pinkie's pipeline? Pinkie's piggies? Rarity's coinpurse. Rainbow's raspberries. Daring Do's exploration gear.


Rarity's coinpurse

I vote this one because it makes me giggle.

7929539 Thanks for showing this to me, I'm always looking for size comparisons to get an idea of the size of ponies. This makes them look like they are about the size of a St. Bernard.

7855858 as a dude I can't speak for bras but I sleep rather frequently fully clothed, I find it more comfortable, I imagine there are women who feel the same somewhere out there.

so I do believe, That I love bacon bits too now. Lol

this... this is my fault.

i am still not sure if I am proud or ashamed.

You made me crossover my fics and made me make Twi pull out her noodle in front of Pinkie who is a pure sweet cinnamon roll you moster.

7986197 you call her pure but there is clear evidence of her photographing Sunset in the shower. That is at least marginally less than pure.

She is a cinnamon roll though.

Wat. Seriously, wat? :rainbowlaugh:
Well, that's certainly one way to have a staring contest.

That's alotta bras... Sunset's gonna need the receipt for that.

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