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Pinkie tells Pound and Pumpkin the classic fairytale "Cinderella" with her own twist! Using her friends as the characters, Pinkie weaves a tale about a dashing prince, terrifying dragons, and unfortunate-looking siblings. Also, don't forget to watch the YouTube production of this fanfiction located here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQKo1674b1k

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Oh yeah, I remember the YouTube video. I'm gonna say the same thing I said about the video......WTF! Flutterdash shipping!? Ugh...:facehoof:
Don't take it personally. I'm just a FlutterCord fan.:scootangel:

I vaguely remember liking Applejack and the Beanstalk, so I'll try and give this one a go when I'm less tired.


Don't take it personally.

How else are they supposed to take it? You're moaning about a shipping choice in the comments of their fanfiction... and Youtube video, apparently.

Try to keep those thoughts to yourself and make sure your comments are about the actual story, please.

And I vaguely remember something called the freedom of speech.
Sheesh, it's a good story. Cringe-worthy at times, but good. Just not a fan of the ship.:trixieshiftleft:

6754073 You're not being censored by a government, you're being reminded about the context of your comment. Freedom of speech isn't the same as a lack of tact. :derpytongue2:

It's not respectful to just complain about something as superficial as a choice of shipping in a story that someone put effort into. Sure, it can be a factor you can bring up to explain your opinion of the story, but posting a comment like "I don't like Fluttershy! :twilightangry2:" (as an example) just makes you look like a rude person who doesn't care about the story itself and just wanted a place to moan about Fluttershy.


I see that Pinkie based this on the Disney version, not the original. Oh, well, it served the story well to have all of Disney's plot holes pointed out, and made it really funny. My favorite scene was the Fairy Applemother's part--oh my Celestia was that hilarious! This was very well done overall, and did a great job of incorporating the clearly MLP characters into the tale!

I really love ❤ this story, even the story on YouTube. That's creative, imagery, comedy, love, romantic and funny ????????.

6754073 Criminently, you don't have to go spouting off your dislike for the Flutterdash ship like that. You could always be polite about it or keep it to yourself.

Such a shame a piece of beautiful work isn't recognized on here but rather more on Youtube. Love your stories and videos. Excellent story it was great.

Loved the youtube video and this story! It's just so cute and funny:pinkiesmile:

Author Interviewer

>tfw Cheesy Belle :V

A+ shipping game here, Magpie. :D

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