Hallows Eve

by Midnight Musashy

Nightmare night

Scootaloo walked down the road tiredly, pulling the wagon loaded with the CMC's goodies behind her. Tonight had been a long, successful, nightmare night, and the three fillies were walking their candy to their armored fortress clubhouse. As usual Scootaloo pulled the wagon, for some odd reason it wasn't Applebloom, the cart pulling earth-pony. Sweetie belle, being the self-righteous unicorn they all are, took a nap atop the wagon. The fillies had long since abandoned their outfits, Applebloom didn't feel like an onion anymore, Scootaloo was all Dashed out, and sweetie bell had lowered the sun a couple hours ago. As the fillies progress towards their clubhouse, down the road, over the bridge, and through the forest farmland, another pony follows them, his heart set on the sun. Unbeknownst to him or the fillies, they're all being followed, though our mysterious antagonistappears soon enough in our story....

"Ughhhh." Scootaloo sighed, "I'm tired, I've been pulling this cart for hours." her head was drooped, and her wings splayed out at her sides as she pulls the cart down the road.

"Quit'cher  whinin', Scoots, 'Celestia' is trying to sleep." Applebloom scolded from beside her friend, still rather energetic, having yet to completely fall off her sugar rush.

There was a low groan to be heard from Sweetlestia, but it was ignored.

Scootaloo finally thinks of something worthy of her purple mane, why is it that she and twilight have the same color mane if she's a bird-brain (and we love her for it.) And Twilight's the greatest mind of the century? Anyho, Scootaloo has a far more practical idea, "Bloom,' Why don't you pull the candy wagon for a little while?"

Apple bloom stutters out a few justifications before sighing in defeat at Scootaloos flat glare, "Fine, Unhitch yourself, and Ah'll pull it." Apple bloom waits for Scootaloo to unhitch herself, attaches herself to the wagon, and they continue on their merry way.

After a few short, quiet minutes of apple bloom tirelessly pulling the wagon like it doesn't exist, our first unnamed character jumps into the wagon, and nudges Sweetlestia awake nervously. She groans, rolls over a few times, before standing slowly and growling, "Your princess demands to know the meaning  of this, speak peasent, before thee beheads you."

Button mash Robbin' Hoof, always one for boss fights, accepts this challenge head on, bowing, "Fair maiden," Sweetlestia coughs at this, "Erm... Beautiful princess, if I may  ask your most esteemed royal highness..."

He never got the chance to finish, as Sweetlestia tiredly kicked him off the carriage, and went back to sleep, after yelling, "Your princess banishes thee!"

The two cart pullers glance at each other, shrug, and keep walking, after another half hour, they deposit the cart at the bottom of the clubhouse, and wake up 'their princess.' She repeats her waking process, and without speaking, levitates the candy into the Armored Fortress. Clubhouse.
She then faints Rarity-style(trademark) across Background Bloom's back, and snores.

Scootaloo and applebloom roll their eyes, carry her into the clubhouse, and plop her on the floor. Before securing their candy hoard and trying to sleep on the couch. After they both finally manage to fall asleep, with much tossing and turning. the door slowly creaks open, and a mysterious horned figure walks inside…

The mysterious horned figure sneaks into the room, and steals some of their hard earned candy, with a loud munching noise, she sits on the spare seat, and waits for the crusaders to awaken.

After about an hour of this, a bell tower strikes midnight, and the foals jump awake. they then stare at their mysterious guest, the lighting too dim for them to make out anything but the horn.

They all glance at each other. Nopony says anything. Until...

"Hello, nice candy y'all have here, hope ya don't mind." Comes the overly cheerfully voice of our favorite grey mare. Shuttup Ocvtavia, you're a close second *sighs* and you too Maud. You're interrupting the story, be quiet. Anyways, as I was saying, Princess Derpy smiles, and continues eating the crusaders candy, completely oblivious to the fillies shock. After a few more moments, she finishes the bag, grabs another, and heads towards the door, "Sorry, I gotta go, can't find dinky, found candy instead, dunno whats gone wrong with y'all." She fly's out the door, leaving three awestruck fillies in silence. Finally, after what seems like forever, Scootaloo speaks up.

"Did she just levitate that bag of candy with a paper machè horn?"

Applebloom shrugs and returns to her sleep, but Sweetlestia won't have another princess stealing from her treasury like that, so she jumps out the window and spreads her wire and paper machè wings.... And promptly falls to the ground. Sorry Sweetie, physics only bend for those who don't know they're bending it.

Well, Derpy escapes with her treasure, an injured Sweetlestia chasing after her, eventually, Sweetie trips, falls, and returns to her princess beauty sleep, somehow rolling into the doorway of Carousel Boutique as she does.

That leaves Scootaloo. All alone in the world of the waking. She sits and munches candy all night, hoping to try and stay awake to remember the strange occurance, but she fails at about one. Drunkenness is caused by sugar in the blood stream and dehydration (well, I think it is), Scoots., sorry. Anyways, they all sleep…
well, I’ve only got 913 words now, need something else to keep the story rolling… how about Button mash Robbin’ Hoofs humble story? he had a bad night. after being rejected by all of the upper class households, because of his legend, they eyed him suspiciously, denied him candy, and a few even frisked him for their missing jewelry. He worked up the courage to ask the mare sorry, princess of his dreams to let him donate her his candy, as a show of his favor of her, and was kicked off the wagon. literally. finally, after that catastrophe, he sulked home, and was tackled by a cackling mailmare, and rolled into the doorway of Carousel Boutique. He decided to pretend he fainted, and spent the rest of his night there, much to the chargrin of the element of Fabulosity. (Fabulosity belongs to FiW!)
The End.