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My name is Alex Sorrow. I'm a guy sitting at a computer writing stories about technicolor ponies and listening to heavy metal. Don't ask questions, just accept it. I love criticism, good or bad!

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Finished? · 11:21am Mar 6th, 2016

Hey all! Just thought I'd do a quick blog as an update as to where I currently am with Freefall. I wrote over 2,000 words yesterday, and the story is starting to wrap up as the LONGEST chapter BY FAR. :derpyderp1: I'm very proud of it. I think I'll be finished today.

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1586652 I found some story about Fluttershy, and finished reading it, completely unsatisfied. In the comments, you said that the author stole your idea. Intrigued, I went to your page and read your version.

I must say, it was far better than the one I read!

Thanks for the favorite on Fluttershy's Parents! :twilightsmile:

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