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OC Showcase: Arcanum Folklore Ph.D. · 9:30pm Jul 7th, 2019

He is based off my favorite Horror Comic Book and Literary characters.

John Constantine- http://hellblazer.wikia.com/wiki/John_Constantine
The Lobster- https://hellboy.fandom.com/wiki/The_Lobster
Hellboy- https://hellboy.fandom.com/wiki/Hellboy_(character)
Solomon Kane- https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/SolomonKane


Name: Arcanum Folklore

Age: 23 (Of Broken Hearts and Merciful Hooves),35 (The Symphony of Canterlot),39 (The Pink Out of Space)

Gender: Male

Species: Celtic Unicorn Pony

Appearance: Greyish-blue coat, amber eyes, and a black mane, with a black Eye of Horus as his cutie mark.

Usual Outfit: He regularly wears a long black and dusty woolen overcoat and matching black felt fedora hat. Right Combed mane

Weapons/Gear: M1 Carbine Rifle, Single Shot 
Rune-Etched Cutlass
Kurdish Dagger
Smoke Grenades- Can use Telekinesis to suffocate opponents to death, or manifest the spirits of the dead
Fragmentation Grenades- Can remotely cause them to explode from a distance, with the use of telekinesis
Rune Carved Double Sawed-Off Barrel Shotgun

Hobbies: Reading either Fiction or Nonfiction, Listening to either Music or Dark Adventure Radio late at night, drinking Celtic Whiskey or Beer, Piano Playing, Playing Chess, Playing Go, Gambling in either dice or Poker. 

Abilities: His special talent is actually perception, he can notice details that most miss, and can in fact sense Ether (magic). That is a result of his Magical Education both under his father, and his mentor. Not to mention after the war against Shiba he did finish that PhD in Chemistry in between cases, along with a Magus Certification (A sort of Ph.D. in Magic Theory) from the University of Athena.

His brilliance has allowed him to make deals with ghosts, minor gods, and demons. He has even managed tricking some into self-destruction.

Pyrokinesis; works by converting the Ether surrounding the opponent into heat energy, and can even melt steel from a distance

Telekinesis; while not the most powerful certainly one of the most skilled telekinetics of the last one hundred years.

Ectoplasmic Manipulation that is capable of converting the surrounding ether into ectoplasm to possess machines, and temporarily reanimate dead bodies for interrogation. Also useful for unlocking any non-magical vault or door.

Telepathic and Mind Control Resistance. He has trained for years to ward off telepathic infiltration and brainwashing.

Combat Strategy; a master of both Urban and Desert Warfare. He also has the entire world known Equine history of warfare memorized.

Close Quarters Combat; Capable Boxer, a master of Xing Southern Praying Mantis, and Sabre Fencing.

Nervous System Control; he can ward off the pain by the use of Eastern Magical Techniques. He can also make his limbs move even if severed, only if they are freshly severed though.

Enhanced Senses; can use magic to enable him to hear from long distances. He can see the flow of Ether (Magic) and can use this to fight even when deprived of sight.

Occupation: Detective, Occultist, and Monster Hunter.

Bio: Folklore was born in 965 Celestia's Reign, in Sheol's Kitchen Manehattan. He was the son of a first generation immigrant Celtic Unicorn Wizard and Antiquarian, and a Midwestern Earth-Pony Equestrian Mare and Spiritual Medium with a natural capacity to manipulate ectoplasm and manifest spirits with said ectoplasm. He was an only son, and intelligent enough to enter into one of Manehattan's most prestigious private academies, Sol Preparatory School.

Despite this though, his more esoteric and magical traits of his family tended to frighten or weird out most of his mostly Earth-Pony classmates.

It wasn't until adolescence that he got real friends in school, the president of the school paper the pegasus stallion Signature Typewriter or "Sig" for short, and a young somewhat tall and a bit insecure unicorn mare Fleur de Lis. He graduated and went to study Magick and Chemistry in Athena University in Manehattan, there he met a pegasus mare Archive Key Yearling and an Earth-Pony Mare named Redheart as fellow students of the university that were studying different fields, as Yearling was studying archeology while Redheart was studying medicine.  In 982 CR his mother had sacrificed herself stopping some sort of entity that she called "Yog" from using her as a gateway into their plane of existence, by purposefully exploding in a myriad of bone, flesh, and ectoplasm.

His father didn't take the death of his wife well, and considering that his own son was an adult living in the Athena University campus he left for his homeland of Erenn to commune with the Fay and understand what his wife faced. He went missing indefinitely after that.
As a result of this Folklore felt that he failed to safeguard his family so he dropped out of Athena and joined The Gallic Foreign Legion to get as much physical space between him and Equestria possible. As a result, he fought in the Gallic-Sheba War from 982 till 987 CR. And unbeknownst to him was followed back to home to Equestria by a Zebra mare that would eventually be called Zecora.

He spent some four months living on the Manehattan streets as a bum until at some point in 988 CR when he opened a Magick Consulting and Private Detective Agency that he ran as he finished his Doctorate in Chemistry.

Until 993 CR when he joined the Manehatan's Adventurers Club ran by the famous Dr. Bronze Savage, who died in an incident a year later in 994 CR. Folklore in the time before that incident finished his Doctorate yet lost most of his friends. He reopened his Detective Agency and worked since 994 CR until 1 LR (Luna's Return) Investigating the Paranormal, Solving Crimes, and committing the occasional act of vigilantism.

Personality: Folklore is a knowledgeable, skilled, yet somewhat average in raw magical power, unicorn magician with a quick-wit and a cynical disposition.

He has been in the Paranormal Investigation field for nearly twenty years and has bared his fair share of both physical and mental scars that come with regularly facing the kind of Eldritch insanity that would have driven most ponies into suicide.

He can be sociable, and possesses unique black humor. He also has a weakness for drink and intelligent and energetic mares. And a complete intolerance for arrogance and idiocy.

His greatest failing of character is his wrath and murderous impulses. As once a certain line is crossed he will bring an ironic and fitting death to those that in a way deserve it. Unfortunately, he isn't very capable of letting things go completely, as while he will not bother with small slights, being a rapist or a murderer of innocents is a death sentence when in his presence, and he will not hesitate to kill in the most brutal fashion available to him at that moment for those crimes.

Quote: Ah crap! 

My OC came to me over time. I made him mostly because I noticed that there aren't any good Byronic Heroes in the fandom. Those that did turn up turned out to be at close inspection 90's anti-heroes that somehow where always praised and loved by the Main-Six despite the stupidity of the writers of these stories. Essentially a bunch of teen boys writing characters they could insert themselves in, and make themselves look cool but when placed in a none brainwashed world, they would be seen as completely psychotic villains.

Then came from me, Arcanum Folklore a 1920's inspired, Irish like Unicorn Hard-Boiled Occult Detective and War Veteran prone to acts of vigilantism. Who is a direct result of an Equestria with the occultism of our world's myths and history, and a geology that was somewhat like ours but infused with our world's various mythologies (except the Abrahamic religions before the most ancient form of the Hebrew Faith) and the Cthulhu Mythos.

You see right up to 1100 years ago in Equestria when Celestia and Luna first came into play, things were not that different from our world in the Mid Middle Ages. You see back around 880's A.D. in our world, (which is about close to a 100 year Before Celestia's Reign in their world) the face of history changed when the first Demigod's since the death of the Hellenistic (Greek) God's 500 years prior where born from a union between the Northern Gallic Unicorn Queen and a Celtic Fay Warrior. This resulted from the Northern Gallic Unicorn King and Queen making a deal with the fay in their forests and the king being tricked. (This was due to the King losing his testicles to Romulus (Roman) Ballista B olts while being with his army defending the kingdom from invasion.)

Here's a general idea of the world.

This timeline. It diverges from ours when it's horses instead of hominid apes that start developing intelligence. That and primitive dragons with their own wild magic being among the dinosaurs. The existence of Snake Ponies along with those early intelligent Horses.

Then came the Ancient Primordial Spirits that would become the first gods on the planet, then came Hyperborea, then came Lemuria, Atlantis, and Mu, then after all those great cities fell came the Hyborean age 20,000 years before the show. Then 11,000 years before the show the Ancient Era Started, then after that at around 1,500 Years before the show the Era of Transition or The Twilight of the Last of the Ancient Gods some 1040 years ago came. it is at that time that Celestia and Luna were Born.

And some 1040 years later they are in the 4th Century of the Modern Era and it has been a 1000 years since Celestia was the sole ruler of Equestria.......
My explanation for why Equestria in particular needs Celestia and Luna to move the sun and moon, is because of a Hyperborean Device known as the Universal Machine. It allows for easier weather control within Equestria and the control of the night and day cycles. It is magical and clockwork in appearance, it's massive and it's under what is assumed to be the Rocky Mountains. It basically gave Equestria an edge in being able to farm massive quantities of food. And I mean Massive. Equestria's wealth came at first of its vast natural resources after all. It is an unnatural land, to have so much wealth yet it never had the need to be as aggressive as the United States in our own REAL WORLD.

That mostly has to do with the fact that the Buffalo was already mostly extinct by Discord's massive screw-up, so ponies didn't really go to war with any Buffalo tribes, they were left alone, and the only drawback that the Buffalo saw was that they essentially were constantly being sold Equestrian made products. Ponies were just as racist, as we were (and in plenty of cases are) but Celestia kept any ideas that would impulse them into the expansionist thinking at bay, so they were more along the lines like pretentious British colonialists without the guns. They gentrified instead of killing.

Have a nice day. -Disavowed ASH

The politics outside of the North Equestrian Continent are quite similar to the late 19th Century and Early 20th Century politics, and in a sense, the presence of magic is a lot like the presence of nuclear energy from a societal standpoint. It can destroy the Equine civilization on that universes Earth, but it is also benefiting it and that civilization is better for using and perfecting its use, not to mention reducing the risk of its use through better understanding and methods.

Overall I made him as a character meant to serve as a Philosophical Explorer of an Equestria that has been "Logic Bombed In Fiction" (Logic Bombed In Fiction- When you throw Logic Reasoning and personal Experience into analyzing a fictional world and shapes how you view that world.)

So overall he is a Low Fantasy Character Meant for the "Low Fantasy" parts of Equestria.

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