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I am a master of self-inserts and self proclaimed lover of Rainbow Dash, I'm also cringe as fu-


After a tragic experience with a dare, Rainbow makes a hasty trip to Wall-Mart, more specifically, to the oral hygiene aisle.

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:rainbowlaugh: funny Story, i'm sure she beat him up After that.

Yep I really dislike zephyr breeze too. I knew a few people like him in real life and I disliked them too.

Christ, I would punch him so hard that my arm would go through his chest and the pullout his heart like I was some sort of insane Kung-Fu master.

Damn Rainbow. The only thing that can cure you of that experience involves Ice Cram and Soarin's dick. Trust me, it's the only way.

Instantly thought of this when they were driving to Wal-Mart

I should probably buy Zephyr some mouthwash

No, Fluttershy, use sulphuric acid instead. It'll be more effective on him.

I feel like I probably shouldn't laugh, but I'm laughing. Zephyr is written as an awful cad here, and poor Rainbow's suffering both feels real and is a delight to read. The action toward the beginning is strong! The humor works throughout. Overall good stuff and well-executed.

I enjoyed this more than I thought :rainbowlaugh: The odds are very high that I'd do exactly what RD did if it were me in her position (minus the whole AIDS thing; I would be too busy screaming bloody murder to say much else. I'm a bit of a germaphobe :twilightblush:).

Zephyr Breeze sounds uber gross in this timeline: I recommend a sequel where he gets his comeuppance.

WOW. I forgot to reply to these, I'm such a dick! :fluttercry:

Probably, I wouldn't put it past her :rainbowlaugh:

He's a garbage tier pony, nothing more :pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowlaugh: Rip his heart out! And ice Cream would probably do good, not so sure about Soarin's dick though :pinkiesick: sounds like a good way to get aids. But who knows? XD Hehehe, thanks!

:rainbowlaugh: Oooh man, that movie was great. 10/10

:trollestia: I like how you think~ :rainbowkiss:

Oh wow, thanks so much! :rainbowlaugh: Now if only I could do that with all of my other stories :rainbowkiss:

We may get just a sequel! Hehehe!

Thanks again for the comments, favs and so on, sorry for not replying, love you peeps lots! :heart:

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