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This story is a sequel to Pretending To Be Mine

This is a short story that is an additive to one of my longer Flutterdash stories! :heart: While it's better to read my previous story, it can be read as a stand alone. They are missing scenes during the first chapter of Pretending To Be Mine. A side story of how each character found out about Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash dating. The rumor spread through school like lighting!
Also, yes I've been watching a lot of friends lately :twilightsheepish: IE, the title.

"Fake girlfriend" trope; EG Universe Story only; Fluttershy and Rainbow show up briefly but they are the main subject;

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Pinkie thought about them holding hands, going to prom, a big extravagant wedding, growing old together.

Pinkie has some great taste in shipping. Flutterdash prom is still such a great premise.

To be fair...they didn't really explain what was going on xD so they left it open for their friends to assume stuff.

Well done.

I would like to see more flutterdash from you :heart:

Glad you like my Flutterdash work! My next story will be Rarijack but I do have another Flutterdash in the works after that! :twilightsmile:

Great , cant wait for it :yay:

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