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She/They. Avid fanfic reader. Write stories more often then I publish them :twilightsheepish: Sunlight * Flutterdash * Rarijack :heart: I do pony reacts on YT! Falling-Pixie Creations


New Stories! · 4:16pm Jul 18th, 2021

Finally the ball has been rolling for my creative mind! While I haven't posted many pony stories this year, I have written and published about 7 stories in 2021! Varying from MLP to Jimmy Neutron to Megamind. I enjoy writing so very much and coming up with creative narratives for the characters I love. :heart: Enjoy my new Rarijack story: Dream Lover! :raritywink:

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Quarantine Update · 7:06am Aug 21st, 2020

An update of sorts!

You would think with quarantine and finally finishing school, I would have time to write. I think sometimes it's harder to write the story than it is to imagine the plot. So I end up with loads of ideas and only a few fleshed out. (mental and physical problems, all that jazz)

Personal Story Time:

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NEW STORY · 5:32pm Jun 27th, 2019

Just to update, I am currently working on a Flutterdash story that I plan to publish before Fall. :rainbowwild: I've been working on this for 2 years and it's finally coming together!!
This is an Equestria Girls story. Fluttershy is being stalked to the point of feeling terrorized and has acquired the help from her most loyal friend.

Other stories I've been working on:
Rarijack - Dream Lover (EG) :raritywink:
Flutterdash - Knight's Tale (human/fantasy) :rainbowdetermined2:

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