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I'm English, I'm female, and I love art, music and writing stories (obviously!). Some of my favourite shippings include AppleDash (OTP), RariJack, SoarinJack and MacinDash.


Said tags · 12:37pm Dec 26th, 2013

So I just realised that said tags are never capitalised. Debating on whether to go back and change every single piece of dialogue I've ever written or just leave them.... After all, there will probably someone who's going to nit-pick those mistakes out.

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906856 thank you very much for these kind words! I haven't ever been much involved in Vinyl/Octavia, but it's one I can respect and I may consider it!
I'm sure you'll be please to hear that I AM working in a full length AppleDash too — it has a long way to go though before it's finished.

Hey loved your story!! You're a great writer and I'd love to see a full length appledash story or I think you'd do great with the vinyl/Octavia paring. Ether way love your writing.

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