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What happens when you kiss your best friend because of a silly mistletoe tradition? Something has sparked between Twilight and Sunset that neither of them realized they were ready to face. And all right before the Christmas Formal. This is a story about two friends. The struggle of hiding feelings and the discovery of them blossoming.

Rating is teen for use of alcohol and sexual advances.
Original artwork is to be uploaded (at some point?) for the cover.

I've also recently gone through and re-read the chapters and found quite a few grammar/spelling errors. I've fixed all I found but please tell me if I missed any!
This is probably the first multi chapter story I have ever finished. I’ve been working on this for nearly 2 years and I hope you all enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

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For this to be judged accordingly in the Sunset Shipping Contest, the story must be complete by August 31st.

Liking this very much. Keep it going.

Oh!! I didn't know there was a contest. I'm now debating whether or not to submit the rest or release them once a week like I had originally planned. Is there a link to the contest rules or something?

Here's the contest homepage. Your story was put into the folder, though I'm not sure if it was intentional.

Thank you! And no, lol I never even knew about it.

I just want one thing: please, continue this story. Thank you.

I'm looking at the page and I'm not sure at all how it got submitted. It seems you can only submit your own, so how could someone else gave done it??
I don't think mine meets requirements but I'm not sure how to take it off.

Don't worry, we can handle it.

You know what's adorable? A puppy in a sweater.

I wondered if anyone would think that. No, I just thought it would let more people be able to find the story if it had multiple tags.

The development of this chapter is simply superb. You've got to set up the events in the future chapters perfectly, otherwise readers are going to think they've just happened out of nowhere. So you are doing quite a fine job. Keep it up.

Oh thank you so much! I really have tried to make the development realistic. It's the part I love in stories. Your comment makes me so happy and encourages me that I'm actually getting this right. :twilightsheepish:

There is just so much passion in this chapter I think I need to check if I haven't been drinking any of that spiked punch. Well done.

La historia fue genial! Me encantó el desarrollo del personaje y la forma en que transición entre escenas! Su descripción me hizo feliz y espero que lo haga bien! Asegúrese de no poner la salsa en la ropa!

Man what a chapter! I loved it 😍 Can't wait for more!!

Any other writer would have put the morning after the dance and the confession in the same scene. Instead you have brilliantly separated the two of them with an indeterminate passage of time and allowed Sunset and Twilight to come together completely of their own volition and choice, which brought a very profound sense of realism to the story's conclusion. You have done fantastic work here and I hope to read any works you create in the future.

I just want to thank you so very much. I really did work hard on this story and keeping it very real and raw.
I'm so glad you feel the realism of their character arching. I definitely didn't want the confession happening right after the dance or even at the dance. Those scenes were merely tools to get the characters to the conclusion of the story.
Your comments have made my day!! :raritystarry:

You write this story so well it is such a pleasure to read <3 I hope you intend to continue with your amazing work. ^-^

Not really a fan of Sunset Sci-Twi but this is pretty well written. And I still do like SunLight so have a like and I'll keep on reading.

Comment posted by PixiePony deleted Oct 22nd, 2017

I'm glad you decided to continue reading! I can understand, I think Sci-Twi is very different from her counterpart and I still like the idea of Sunset and Princess Twilight.

Thank you so much! This story is finished but I did have a couple other fanfics I'm currently working on. One is Sunlight and the other Flutterdash :rainbowkiss:

This is correct information.

This was a very fun and beautiful story
You're a pretty good writer
any chance of a followup story? :pinkiesmile:

Thank you so much!
I don't think a follow up will happen any time soon though. I wrote this as a single story. Though I am currently working on another Sunlight and also Flutterdash story. But they won't be that soon. (I have a hard time completing things quickly) :twilightsheepish:

Fair enough
If those stories are even half as good as this one, then consider me excited

Very cute! I wonder if twi has already realised the nature of her feelings for Sunset or if she's still oblivious.... I love sunlight (and fics in which Sunset is the blushing lesbian mess have a special place in my heart) and so far you've been doing a good job with this! Keep it up!!

Since Twilight had stopped her in the middle of the stairwell, it was giving her a slight height advantage. Twilight’s small frame felt almost regal as she looked down at Sunset. Though, she knew she looked a little out of breath.

It's over, Sunset! Twilight has the high ground!

I love this so far. This deserves way more attention than it has. :twilightsmile:

Drunk Twilight is adorable.

Adorable. Simply adorable. You can feel all the emotions while reading this. Its captivating. Well done. Have a fave and a follow. :twilightsmile:

I actually read this at some point before. I don't remember when, but you sending me such great feedback made me want to re-read it and give you some.
:raritywink:As far as constructive criticism, I think the only thing I can say is about the narrative shifts, and even then only in the first chapter. It initially seems like the narrative is going to stay from Twilight's perspective and thus that sunsets secret is going to stay that way until the end. Then suddenly we jump into sunsets perspective and it tells us immediately. It just seemed for a minute that you really wanted to keep that secret but then you didn't. Set up differently it could be a good bait and switch, but as it sits now it's just a slightly rough transition between narrators, especially since it's done so well for the rest of the story.
Other then that the story is great. You mention in one of your author notes that you thought a chapter was a little too much setup, but I think you have a good build up with just enough interesting moments. I especially liked how the climax happens literally because Twilight stops to think about it. It's exactly what she would do and It's set up throughout with the little observations she keeps making. Since I neglected to do it before, here's a fav.

Wow. Thank you so much. This really made my day. I really tried to do exactly what was described, I let Twilight figure it out and puzzle it together by the end. It's something I worked hard on and I'm glad it was successful.
I can understand the switches being too abrupt. I like to show them in both points of view, I don't know why haha Maybe I just can't pick. However, I didn't really realize that it came off like that, that it was a secret meant to be kept until the end. I think I was just setting that idea up and then explaining it more when it got to her pov.
Thanks for the fave and the critique! :twilightsmile:

I think you could indulge liking to switch between them and fix the problem in one shot. I was wondering what Sunset might have been thinking when Rainbow threatened her. Might make it hard to keep it pg though:rainbowwild:

So, ever since Spring Breakdown I’ve been more interested in SunLight and started trying out fics about the. This was a great and adorable story :rainbowkiss:

Ohh that's awesome!! There were some super cute moments in that special! I'm glad you liked my story! :twilightsmile:

Alright, who thought that it was a good idea to put a dog in the drinks??

Alright, who thought that it was a good idea to put a dog in the drinks??

Over the next week, Sunset and Twilight tried to move passed their awkward encounter, to the relief and disappointment of Sunset.

It should be “past”

It was soon stated that they were going to be late ifen they didn't move their keisters.

Did you mean “if”?

Thanks! I'm glad you caught that. And the "ifen" I wanted to be in Applejack's voice, it's not directly said but it's implied she's the one that said it.


Really enjoyed this chapter myself.

really enjoyed this story thumbs up for me

Good song recommend:twilightsmile: very brainwashing

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