• Published 24th Jan 2018
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Without You - Dustchu

Without him, she'd be lost to the dead. Without her, he'd be lost to insanity. Together, a human and pony will come together to survive this monster filled hell known as Raccoon City.

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01 - In The City


Panic? Check.

Gun? Check.

A pegasus pony that weighs about a hundred pounds?

Big fucking check mark.

I struggled to drag the heavy pegasus across the pavement, cursing up a hurricane and growling to keep her away from the zombies that were stumbling after the two of us. I had to tuck away my handgun—I needed both hands to drag the mare. I tried picking her up, but I was having difficulties with that, probably had to do with me being hit in the back by her.

Christ, I don’t think my back could have hurt any worse by that.

I rushed backward as the mare mumbled under her breath about something, I didn’t know what however, too busy focused on trying to keep us both from getting chewed on like steak!

I tasted horrible, I’m sure.

Shit, gotta move faster, gotta move faster!

My heart was beating so fast and hard that I was fairly certain it’d pop at any given moment. I kept moving however, passing by several vehicles and trying my damnedest to not focus on the noises surrounding me. It was hard though, cause I kept hearing gunfire, sirens, screams, people were panicking deeper in the city and here I was in the suburbs.

And those two zombies were chasing me, but thankfully, they were slow as fuck so I wasn’t going get eaten today, maybe.

I gotta hide us, like, right now! But where?!

Were any of the houses open? Were there threats inside? What about a car, could I hot wire one of them in time? Or maybe a key was already in the ignition? Too many chances to get fucked over!

Shit shit shit shit!

Damn it, I was getting nowhere with this!

I dropped Rainbow Dash and yanked out my handgun, aiming it forward and towards the first undead. My gamer instincts kicked in, as well as the gun training I had undergone to get my license. I aimed carefully, steeled myself, and then pulled the trigger. The handgun barked, my ears ringing as my bullet struck true.

The zombie fell back with a growl as I aimed for the other one, firing into its head. But I aimed too low, and took off half its jaw. Shit! I fired again, the round piercing its eye and popping it. It gurgled before collapsing onto the ground, dead like the other.

Should have just done that to begin with.

I slowly lowered my gun as the air around me suddenly grew silent. Smoke rose up from the barrel—my ears rang, my wrists hurt a tiny bit, and I realized I just killed two humans—former humans, mind you, undead, nothing more.

They lay on the ground with brackish blood seeping out of the holes I blasted into them. The smell was atrocious, but I ignored it—I’ve gotten my fair share of the smell of death and blood over the years so it didn’t bother me as much as you’d think. The bodies, they were people at one point, but now they had turned into monsters.

Shit, don’t start getting into an existential crisis about this, just get Rainbow and move damn you! A voice screamed at me. I took heed of its advice and tucked my gun away before attempting to once more, lift up Rainbow Dash.

Lemme tell ya, lifting up nearly a hundred pounds isn’t easy when your muscle mass is pathetically small. I had a lithe runner’s build, so I wasn’t exactly suitable for carrying heavy loads. But I tried anyway, and managed to get her halfway onto my back and her arms over my shoulders to lift her up and move on down the road.

“Grr!” I growled, legs almost buckling. I took a couple of deep breaths and started moving, half limping half jogging down the road with the heavy dead weight on my back.

Raccoon City felt just like it was in the games—a cold dreary atmosphere, the feeling of paranoia surrounding me on all sides, and worst of all, was the pure dead silence that surrounded me on all sides. It was just like in those old games; you never heard anything except the sounds of your footsteps across the ground. There was nothing but this incredibly unsettling silence that permeated your body, sending fearful shivers down your spine at whatever may be around the next corner.

You couldn’t escape it no matter where you went.

And right now I was feeling it, that cold unsettling fear.

And I couldn’t figure out how to stop it to save my damn life.

I hefted up Rainbow Dash further onto my back, grunting from how fucking heavy she was. Granted, she was basically half bird, so I’d imagine she wouldn’t weigh too much. Alas, she was still preventing me from moving fast cause of how heavy she was, bah. I should probably attempt to wake her up or something, maybe get her moving.

But if I did, how would she react to me?

Welp, there’s the stereotypical question most people in the HiE stories ask, what would Character A think of me? Though in this case it’s more of a Pony on Earth type deal, but not really? This isn’t my earth, fuck, I dunno. I know she’s not going to like this place if and when she wakes up. They didn’t have actual legit undead in Equestria as far as I knew, or humans—unless the Mirror Portal counted, that is—so how would she react to not only me but fucking zombies?

Well, there was the 28 Pranks Later episode...

Garbage tier crap.

I shook my head and continued on down the road.

Or I would have continued down the road, if a certain pony hadn’t stirred on my back, making me stop. I knelt down and let her slide off—a faint pained noise escaped her as I whirled around to face her.

The mare wobbly sat up and held her head with a hoof. Her wings rustled by her sides and her eyelids fluttered open, her bright magenta eyes peered in confusion at the ground, and slowly moved up to look at my chest and then my face.

Her expression of confusion immediately morphed into slight panic and I found myself being kicked back by a pair of incredibly strong hind legs and sent flying back with a yelp.

“Shit!” I ended up hitting the ground hard, my gun digging into my lower back from where it was tucked into the back of my pants. My chest stung, more specifically me fuckin’ ribs. “Aaaaah, not necessary.”

As I cursed the power of pony hooves, I heard Rainbow swear, “Ponyfeathers!” And heard the clip clop of her hooves on the pavement, “W-where am I? What’s going on?!” Her voice sounded confused and panicked. And then came the long awaited question of hers—I imagined her glaring at me when she asked it, “And who the buck are you?! What are you?!

Ahhh there are the questions. I shook my head and sat up, still clutching my chest as I got a good look at her.

The way she moved her body, the way she looked at me with those big shiny eyes of hers, I was reminded of the animation from the MLP movie that came out in 2017. It was fluid, she was still cartoony to a degree but had just a bit of realistic flare to her colors. The smallest tufts of fur stuck out on her shoulders, and her ears had small bits of fluff in em.

Her wings was something that caught my attention the most. Sleek looking appendages, but the most notable thing were the long multicolored feathers that stretched to her flank, perfectly arranged into a pretty looking rainbow top to bottom from red to purple. They were shiny as well, obviously well taken care and were incredibly eye catching, you couldn’t exactly not spot them and stare.


I was... awestruck by them, but I was thankfully able to stop myself from staring too long. A shake of my head and I responded—I think—rather intelligently. “Wut?”

The mare huffed and snorted, standing up with her wings flared out and glaring daggers straight at me. She zipped up to me, her face inches from my own, “I said, who are you?

The slightly spicy scent of her breath hit my nose and my heart pounded in my chest as her bright eyes tore into mine with the fury of a very peeved birb.

I was almost scared. “D-Dustin, but my everyone calls me Dee.” I responded after a moment of silence.

She wasn’t pleased it looked like, if her increasing glare was any indication.

Rainbow snorted and suddenly poked my chest with a hoof, “What are you, and what have you done with my friend?! In fact, where the buck am I?” She backed up with a flap of her wings, hot air rushing over me as she glanced around the immediate area.

I did as well, and I didn’t see much except an abandoned street, and some buildings that appeared to have boarded up doorways and windows. A couple of small businesses sat about, some small law buildings, flower shops, restaurants, typical small time businesses you’d find in a city like this.

A shake of my head and I brought myself back to the present to face her. Was she really suggesting what I think she was suggesting? “Wait, what do you mean your friend? You think I did this?”

Another huff of air escaped her as she hovered in the air in front of me, her powerful wing beats easily keeping aloft. She sneered slightly, looking me over, “How do I know you didn’t? You don’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before, you could be a spy!”

Pfft, wow, thanks. I rolled my eyes at the spy comment and frowned at that, “Uhm... I’m not spy, thank you very much,” I stood up slowly, dusting off my pants and glaring back at her. “Look, I’m not spy or whatever, okay?” I held up my hands as her expression somehow got more dangerous looking. “I’m stuck here in this city just like you are.”

Narrowed and sparkly eyes continued to glare at me as the moon rose up over Raccoon City, her wings still flapping and keeping her aloft and at eye level with me. There was a twinkle of something in those eyes of hers when she opted to land on the road with a clop of her hooves. “Hmmph,” Her glare softened a little, but she still looked a bit peeved, “Well if you’re not some kind of monster...”

“I’m not, at least not in the sense you’re thinking of.” I added with a pensive frown. I'm actually curious now, what part of the timeline is she from exactly? She called me a spy... doesn't narrow it down much though.

She continued, breaking me from my thoughts. “Then what are you? And where am I?” She rubbed her head, looking more confused by the minute. “This place feels wrong, what’s going on?”

I made to answer her, to try and clear up some of the air-



-but something stopped us.

My head whipped to the right where I spotted an alleyway, blocked off by a chain link fence, half a police barricade, and some dumpsters. From the second floor window, the glass had shattered and half a body stuck out, rotted and mostly bloodied brackish flesh that was burned in places. And on the ground, another body, but this one was rising up with a hissing croak noise. I was quick to whip out my handgun again and aim it towards the undead.

Right... enemy territory, duh! I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“What the...?” Rainbow murmured next to me. I glanced over and saw her ears folded back, one leg raised and her body scrunching up like a cat’s when something spooked it. “W-what’s wrong with it?”

Oh boy, this’ll be fun explaining to her. “It’s a zombie, basically,” Maybe I won’t go into too much detai-

“A zombie?!” Rainbow gasped out, her voice cracked and for a moment she sounded scared. But her eyes flicked towards mine and she puffed out her chest, “I-I’m not scared! I just... w-wasn’t expecting it, is all.”

Ahhh, there’s that bravado she was known for.

Unfortunately, all I had to work with some barely contained fear, bullshitting, and no small amount of jackassery. “Uh huh, sure sure,” I replied while backing up just a tad. I wasn’t too keen on wasting another bullet, I had fired three already and I didn’t have a spare magazine with me. “I suggest we get moving, I-”


I whipped around to look down the road, and I spotted another undead shambling over to me as more sirens filled the air nearby. Cops must not be as out and about as I had originally thought, I didn’t hear as many sirens in the air, just a few.

I lowered my handgun and backed up. “We need to move, now.” I told Rainbow, hopeful she would listen.

I heard her make a noise of sorts and Rainbow backed into me. “I-I can fl-fly back to Equestria, get the Royal Guard here to help!” She jumped into the air, and I was scared that she was going to blast off. But she stopped, and turned to me, “Wait, which way is Equestria?”

“Uh... l-little problem there.” The growls filled the air around us, more of the undead approached. “Equestria ain’t around her-” I felt a hand on my shoulder. My body reacted on its own, and I spun around with my fist out, and white hot pain ran up through my fist and up my arm when it collided with the face of the zombies. A solid crack sounded from me breaking what was left of its nose and sending it stumbling back, before it fell backwards. “Shit!” I didn’t waste time before turning and making my way down the street away from the growing horde of monsters.

I had sprinted down the street when I heard, “Hey! Wait for me!” A whoosh noise and Rainbow was no doubt flying behind me. I could hear her wingbeats as I ran, rushing past a crashed taxi cab with a zombie trapped inside. “What the heck is going on here! Where am I?!”

I vaulted over a car hood and slid across it before landing on the other side. My shoes clapped against the pavement—a pained grunt escaping me once landing on the other side. “Ahhh! Don’t fly low!” I yelled back to her as I dodged the swipe of one of the undead. “And I’ll explain later, just keep moving!”

My eyes were quick to glance around for any familiar landmarks, anything I could use to help me figure out exactly where in Raccoon City we were.

But all I saw were cars left on the sides of the road, boarded up buildings and blocked off alleyways. But I could still hear the sirens in the distance, which meant that the RPD still had to be active in the city. How early on was this? Regardless of that, I kept running, fueled entirely by the fear of being eaten alive and turned into one of these things.

I was well versed in how the T-Virus worked top to bottom, so I did my best to avoid getting bitten by any undead that tried to grab onto me. All it took was one single bite, hell, maybe even a scratch would fuck me over big time. So long as they broke the skin, the virus would get inside and I was done, I had to be careful!

Shame I didn’t have any Anti-Virus on me.

We kept running until we reached an intersection and made our way down it. I kept my handgun gripped tight, looking for a place to hide or something! The city was massive, and I didn’t see anyone in the immediate area we were in, leaving me to believe this area had been completely wiped out, that or people were hiding inside away from it all.

After running further down the road my eyes caught sight of a small shop nearby with wide open doors, two stories tall, some kind of pawn shop? I didn’t know, but I yelled-”There!”-and sprinted towards it.

The two of us rushed the door, I ran inside and quickly looked around with my gun raised. I didn’t hear anything except the distant sirens outside and the clop of hooves behind me.

I was quick to whirl around and grab the doors, slamming them shut, throwing the locks and backing up from it before turning around.

Rainbow had moved away from the door, staring at it, staring at me.

I was glad the doors were made of wood, cause we both grew silent as the undead who chased us stampeded by, their viral cry filling the morning air. Once they had passed, we both ended up letting out a sigh of relief.

We were safe...

For now.

Author's Note:

Edited 4/8/2018