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What I write about.

F/F incest. Why? Because I like it.


Removing story · 3:26am Sep 5th, 2019

Okay, here's the thing, I live in a country where I can't watch Mlp on tv so I watch it online, and I just saw the last chapter of the show.
A lot happened in the last 3 chapters and I have got a lot of ideas that I want to try and they don't fit the story. Sorry if you were enjoying it but I don't feel like continuing with how things are sooooo... I'm removing the story and rework it to fit a lot of things...

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Report clonedbrony2 · 147 views · Story: Like a New Day · #Delete story #rework
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So you're the author of my favorite incest fics?

any chance of a verus amor update soon?

2217750 Thank you, kind sir.

Have a watch, dude!

Are you an fan of spike the dragon

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