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Pinkie Pie has Passed away. After the funeral, the ponies of Ponyville put it upon themselves to bring a little party and laughter to their quiet town. Each writer takes a character and writes about their effort to cope with the loss, bring some life to the downtrodden town, or simply come to terms with what happened.

A Barcast Collaboration.

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I'm really proud of all of the writers who worked on this. Each story is such a different style, different perspective, and showcases the voice of everyone who worked on this. No two pieces are alike, and I know damn well how much effort went into creating this big beautiful project. You should all be proud of yourselves for this, guys. Well done, I'm glad I got to be a part of it.
...I-I MEAN, y-you're all shit and should hate yourselves.
Sh-shut up...

Reading this story made me feel a sense of mortality that I haven't felt in years and made me ponder what would happen in the event that I prematurely kicked the bucket for whatever reason and it honestly humbled me a lot more than I thought it would. Like seriously, like it's going to be 2 years come February since the death of a very close friend of mine and reading this story, put me back in that time and has caused me to reflect on my life since then and without him by my side and how much I've changed as result. Keep up the good work guys👍

Oh dear, this is gonna be a heart-touching, humbling experience, won't it?

Alright then, let's hop onto the feels train.

Working on this was a journey, 11 people go together to write this story and I couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished here in just... three days I believe? Writing this alongside so many people was really fun. Everyone here did some incredibly amazing work, and I can only hope that in the future, we'll do some more amazing collaborations.

Thanks for the awesome memories guys :heart:

I'm very grateful you guys gave me this opportunity to get into writing. This subject hit me personally recently as my grandfather passed two weeks ago and this gave me a way to help cope with his death. All of you did an amazing job and I'm so proud of all of you.

Thank you.

-Tony Montana

This one wasnt as strong as the ones before


No it's okay, I didn't need my heart, you can just stab it a couple times.

I’m really amazed how so many of us gathered up to write this, and so quickly. I’m so proud of all of you. I’m proud of myself for being a part of this. Not for writing wonderfully, but writing at all. For letting myself be a part of it. I’m proud of all that we accomplished in this, every chapter and style so different and unique. So much effort went into this from everybody, but it was so worth it.

Thanks for making one of my final memories of 2017 a great one. :heart: I love you all.

"I would never believed that something so simple could... change me. "

You accidentally a thing.

All you writers did an amazing job with this story. 10/10!

Boy was I write. This was...well, amazing writing first and foremost.

And it was so much more. This story hit hard, and left me with a pit in my stomach I don't will fill anytime soon.

Especially seeing Twilight devolve like that? That one hurt, big time.

Well done guys, truly well done!

Glad you liked it. That was my bit.

She stared at a point in the circle almost until her eyes crossed, pouting magic into an intersection of white lines drawn on the floor.


Yeah. I considered congratulating you on the discord, but thought it'd be a bit much.

Really well done though, although I should probably hate you for making my Twilight suffer like that :rainbowwild:

What kind of element on loyalty doesn’t save her best friend?

Element of Loyalty. Also, I'd capitalize Element and Loyalty, but that's just me.

I'd try and break up these paragraphs a bit, walls of text are hard on the eyes.
Fine chapter other than that.

Um. Ow? Like. Ow?
Did NOT need this today.

welp here are go...
and that's why you wear a helmet kids

the other chapters were slowly digging the feels knife deeper, but this one? This just TWISTED the damn thing.

:fluttershbad: my heart it's dead what is happiness I never heard of it :fluttercry:

what a warm ending. Glad this one isn't as depressing as the previous two.

This was just so heart felt and special. All of you and each of you individually did a magnificently job! Bravo!

All the words before it not a one, but that got a tear in nineteen.

Marble I think will be the worst, considering.

Oh, this is a great intro, and gonna be hard to get through all of them.

Oh, yeah. That is so Twilight and Starlight. Down to the tee.

I need to hug Limestone. And since she's a fictional character, she won't object. Very visceral and raw.

Okay, gotta be honest. A little confusing. Kinda metaphorical, too. Not bad, mind.

At times like this, no one should be alone.

It's natural to grieve, Maud. it;s not a good idea to keep it internalized too much.

Finished them all. This one hit hard, too. I liked all of them, loved some of them. Just... wow.


This was a great and sad collaboration story, only some sad stories i was willing to read but this one was good. The only thing i was disappointed of was that there was no Cheese Sandwich, who shouldve come up since he the most similar to Pinkie. I wouldve expected some sort of “Party Club” with ponies around the world who try to make people smile.

I wanted to refrain from commenting until i had finished the fic, but this chapter has pushed me to do so. As someone on the autistic spectrum, and knowing how our brains work rather differently from neurotypical people, and its my understanding that maud is supposed to be on the spectrum, i know what maud is going through rather well. Sometimes we have to just let it out, and sometimes just experience life for what it is, even when death is involved. Everyone grieves in their own way.

Ok. This one made me cry. Also good job capturing the cakes.

Loved it all, sad and somber as it was. Didn't cry until the cake twins. That got me going. Well done all of you. Only thing i have to say: i would've expected starlight and twilight to collaborate on a time travel spell to prevent pinkie's death in the first place.

Celestia banished Luna/Nightmare Moon aprox. 1000 years before the pilot. Throw in the fight against Discord & time for Luna to give in to NMM. Celestia has to be at least going on 1100 years old. Pretty much everyone that she ever knew is dead. Those still breathing are an increasingly small statistical minority. She's got to be used to it by now. You can only cry so many tears. Then for one reason or another, you stop.

You might want to change that bit about the ruptured disc. A crack like that from being thrown against the wall will shatter a vertebrate and that's what will paralyze you.
This is great and I really feel like you captured Redheart's turmoil very well. It is the turmoil that all medical professionals feel at some point in their careers.

I was waiting for this one since the beginning since the cakes were the closest to her, and you did not disappoint. This is exactly how I would imagine the cakes mourning over their adoptive daughter. You truly captured their kids as well. I had something similar happen in a funeral recently where my wife didn't feel like the kids should go.

this whole collaboration was awesome. All of you should be very proud of yourselves and thank you for bringing us all these feels.

*Takes a deep breath*
Finally, I get to read this story. Now give me a few seconds to prepare myself.
*More deep breathes*
Okay I'm ready.
*Clicks first chapter*
*Reads first paragraph*
*Comes back*
*Starts to read it anyway, because why not?!*
I'm gonna die, tonight.

Signing out, VShuffler42

Yep, I finished.
Okay I admit, I don't understand Fluttershy's as much. It just doesn't seem right.
And I am surprised it didn't include Cheese Sandwich.
BUT DAMMIT ALL, You made me cry ...multiple times.:pinkiesad2:
My favorite perspectives, in chronological order, were Celestia, Redheart, Maud Pie, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and finally Gummy.

Gummy's had so much hidden meaning!!! It was truly beautiful. A 19 word masterpiece. :applecry::fluttercry::raritycry: YOU MADE ME CRY FOR A FULL 20 SECONDS WITH ONLY 19 WORDS!!! Why do you do this to me?!?!:raritydespair:

Shedding tears, Signing out, VShuffler42

This one chapter hit me the hardest. I've been Limestone. This feels very real.

Seriously gut wrenching, but seriously good job, all of you. :heart: I'm only glad this kind of thing won't come to pass :pinkiesad2:

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