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Applejack spends her final moments with Winona.

A tribute to my dog who recently passed.

Edited by the wonderful anonpencil and The Invisible Davis

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this is so sad and it makes me want to cry

Losing a dog is hard, but they will be remembered well. Their love for us is real, just as our love is for them. They don't lay blame, they don't point fingers, and they are always trying to make us happy. Even at the end. We just do the best we can with them, and I know it was enough in this case. More than enough.
He was the best boy.

Sorry about your loss. I wrote 'A Sterling Family' for the very same reason.

Having experienced the loss of several dogs over the years, I'm not sure I want to read this. Still I'll try.


dragonforce lyrics feel a little appropriate here:

Hold on, stay strong
'Til the end, not afraid of dying
No more, what for?
Nothing left but to keep on fighting

got your back my dude

He was a good boy, it sounds like.

I'm sorry, Priest.

Good story. I am sorry to hear about your dog *hugs*. Im sure you will see him again someday. I hope the best for you in this difficult time. :heart:

I can sympathize. Stay strong.

Wonderful heartwarming and heartbreaking little one shot:pinkiesad2:. I felt my heart srunch up when reading this, especially at this line:

"It's okay. I understand."


Priest, I just want to say that you have my deepest condolenses for the loss of you're dog (which looks beautiful by the way), and I am very sorry that you had to lose him. Dogs are a wonderful thing that we are blessed with...they're kind, loyal, loving, and would do anything to protect us, our family, and make us happy, and always be by our side till death takes one of us, or both of us. Even if the owner were to pass, the dog would still always be there with them, waiting until their time comes to join them.

They sacrafice their very lives to save us and our loved ones, and so many of us take it for granted, while other use them for their own twisted misdeeds...they don't deserve that, they don't deserve any of the bullshit given to them by those that are too clueless and keep looking at what's on the surface, and not focus on what's underneath:ajbemused:. On the outside they may see an emotionless creature who feels nothing but fear...but on the inside, it's the complete opposite. Inside thise beautiful creations of life is a being that is, in many ways, just like us, with emotions, feelings, both positive and negative, who just want someone who can help them and love them, and not judge them for what they are:ajsleepy:. They don't judge us, they don't accuse us of anything, they don't hold grudges, and they don't even try to get revenge...instead they accept us, as if we were another one of their kind, or just another animal that they happened to see passing by:pinkiesad2:.

This is why I prefer animals over people, no offense:twilightblush:.

Once again, beautiful one shot Priest, and you have my deepest condolences. Just know that you're best friend is in a better place now, one where no one can hurt him ever again, and trust me when I say this you will one day see him again. Until then, you'll have all of those happy moments that you shared with him, from when he was a tiny little puppy, to the day he finally passed on, and all the while...he'll be be waiting right there for you...in Paradise:twilightsmile:.

Had to do the same for my cat this past Christmas. I know the feeling.

Sorry, buddy. But judging by all the pictures post, it was apparent the ending years were fantastic for him.

You done good.

I remember losing my childhood dog just last year. It was heart wrenching knowing that the pooch I loved for so many years was actually gone. But stay strong, man. From the looks of it, you did damn good work taking care of him. Know that, should you ever decide on finding a new dog, you'll do just as much good to them as he did to you.

I’m so sorry, Priest :heart:

This was a beautiful, loving and heartfelt tribute. Losing him must have been so hard, but it’s clear you did everything you could to make his life as good as possible.

I'm so sorry, Priest. You clearly cared very much about him and I'm sure he loved you just as much back. Your bond must have been very strong. We'll be here for you as you go through your process of coping. It's different for everyone.

No one is ready for their good boy to become a stiffie.

Forever in our hearts
Never forgetti

Priest I know what its like to lose a pet. I won't go into detail but It will get better and the story was great!

The first time I lost a dog, I was at elementary school I think, so I wasn't there. He'd fallen down a step and ruptured something or other inside himself, I don't know what because my mother never said. I never got along that well with him, but still.

The second time I lost a dog, I was right there. And I cried like the child I was. She was never a well-behaved dog, but...I cried so hard when we lost her, I felt like it reached the clouds.

The third time I lost a dog, it was a dog who was older than I was. She was sixteen; that's ancient in dog years. I was very upset.

The fourth dog I lost was the best dog I ever had. And I still miss her. We only had her 12 years, but she was the only dog we had when she died. And we loved her. She had a good life, and I would always tell her what a good dog she was.

One of the few things that can make a grown man cry is losing man's best friend. And there's no shame in it. They seem to mourn us, after all (ハチ公).

Im gonna put an "F" here to...
To pay respects n such

I'm so very sorry about your lost, I hope that you feel a little better after writing this story. It's hard to loose someone you care about. It's doesn't matter if its family, a friend, a dog or anyone. Personally, my dog is my best friend, and the cold, hart truth is that she will die in a few years. That breaks my heart and that's why I try to make the best of every moment. I hope that you did the same. I wish you so much luck and happiness.

Why...... Flutter....

This story felt like I was reading my life when I had to put down my own dog Rita a few years ago.

I feel for you, mate. I feel for you. :fluttercry:

Dammit dammit dammit all to hell! Ahhhhhhhh.:fluttercry:

I can relate to this immensely... so much that it hurts. Not just for dogs, but a lot of different animals.

We always took in strays and gave them a home, food, place to sleep. Course that happiness lasted about as long as one might think, and I always took up the task of burying them when they passed. I was the only one who'd get his hands bloodied tearing through roots and hard dirt just to give em a proper burial. It hurt, it always hurt... it still hurts, even now... thinking about all of the friends I've lost since I was a kid.

Your pup was the goodest of pups, he will be missed :heart:

I remember when my family had to do this with our cat about 5 years ago. And the sad thing is that my current dog is starting to get pretty old herself. I hope that she can go on for a few more years.

Good story, by the way. Very visceral and sad.

After the first 20 it so, you kinda get used to it.

(let experience itself teach him that)

I too will one day get to feel the way you feel man. I currently have four dogs, i used to have five but.....she died of cancer. We tried to remove the tumor from her leg but it wasn't enough. The whole leg needed to be removed but still.....she didn't make it. And i remember one day that i accidentally pushed her off the stairs while i was in the dark. I remember my heart beating faster each time she would hit a stair until she reached the final one and she started crying. I felt like an complete idiot! No, an asshole. I should have been more carefull. And now i start worrying about my other dogs, if something bad were to happen to them as well. I just don't know what i would do.

I am sorry that you lost your dog, friend. I hope that you can recover quickly.


8925155 What do you think I was talking about?

We've had LITERALLY 20 animals die. In various ways. Half from cancers.

I’ve had pets ever since I was little. Without fail, each and every one of them has had some kind of expensive, debilitating issue.

Roo Roo - He was just really old (23ish)
Mama Kitty - Asthma, died from lung cancer (22ish)
Strider - Really odd, partially blind, got into rat poison our neighbors left out. (We have no idea how old this crazy cat was)
Storm - failure to thrive died the night we picked him up off the streets

Took Took - Mama’s son, victim of a hit and run.
Hiker - seizures, is on meds for them that make him really fat (everybody needs a cute little chunky cat ❤️)
Razzmatazz (Raz) - Arthritus from an old injury in his right hind leg.

Ashley - big sibearian husky, had severe arthritis all her life, died from bone cancer

Sawyer - big husky/German Shepard mix. There is no nice way of putting this, he’s stupid.

Long story short, I know how it feels when a family member dies like that. My heart goes out to you.

Yeah... it does hurt. It hurts a lot. I'm sorry, Priest. I can't think of anything else that isn't trite.

Very powerful writing. The emotion is quite tangible in this story.

I give you my deepest condolences for your loss. :pinkiesad2:

This was really sad and really well written

There is now a salty lake in Northbridge (Massachusetts)

I lost my cat to a nor’easter last wknter, but I got a cat that looks just like her and i sometimes caller her the wrong name ;-;

It was hard to type that through tears, it’s like I can never forget her, a cat that looks like her is constantly seen but we have never found anything from her

I need to get my teddy bear ;-;

I have the same problem with my new dog Milo. You aren't alone.

I have a new cat and she is NEVER going outside alone

This story hits so close to home. I am sorry for your loss. I personally have to put my dog down tomorrow know is it a very painful process. I could not hold back tears reading this and I do not believe I will be able to in real life when the times comes. I hope you and every other pet owner that has had to do this to end their suffering is doing alright.

It hurts so much when you have to say goodbye to your dog. I had to put my dog to sleep last year, and it still hurts. But try to focus on the good times you guys had, and remember that your dog is at peace now (or in a better place, as I see it, and that you will see eachother again).


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