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Fluttershy has had enough of her life, she has left a note to the only person she believes will understand what she has felt, Pinkie Pie, and now she's going to end her life. Can the pink party pony make it to her friend in time?

Just a sad one shot I did cause I'm sad.

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Theres a few errors you should iron out

"If Pinkie had NOT found her when she did"

"Always listening, making sure her heart was still bleeding" Should be beating.

Other than that, I liked it, good use of Pinkies Pinkie sense.

I'm kinda sad we didn't get to see much of Fluttershy's reasoning.
But, I suppose that is kinda the point.

It was to sweet for me, you'll probably like it though.


I hope it doesn't hurt to bad.


what kind of Kindness

Usually you would not capitalize it, but since it is her element this may be intentional.

5043774 yeah angel should still be hearing because:its good if the heart is bleeding but if you hear something flowing it means you have an internal cut but that probably wouldn't happen

Thank you, I made the corrections

Aye, it was intentional for you not to know, because it could be so many things and its left up to the imagination of the reader. The kindness bit was intentional to, as an element i felt that it should be capitalized.

Needs a rewrite for the grammar, but otherwise okay.

Its kind of fast but I like it!

Great story. I wish it was a bit longer though.

7716852 I thought about making it longer but I was already in to bad a way to do that

Angel bunny does care. I am not crying its my allergy.... In winter never mind

I'd like you not to tell Spike, not until he's older anyways, he's still just a baby. I don't want him to have to deal with this. Also, please don't tell Discord, I'm afraid he might do something terrible. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna I'm sure will know. I'd like to buried in the forest if that's not to much trouble, where I can always be with the animals, I'd like you to plant a tree where I'm buried if you could.

Please don't come looking for me, I don't want you to see me like this. Just leave me, its better this way, I promise. Goodbye Pinkie Pie, thank you for being my friend..."

Wait...she wants to be buried but not found? Or is she referring to herself right before she dies?

Oh, okay! Thanks for the clarification

Ok, who’s the wise guy cutting onions in here?

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