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Rainbow Dash is gone, in this letter are her last words to the mare of her life. The one she gave her heart and soul to. But even the strongest of ponies can fall... or even be faking all together.

Warning: Possible Trigger with Suicide.

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This is adorable :fluttershysad:

*sniffle* *sniffle* It's liquid pride *sniffle*

It's good but im not going to like it yet, but im not going to dislike it either. :derpyderp2:
Firstly please use your pony grammar, i saw a few everybody/someone's in there, that stuff really spoils the mood your trying to set.
Secondly please check your spelling and capitalise you I's.
Thirdly, i think that its really good and has got me thinking about doing something similar. It's a great letter, just with a few mistakes that somewhat ruin the mood.

It's good*, but *I'm not going to like it, *nor am I going to dislike it*. :derpyderp2:
Firstly*, please use your correct terminology*, I saw a few *non-pony-universe-words in there, it really spoils the mood that you're trying to set.
Secondly*, please check your spelling,* and capitalize* your* I's.
(This is fragmented, reword the sentence)Thirdly, I* think that its really good and has got me thinking about doing something similar. It's a great letter, just with a few mistakes that somewhat ruin the mood.

Please don't tell someone to correct their grammar if your own isn't correct.:facehoof:

3962519 You don't need correct gramma if it's a comment. No pony is going to pay attention to this comment besides you. I was just trying to help you out a bit. But if your going to be an arse about it, leave it and watch the dislikes pill up. No pony care about the gramma in a bloody comment, people will care though if your story is filled with uncapitalised I's and non-pony gramma. So stop trying to criticise me and fix your mistakes. Just for that, I'm going to dislike the story but might like it later if I see that you have taken my advice and stopped being a dick about it!

Would you gentleman please not argue on my comments and not worry? And Friendship is Magic? You shouldn't dislike just because of what someone else said on a comment. That makes no sense at all. Frankly I wasn't writing the story for people to like it, i was writing it as a suicide letter to my friend. But i was talked out of it and decided to post it here.

Sorry, I actually thought that that comment was made by you. I thought that you were insulting me when all I tried to do was help. Sorry about the confusion, I don't mind it when people don't think that what I said is a better way to put it or give's me a reason why it's that way, I just hate it when people shove it all back in your face and basically say screw you. As I said before, I didn't actually check to see who wrote it and naturally assumed that that comment was made by you. Sorry. I will change my dislike to a like because I do like it and just got annoyed at little minionz. Sorry again.:applecry:

And just a question, why is the picture of Pinkie and Rainbow, when it's about Rainbow writing to Applejack. :applejackunsure:

Its quite alright, and I've been meaning to change it but I can't find a good Applejack/Rainbow Dash picture that fits

3963868 Yeah, sorry i don't have any picture I could give you but if I find one, I'll be sure to let you know. :pinkiehappy:

That suit's the letter a lot more now. I really like the picture.

Good :twilightblush: it was the only one i had that fit

So this was originally a suicide letter you wrote to your friend? Where you really thinking of committing suicide? I'm glad that you didn't, to me suicide makes no sense. Why would you throw your life away when there is so much more that you could experience, life can change dramatically in just a matter of days, so why get hooked up on a few bad things. But at the same time i know why people do commit suicide. I've had to talk one of my friend's out of it a few times because they thought that their life wasn't worth living. I sincerely hope that you don't have any of those thoughts left in your mind and if you ever do start thinking like that again, I'd be willing to talk with you about it. Because life is such a wonderful thing and shouldn't be discarded before you have experienced every thing it has to offer.

It wasn't a matter of me being in pain. it was a matter of the pain i caused the ones i loved by worrying about me so much. But i got through it more or less. Thank you though for your concern :scootangel:

I understand what you went through in a way similar to this. I too wrote a letter, but you already saw that. I'm over it in a way. I look back at it, and sigh. Just know you can always PM me, and we can talk. If not, just always know I'm here to bother.

Aside from that. People who try to point out grammatical errors, this is a letter. A suicide one at that. I believe the last thing on ones mind when writing it would be to dot their I's or cross their T's.

This was not a story, but a letter. Not a paper, but a note.

I make a big deal, and I'm sorry to do it on your comment section. It's a way to vent for me. Through opened wounds to ones just made. I am here to talk. Even if I am bad at helping.

This was a'ight.

I quite liked it. Good job.

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