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If I had to choose between being lazy and being lazy, I would probably not choose either. Cuz I'm lazy.

What I want to do.

What i actually do.

Shield thy eyes from these horrors!

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2378661 oh okay thanks :yay:

2378645 Oh hi there, I am actually in the midst of writing a couple of stories, two of which are PInkieshy stories. However, at the moment I am fairly busy so I guess I'll see how it goes. :applejackunsure:

Hello again, I was wondering if you were thinking about writing another Pinkieshy story? Just curious.:pinkiehappy:

So you gave me a fav on Madness of Sound?
That makes me happy! :rainbowkiss:
Would you mind dropping a comment telling me why you faved it? :scootangel:

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