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You're gonna carry that weight


Is it better to live a lie, or die a truth.

A single, tear-stained note meets your gaze. Where's your third crusader?

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4978686 But, it was supposed to be an in-universe magical creature...

huh. man, your really freaking good at these stories.

4978690 Lel. Kek. Wreckt my deck.

But, seriously. Thank ya kindly, BroskiPonerificMan. I look forward to making someone's day full of joy. It's real good on the soul. :pinkiecrazy:

4978688 Wrong flood?
Off topic (if there was one): flood is really odd to type or write.

That brought my day up:twilightsmile:sad to hear that the real Scoots was killed in the changeling invasion:fluttercry:but its happy towards the end when you find out the changeling died feeling sorry for the 2 fillys that it tried to cheer up after taking something that normally cant be replaced, showing that changelings could feel like normal ponies and regret what they did
But anyway good story

4979871 Thank ya kindly, princess of the night.

When posts like yours reach my ears and quell my fears, I find joy in metaphysical tears. To brisk diction and flowing betwixt-the-lines analysis and spectacular speculation, I feel proud effort's brought mental pollination.

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