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I can say in no uncertain terms I have no idea what any of this or why I'm doing it


After a decidedly unpleasant social gathering under his watch, the Crown Prince is left to contemplate his life, and all others stand in the wreckage, and can only wonder... What dark happenings did manifest in the Festival? Why is Artemis sitting with a frowny face? Is Celestia in fact a cyborg constructed by fastidious use of pretzels and piloted by communist iguanas from Bocha? Does being The Alicorn of Pink mean Cadence is required by law to be seen as in possession of the powers of Slut, or does Shining Armor pay lobbyists to promote of her slut as a weekend and holiday pursuit? Does Twilight's milk shakes doth make thine colts come to the yard?

And can it forever remain unnoticed that, to his ponies, this debacle rated on the scale of events in the vast majority of lives, from 1 to Can't Even, as "Meh...".

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