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I can say in no uncertain terms I have no idea what any of this or why I'm doing it


It is interesting fact of pony life that ones cutie mark can possess more then one meaning, often being metaphorical and cryptic.

Celestia's, for example, not only means she raises the sun but seeks to be light for others, a guide. Shadow possessed a wingblade as hers, where its been proposed it meant her skill in asymetrical warfare. She stated it meant she knew what it meant to use a blade, and that one always carried it with them, whether seen or not.

Star has always thought hers meant she was a tracker, a stalker. What it means is she is curious, and she by nature must follow a trail, a quarry.

She now stands at the side of one of the worlds greatest enigmas, a mare so apart from temper and manner as to seem almost antithesis to her sister. So, how does one seek such a trail, winding and working back through the long years of their Diarchy?

Simple. Approach the matter with the well known Kicker means of broaching the improper and possibly dangerous.

With all the sublety of a sledge hammer.

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