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Looking for potentially existing Stories (NSFW) · 11:42pm Nov 2nd, 2022

Does anyone know of any good mlp fanfics on here (or on other sites) that have Gay Harem stories on par with the multiple ones about Spike? and just to add Spike doesn't even have to be in the story, just one that has a male character getting with many other male characters or others that involve like zebra domes, Slutifaction, hypersexual bodies, poly, bimbo/himbofication,dilfs etc, and things of this nature pretty much anything you can easily find in M/F clop, it has been a level of

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Next Gen expanded · 3:11am Sep 12th, 2022

So since I decided to make this account mostly centered on my next gens if you wanna get to know them a little better here is a guide of all the family trees I made for each of them on my DA Account.


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Ramble journal · 6:47pm Jul 2nd, 2022

so I'm still here and I just felt saying all of this somewhere and I choose here because this is one of the accounts I still care about making content for and honestly I'm not sure if these are poor excuses or not about my lack of content creation or over-explaining but either way I feel like getting it off my chest anyway might help in some way

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Duskverse Next Guide Remake · 10:38pm Apr 30th, 2022

I know I have made a couple of these in the past but my feelings on what I should add and take away made me do a lot of thinking, but I think this one should be the final one (that might need some minor changes later on) so you know which character is which if I write about them. questions are also welcomed as always

() = Special talent

King Sombra and Shining ArmorĀ 
Gloomy Dusk (Light and Dark Balance)
Blizzard Heart (painting)

Shining Armor and Cadence [broke up]

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A new concept in my head currently · 2:36am Apr 2nd, 2022

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This might be a strange question but · 4:10pm Feb 20th, 2022

I wanna know what story ideas are most likely to get upvotes and downvotes and what story concepts are popular/Common and unpopular/uncommon? I mostly ask this because of my number of overwhelming ideas and I've been struggling to expand a story outside of a basic premise I just want a good idea on what I should try to put my focus into trying to develop further as all my ideas are all equally as important to me.

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story ideas · 1:19am Jan 6th, 2022

I have no idea I'm gonna write any of these I'm just writing these here for later if I get inspired later

-Featherbangs x Big Mac x Cheese Sandwich x Sans Smirk poly story
-Bright Mac x Burnt Oak AU story
-half gender-bending popular straight ships gay writing challenge
-gay Spike harem story
-Svengallop x oc Series
-Svengallop x Troubleshoes story
-Double Diamond x Svengallop x Party Favor poly story
-Sombra x Shining Armor x Spearhead story

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A new story I'm (maybe???) Writing · 2:35am Oct 24th, 2021

I don't have a lot of ideas for this yet, and this story might come out clumsy because I'm getting out of my comfort zone for this but I'm trying to get out of my writer's block and this is what I settled on doing.


Some ideas I'm having currently · 3:50pm Aug 28th, 2021

Still here and still having writer's block but I've been thinking of different things I can attempt that are outside my normal interest to a degree that I have seen become semi- common things on this website. one of them is making 6 ocs of different species those being, Zebra, Cat, Diamond Dog, Dragon, Griffon, and Changeling who are friends and have adventures with each other and separate (being sfw and Nsfw) along with having secondary characters of other species show up here and there to

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My list of ideas · 8:52pm Jun 26th, 2021

so I have two things to share in this Blog. the first is a way to get me back into writing I made a google docs list that is a master list of all the MLP ships that appeal to me to write in the future, and I decided to share it here because I wanted to, and because I think this will be a good thing to direct people too if I ever start trades or commission one of these days too give others ideas on what kind of ships appeal to me the most to write about, and also this list is always open to

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