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Solar prism had to figure it out, after hearing something that he couldn't believe he had to see for himself if it was true, however, Twilight finds him and with a simple conversation might answer the question he was looking for.

This is a story that is a series canon in my underdeveloped Next Gen in which you can find here as such there is still stuff I'm figuring out so bare with me until I do

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Sans and Cheese have been friends for a while, and after Cheese goes back on the road to look for his purpose, Sans can really feel the lack of him, and he is not sure why but when Cheese returns, he will come to find a better understanding of there relationship.

This story contains M x M ship, mega fluff, and cheesiness, and super mega self-indulgent writing of my OTP that needs more love.

this story also takes place in my next gen AU
also, Sans Smirk needs a tag

This was also edited by a very close friend of mine

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This story takes place in my MLP AU next-gen the gloomy verse and this is one of there stories
in this AU where Sombra was found alive after twilight became an alicorn and was reformed by her and the other Mane 6 and Shining armor and has been living in the Crystal Empire ever since.

Shining has had another hard day with problems with his marriage and Flurry's unpredictable magic surges. And after a long day, he went to Sombra just like he has normally done since they became friends and found out they had a lot in common. But this visit something different happens between them and in the end, a choice will have to be made and will everyone involved make the right one?

might contain Sex and mentions of mpregnation in the future

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