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Greetings, I am Merlos the Mad. I am a dabbler of both words and wizardry in my free time. I also invite you all to partake in my musings. Take care though, as they are the product of a madman.


Lyra and Bon Bon are dressed up and ready for a night on the town of Ponyville! However, it also just so happens to be Nightmare Night. They have their costumes and adventures planned out in advance; everything is shaping up to be a lot of fun for the couple. They even see a chance to meet Luna this year, and more.

Still... there is an awful lot of fog rolling through town. The sky has grown dark quite early, as well... And those timberwolves howling in the distance are a lot louder than usual on top of that...

This is just a Halloween Nightmare Night story to get everypony in the mood for ghosts and ghouls season. We aren't getting another Luna Eclipsed this year, either, but I wanted to give everypony something like it. Consider this canon for the year after if you would like, that is where I placed it in the timeline. The tale is light on the horror side, if that's not your thing, (though still a little scary). I encourage everypony familiar with dark fics on this site to approach this one as you would a more traditional horror story/movie, rather than your typical fimfiction fair. (Not to say that Dark stories are bad by any means, but... most of the pony ones I've read at least, are pretty weird...)

So, without further ado... Lyra and Bon Bon's Nightmare Night story...


Author's Note
Normal stories resume soon, everypony. Assets used are SqueakAnon's Nightmare Night, Wooden Toaster's Nightmare Night and Unoservix's This Is Nightmare Night artwork.
Contributors and Editors
A huge thanks to Ludicrous Lycan, Firebirdbtops, Cold Spike, and finally Kaitou for help with the art.

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Interesting.. Will read later.

I'm soo excited~ And I just can't hiiide it!~ :pinkiecrazy:

Read later entry #699

Probably only gonna be on that list for a day or so, but I can't read it now...

Why isn't there moar? Oh yeah... :facehoof:

Loved it. Faved and upvoted. Hope to see more soon!

3412912 Me?

Whatever it is, I didn't do it.

I shall have to login then Sir!..... I am intrigued by the batmare costume, the choreography and the odd fog. By the way the choreography is top notch. :rainbowderp:That nightmare night song matched perfectly with the picture! Did you do it yourself? I would like... possibly.... to commission something by the artist.

Oh yes in case I forget! Happy nightmare night everybrony!:twilightblush:


Links are in the description, sire. :twilightsmile:

Relevant on this most marvelous of mischievous nights. . .

Happy Halloween Hunting, Horrors of Hell and Hastur.


. . . .

Dat moment when you realize that no, you have seen that name somewhere and it happens to be a part of the Cthulu mythos. . . And that the video you just posted had Madness as a central theme.

. . . .

That's. . . probably not something horrific.

Ah well. Halloween could use a round of eldritch abominations that aren't too hard to deal with. Maybe I could hire some for a haunted house. . . Now there's an idea!


. . . .

Repetitive comment is repetitive, but somehow guessing the song as well!?

Granted, it's kind of an iconic song. . . but still! Do I have Halloween Telepathy or something!?

Better than a lot of stories on here. Even if it's just an experiment it is pretty good. I'm also a sucker for Halloween in general.

Well now, actually reading through the entire thing now. . .

Solid Six Hats out of Team Portal Life Three.

And. . . it seems the fun's just begun for our unwary protagonists!

In either case, to those who join us for this story. . . or for the unwitting souls who stumble across the tale in the near furture . . . I have but one parting remark to make.


Comment posted by Still Wearing Black deleted Oct 29th, 2013

3414980 My real name is Eibon... :pinkiecrazy:

Geez, next things they'll see are signs reading "Bad Wolf".

Hey guys! Merlos, Cold Spike, Fire, and I all worked really hard on this! The finale is coming soon and i promise it's big! If you like the story then spread the word! This will be a Nightmare Night tale to remember. Let's get as many people looking this way as we can!

*Alondro uses this story as anti-wolf propaganda, as part of his plan to eliminate all predatory competition of his leonine masters*

Soon all the ponies shall be solely the prey of Lady Sekhmet's divine race...


Wow, this is really suspenseful stuff, I'm not used to suspenseful stories, my heart is racing right now. I honestly thought this story was going to be one of those where everyone turns out to be scared of things they imagined and/or halucinated, then Bon Bon ended up in the basement and that put an end to that theory. Poor Bon Bon. :fluttershysad: I think after this is over (assuming they survive of course) they are going to sell that house... through an agent... with all their stuff still in it... while they are living happily in a new apartment in a city far far away.

Comment posted by Ludicrous Lycan deleted Oct 30th, 2013

I was looking towards sleeping tonight.

Only Derpy would dress up as Father Hearthwarming for Nightmare Night.

Ah, I see Spider-Mane, and Lyra's a fan! Who would have guess? :twilightsmile: Anyway, the chapter was fun, and I love the cameos. Now, let's see what happens next. :duck:

So... they're basically the MIB?

3470685 Not quite... but not totally wrong. A better reference is how they address themselves to Luna in the epilogue.

3470699 I did enjoy reading it, but I think that the lack of knowledge about Inky and Blinky on my part prevented me from enjoying this to its fullest. I shall have to rectify that by reading the Hunters story when it comes out.


Hah, well, they were supposed to be sort of a surprise ending. I like to think deus ex machina can be done well. It seems I failed if you didn't quite enjoy them. :applejackunsure:

Their costume was a joke about 'The Shining' and I had hoped that their purpose was clear enough that folks would be more interested in them rather than confused by their sudden appearance at the end. I eluded to them returning a little and made it seem like just a joke (or thought I did) with Pinkie. Heh, ah well.

3471484 Ah, I have never seen "The Shining", that would explain some thing then.

Aww, they complimented Lyra and Bon Bon, rightly so too.:twilightsmile:

If I were Bon Bon, upon seeing all those bits that'd been given to me, my reaction would have been:

"Yes!" *Strike match and set fire to house* "C'mon Lyra, let's go find a new house!"

I'm curious as to why Inky and Blinky kept calling both of them Mrs. Fish? Did that have something to do with when they met them at the party earlier?


Indeed, it became their running gag. Again, I tried to elude heavily towards Inky and Blinky taking fun in 'pranking' people sort of like Pinkie.


Yes, Pinkie, you.

It... turned into "Ponies In Black"... :rainbowhuh:


I take it you didn't like it then? :pinkiesad2:


Could you notify knighty about that for me? I have messaged them, but I haven't received feedback as of yet. Allegedly, my posts never appear on the feature board, despite traffic, and my updates also do not appear in people's feeds.


Thanks! :twilightsmile: Didn't expect the help, but it is greatly appreciated. If you poke in my SweetieBot chapter story you'll see literally dozens of complaints that no notification was received.

3481413 Hot damn merlos. Fim fic is punking you bad! XD

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