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Two old 'friends' that once shared a flame have a chance encounter at a local cafe in Canterlot city...

The story takes place in an alternate Equestria in which their time line is even more closely tied to the likes of Earth. That would place these events well before the elements of harmony and just prior to Word War II, circa 1937.

Please enjoy this simple tale, it is a one shot. The author does not own or wish to own an account on fimfic, so his brother is posting it here at his request by the collabist's group.

The artist is str8g8 from the UK.

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Comments ( 12 )

The old timey feel is well executed. :pinkiesmile: Overall, it's quaint but solid.

4 likes, 13 views... Feature box?
Not against your story or anything, but I think it's being a bit wonky at the moment.


It is eight am on the east coast, views are down at the moment... It judges according to the influx of views on other, new stories. Still! Give 'er a read, one of our members worked hard on this one. :twilightsheepish:

Also, a wins a win! :pinkiehappy:

2565630 I didn't say I wouldn't, just pointing out my observations. Although I did not know that about the feature box.


*nods* It is all dependant on time of existence in comparison to downvotes, upvotes, views, comments, comment ratings (I think...) Seeing as the story just hit the box ten minutes agoooo, it likely won't stay there. (especially since someone has donned to give us a hit without leaving a comment. :fluttershyouch:

Whelp, enjoy, I hope. It is his first story. ^^

2565625 That said, the writing seems pretty good at first glance though. I think this'll be quite a decent story.

Congrats, you got feautured with 5 likes


Thank you, I'll pass the compliment to the author. :twilightsmile:

Just took the time to read this...Wow, whoever wrote this was damn good.


It was my little brother. (Merlos) :pinkiehappy:

Welp, props to him. Only complaint is that I think it actually would have been better if it wasn't about ponies. I kept slipping into seeing the character as humans.

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