• T Friendship is Optimal: Somnium

    Upload into Equestria Online and live forever, they say. But forever is a long time. What *won't* happen if you wait long enough? A somewhat trippy story set in the Optimalverse.  · Balthasar999
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  • T P-Theory

    "You ever unwittingly use a magic letter to Celestia to roll a joint? Well, if you're wondering why I'm like, a girl unicorn now, that was the short version." Will this finally teach Rob not to be such an insufferable hipster?  · Balthasar999
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  • T Friendship is Optimal: The Elements of Truth

    "So this is the future, then, is it? Everyone's a pony?" A group of friends muddle through as the world slips away into digital Equestria. Set in the Optimalverse.  · Balthasar999
    13,746 words · 2,577 views  ·  80  ·  11

I'm divided.  I liked it, but not as much as I'd like to like it, or maybe it's a matter of how critically respectable it might be to like it.  The sincerity of the ending graciously offset a lot of the wink-wink-nudge-nudge stuff, which is lucky because MLP is pretty much the only show from which I tolerate that kind of guilelessness.  But because it is MLP, namely its own specific show, it was sorta like, a little bit here and there is great, but leave the Doctor and Jeff Lebowski back in their own stories—It's not their place to do any heavy lifting here.  It was sorta like the Tirek fight:  This is awesome and fun and all, but does it belong here?  It's always been a pretty self-aware and playful show, though, so I dunno.

But that bit with Gummy was great.  And the writing and pacing were snappy, which is something I thought was lacking in season 5 up until the Discord episode, making everything seem kinda clunky before that.  

All that aside, though, Tabitha killed it as Derpy Muffins.

I'll have to watch it again in a few days before my opinion on it will congeal.  While I felt like I could hear DHX behind it going "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??," well, I was, so...

I mean, on the one hand, wow!  22 minutes of fanservice!

But on the other hand, ugh, 22 minutes of fanservice...?

In any case, they clearly worked hard and went out of their way to make something for the fans, so I hope they get a positive reaction, which so far it seems like they are.  Hopefully people don't turn against it in a month, because it'd make me really sad to see that kind of playful effort backfire on them.

...Wait.  So this show is based on a toy line, right?  What if all this reification of fanon is a mirroring-back of the way people play with the ponies?

Think about it.

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Oh good. Worried something was terribly wrong here, for some reason.

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Yeah, I'm just crazy busy with work projects and career stuff, but I still pop in here every one in a while.

#81 · 11w, 6d ago · · · alright? :fluttershysad:

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I've had a bit of time to pick away at it but most of my writing energy has to go to work stuff these days.  I'm just about to head to a coffee shop to write, though, so I'll see if I can squeeze some P-Theory in there.

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Hello. Just dropping by to ask how things go and if the next chapter of P-Theory is coming along well.

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