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Name - Jason LaMonica Residence - Mesa, AZ Hobbies - Drawing, Reading, Playing Video Games, and now Writing MLP: FiM fanfics.


Life sucked for Jason Marston. His mother died on Valentine's Day the year he turned 15, and he was sent to live with his aunt because his new stepmother was a bitch and his father was whipped. He lived with his aunt till he was 20, when he moved out to live on his own. Bored and lonely, he fills his life with psycho girls from his neighborhood and video games. But one night everything he knew is sent for a loop when he learns about a forgotten blood relative from the wild west, and a beautiful Southern Belle drops out of the sky. With everything changing so fast, more and more problems arise for Jay and this mystery girl as they try to find some clue to where her missing friend is and get the country beauty back home.

Spin off to "Spectrum" by RIPTID3 and a cross over of "Red Dead Redemption"
Rated Teen for Language and possible sexcapades.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 105 )

The only thing it needs is comedy.
I DON'TCAHHRE its meant to be a Dark/Romantic/Adventure. It needs jokes.

2002590 There will be jokes. It wouldn't be one of my stories without them. But I could only use six.

Knowing myself, if I saw a Human Applejack falling from the sky. I would say. "Well, that happened."
and scramble around to catch her.
But thats just me, because I'm the most bad@$$ freak of nature you'll ever see :rainbowlaugh:

Finally got it approved huh?:rainbowlaugh:

which means finding her will not be as easy as asking somepony if they have see a talking pony with wings and a cutie mark.

You just need to look for the one person on Earth with 'Rainbow' colored hair... ALL THE TIME.

Great story by the way, Really looking forward to see what happens:twilightsmile:

2025148 A very valid point, And thank you. I'm glad you liked it! More will surly be coming soon. :pinkiehappy:

This is probably the first time I've read a PoE story where the main character wasn't a brony... This will certainly be interesting.

2025196 If you liked this, go read 'Spectum' by RIPTID3. Its a good fic.

2025229 I've already read Spectrum and Back to Me, I had just forgotten he wasn't a brony, but just really conspicuously described at the beginning of the story...

2025265 Oh, so did you find this through him, or the front page?

2025271 I found this through both a blog post, and the 'Spin-Off' Chapter of Back to Me

2025281 Well, however you you found this, thank you for reading and enjoying this fic.

As Twilight continued to pace feverishly, Spike wanked into their home, a look of fatigue sketched upon his face.

He did what now?!

2027125 thanks for spotting that. I'll get right on fixing it.

2027206 I seriously can't believe I let that slide by. I'm still at work, so fix it after I get out. God damn, I'm funny even when I don't mean to be.

Jason MARSTON is this a red dead reference or something?

2039639 Yeah, This is a crossover. Jason is John's great great great grandson.

"Jason Marston! This is the FBI. We have the building surrounded. A SWAT team has been called in and will be arriving in just a few minutes. Please, surrender now and come out peacefully. We don't want to open fire, but we will if we must. Just come out with the girl and be done with this."

Omygod yes it is Red Dead Reference!!!!!

This is very good. You've improved quite a bit from your first story. I like it. I expect more chapters to be written, because this is a story I know I'll enjoy reading. Keep up the good work.

(And if I can ever stop being sick, I'll finish more chapters of Blue Eyes for you. Sorry it's taking so long. :pinkiesick: )

Comment posted by Pyrefly_91 deleted Feb 1st, 2013

2054701 Its all good my friend. And a new chapter is on the way, as soon as I find the notebook I started to write it in. And if you hold off till Valentine's Day, I'll consider it a present. Lolz! :heart::rainbowlaugh:

I found the notebook, I'll try and write more tonight before I go to sleep, which will probably be around 1 am.


totally didn't come here because of a shameless Plug

Story shows potential. Just ease up on the quick pacing some and the whole "understanding of AJ being from a different world" thing, it just fit in well with the rest of the story.

I shall keep my eye on this story to see what happens. :trixieshiftleft:

2089452 Thanks. I'll try and slow it down a bit. And I do hope you like what is to come.:pinkiehappy:

I seriously doubt that the Marston integrity has fallen so far from the proverbial tree is all im saying

2133353 If you're making a reference to the actual game, I'm missing it completely. I only have a vague understanding of the story line, enough to not sound like an ass while writing this masterpiece (I don't really think this.) of mine.

Well you can make up for that by writing more :pinkiehappy:

Twenty minutes later, I had become drowsy. But before I slipped into full unconsciousness, I though that I saw that one of the racers had a passenger. And the passenger had rainbow colored hair. Before my mind could begin to ponder what I saw any more, sleep finally took hold and wrapped me in it's eternal embrace.

Is that a Spectrum reference I see?

2234756 Yup, but it's incomplete. I'll be finishing it tonight.

Completeness! Found some errors, though.

"What the hell are you doing? You look like a porn star?"

Should be an exclamation point.

With that, I walked right past her, sat down on the railing, as slide all the way down.

Ass slide?

"What's wrong, sugar cube?"AJ asked, turning to look at me after starring the the chair, trying to figure out HOW to sit in it.


"Now way." I said defensively. "It's my cousin, actually. She arrived during the storm this morning. So now she's sick and I can't just leave her here alone. Not to mention that she showed up with nothing for cloths for herself. So once she starts feeling better, I need to take her to the mall so she can pick out some stuff to wear. And before you suggest it, I refuse to let her wear all the shit my Exes have left behind since I moved into here."

No and clothes, Exes might be wrong for some people, but it might not.

I took your picture with my phone. But that;s not what's important now."

"I took your picture with my phone, but that's not what's important now."

Rage suddenly filled my being, fueled by the sear amount of questions I had.

Should be shear.

My out burst had caught Applejack by surprise, and she just starred at me.

Outburst is one word, and extra r in stared.

Really, really good chapter, though. The stair scene had me laughing.

Okay, I read. :eeyup:

You obtain 4:moustache: for the chapter.

Get +1:moustache: when grammar is fixified. :eeyup:

2239938 Thanks for the assist Pyro. I'll fix that tonight.

2240832 I'm sorry if it felt a little drawn out. But I promise the next one will be better.

The rating is 5 moustaches out of 5. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


2241225 Oh, then in that case *inhales deeply*...hold it...hold it...:yay:

*pokes Pyre in solar plexus with (insert object here)*

Mainly because of the funny refferences and great storyline I give you 9:moustache: out of 10

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