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my name is mitchell i became a brony after i watched the mlp equestria girls movie which in turn made me watch the FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC tv show my first episode i watched was DRAGONQUEST


I wonder · 5:56am Mar 20th, 2019

I just watched the new forgalorga video titled "pony and the magic artifact" it was hilarious and cute. Go watch it on youtube. i sadly don't know how to link it. But i'm curious "what would've happened if the artifact ran out of power while Twilight was possessing Rainbow Dash?" Maybe one you great authors can tell me through a story. I would really like to know i don't care about the rating you make it. But i'll say this the higher the rating the more interesting your answer would be to me.

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xanadu did kira give up muse power to be with sonny in the end · 6:02am Oct 20th, 2017

hey everypony hail luna. i just finished watching my fav musical "Xanadu" i've been thinking in the end of the movie did kira give up being a muse to be with sonny. to those who haven't seen the movie stop reading as i'm entering spoiler territory for the ending of the movie you've been warned. anyway sonny found out kira was a muse from greek mythology to help him and Danny make a roller disco so they can live out their dreams. danny wanted back in showbuisness and sonny wanted to be apart of

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this update has messed up my 360 · 9:38pm Jun 5th, 2017

I tried to access this website on my xbox 360 and the tool bar filled half the screen I couldn’t see what updates Knightly did to this website because the blue tool bar was blocking half my screen I couldn’t close or shrink the tool bar so I couldn’t read or access my login screen now I'm using my friends computer and everything is how I liked it without the tool bar blocking half my screen I hope this is a glitch that will be fixed so I can continue to enjoy this website without the tool bar

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real-life is surprising · 9:19pm May 8th, 2017

sup everypony I had a really bad few week first My mother Died which right now is making it hard to revise my story and is slowing down my creativity I'm sorry it is taking so long plus I'm still looking for an editor anyway that is the bad news the good news is My sister gave birth to twins this past weekend Identical twins Uncle Twisted Dreams (my O.C. Pegasus) is going to have fun with his twin nieces when they want to confuse him. Also I was wondering if I can get any of Silent Ponyville

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somepony should write a a fanfic of my little pony and a crossover with mamma mia · 10:06pm Nov 29th, 2014

so I was browsing youtube and a came upon a colloection of pmv's with the songs from the movie mamma mia. I watched them all and started thinking I should ask somepony here on fimfiction to write an actual story called "My Little Mamma Mia" that would compliment the creater of the actual videos on youtube I wrote down all the ponies in the video and the roles the creater used in the videos for example "Fluttershy in the role of Sophie, Applejack in the role of Donna, etc." I wonder if anypony

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OMG Rainbow Rocks was awesome · 11:16pm Sep 28th, 2014

I just came home from watching Equestria girls 2 Rainbow rocks and it was a bucking awesome movie. I really enjoyed the fact that it was a musical movie. I really felt sorry for Sunset Shimmer during the movie. I want to tell you all the ending was awesome after the credits their is a super awesome thing that happens. I look forward tro when it comes out on dvd. I might even go see it in the theatre next weekend and possibly take my sister Lunafan1985 with me so she can see it. for those of you

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