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Twilight begins to develop new powers after her brother's wedding, well the truth is that not everything we saw in the royal wedding was the only thing that happened that day...

At her brother's wedding, after Chrysalis sent her to the cave, Twilight loses consciousness and has a vision, a dream in which she meets a nine-tailed beast, when she wakes up the only thing she remembers from that dream is a name "Kurama"...not only that, she found out the truth about her, she is not a normal unicorn, she is most than that

English is not my maternal language, this is my first story, I hope you enjoy this:twilightsmile:

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Nice start to your first story. Especially for someone that doesn’t speak English. Great job.I shall wait for more.

Whats gonna happen with Spike in this?

This could be interesting but I hope that everyone gets chewed out. They were so caught up in the wedding they weren't really listening to twilight. And what exactly was twilight supposed to do when she see the bride putting what looks to some sort of mind control spell on the groom her brother. Celestia didn't even notice her niece was replaced and applejack apology was lame. We didn't know the impostor was an impostor. That is the whole point of impostor! How about we are sorry for putting a wedding ahead of our friendship and not really listening when you tried to talk with us. And we are going try to be better about listening from now on.

Thank you very much indeed, I hope the next chapters I make have a good writing and plot so everyone can like them <3

I already have an idea for spike, because I feel that he doesn't have so much protagonism in that chapter, and I would like him to have it, I'll see how I do it.

In fact what bothers me the most is that no one apologized to her and they continued as if nothing has happened, or at least most of them, because I feel that applejack was the only one who tried to apologize and was the most honest with her

Now Twi must learn the way of the ninja and live up to Naruto’s legacy. Become the new Nine-Tails Jinchuriki.

It just seems like an excuse more than an apology because the whole point of imposter is to pretend to be someone they're not. You are not supposed to know that they aren't that person.

Twi is about to unleash the tailed beast within her!

Of course it is, the problem is..How?

Twilight, you should unleashed your well deserved fury onto your stupid former friends, and Celestia. 😤

They didn't apologize, and they act like if nothing has happened

A lot of mistakes, and how does Kurama appeared behind the Chakra seal, no one in Equestria can do them and bijus don`t seal themselfs so more logical wil be if Twilight would put a magical barrier between herself and Kurama


Worried about him since fix fics involving the season 2 finale sometimes made him suffer/awful like Celestia and the Mane 5 were.


Exactly ( But, I already know this. So why say this to me? ), that's why I said Twilight should be very upset at them.

Not to mention Kurama is going to have trouble in soothing Twi’s feelings and see if she has what it takes to share his power considering what happened with Naruto when he tried to control Kurama’s Tailed Beast Chakra. Either way her life is about change forever as she has an intelligent beast that is older than time itself. I wonder if the other tailed beasts are still around and are hiding or found new Jinchuriki hosts.

You better watch out Chrysalis cause you don’t know what Twilight really is or what is inside her waiting to be unleashed.

I bet at the invasion Twi kills her if one of her friends or the real Cadence gets nearly killed and her rage boils over to the point that she is out for blood when she uses Kurama’s chakra and looks like Naruto when he first used his power.

Chrysalis would soon realize the horrible mistake she made when she sees Twi’s changed eyes and the monstrous power that erupted from within her. That would make her think Twilight is really a monster with a living demon fox in her body.

They only way to do that is that someone who has the power Chakra sealed Kurama inside Twi when she was just a filly just after she was born in the hospital or when she was a bit older around 6 or 7 years old used Genjutsu on her and implanted Kurama in her.

GODD you have reason, chrysalis will be like "What I have done?"

In fact, kurama was reborn, I will make a chapter explaining everything, Of how kurama is sealed inside Of twilight, to begin with kurama could not choose his Jinchuriki, in fact he was made by a god, the one that appears in boruto I think it is with the Jogan, well u will see it soon, but I am still writing that chapter

Yes and even her friends and brother would be shocked at what was happening to Twi and starts beating the snot out of her with absolute fury destroying her wings and horn before either going into the 1 tail state with the Nine-Tails cloak before preforming one of Naruto’s Justus and killing Chrysalis. I might admit I hate that deceiving bug for breaking Twi’s heart, turning her friends and family against her, and want to concur Eques just to use the populous as food I want her to suffer beyond measure for her actions and beg for forgiveness before she gets taken out permanently.


Twilight is so powerful with his magic, imagine with kurama's power

Yeah! Her might will be even more powerful than Celestia and Luna’s powers combined or anyone else! She’ll be a one pony army of destruction!

YESS I know right? But she has to train, and I know how and who

I was thinking during the battle with Chrysalis Twi sees images of Naruto when he was younger through Kurama‘s memories and understands the true path of the Shinob and inherits his gutiness, Ninja way, and his will of fire all the while learns his signature jutsu the Resangan. I think she should say this line when she get Chrysalis in her grasp.

“I don’t know what lays ahead of me or what the future will bring. But I know one thing I don’t care what happens to me I’m not going to die here!”

Then she gathers up chakra like Naruto and gets Chrysalis very scared and wonders what she was doing. After that Twi does the impossible as she complete the jutsu and slams the spinning sphere of chakra right into Chrysalis’ chest and roaring out the jutsu’s name as it lands a direct hit, “RESANGAAAAAAAN!!!”

That's cool thank you for the ideas

Your welcome. I watched the original Naruto anime on Toonami in the 2000s.

How was my reply?

And what idea you have for Spike?

In the chapter 3 spike will be important and he will take more protagonist


How is the chapter going?

Good, i almost finish it

No, he will be have another type of protagonism after,


There wasn't really much of him in this chapter which is why I got confused

I'm sorry, well it has a possibility

Bad move bug Twi is going to unleash her power on the hive with virtuosity that’s never been seen.

Spike did abandon Twilight like the others though. So he shouldn't escape without something. Maybe not as bad as the others.

He didn't really do it like the others but more like just silenced by peer pressure

Chrysalis and her Changelings are so frickin dead! :pinkiecrazy:

And Twilight's own friends and Celestia herself will shit themselves once they see Twilight's killing brutality. And they will heavily regret hurting Twiligh's trust like that. And to NEVER piss off Twilight again.

But in their defense, Twilight acting hysterical and unreasonable and Chrysalis played the victim perfectly and have the perfect cover story they didn't abandon Twilight they just thought she was being over possessive of her brother

Welp Cheese legs and her changelings are boned. Pissing someone off is one thing but hurting someone that Twilight sparkle cares about well lead to an automatic exterminatus.

How are things going?

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