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I like girls with dicks, if you couldn't notice. Also stories that are stupid but amusing. And stupidly amusing stories involving girls with dicks. And sometimes without dicks.

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Is futa "gay"? · 11:48pm Jan 3rd, 2015

So, I was shitting around on Derpibooru and I came across this picture:

And naturally, there's a whole big discussion on it in the comments about whether futa qualifies as “gay” or not. I commented to leave my 2 cents on it and ended up leaving more like ten bucks. So I figured I’d just put this together into a blog post so next time the subject comes up I can just link to it rather than write a wall of text every damn time. There’s no way I’m going to answer the question definitively or anything, but I figure I might as well write my piece on it.

So, is it gay to like futa? My answer is no. Of course, if it is… so fucking what? Seriously, sexuality is weird and we really shouldn’t even have to worry about whether it’s “gay” or not. I’m sure there are people of all genders and orientations who are into the stuff. The only reason I really care enough to write this is because it irks me to have people make assumptions about me based on my interests.

See, here’s the thing. I like futa. If you’ve taken so much as a cursory glance at my page it’s fucking obvious I’m into that. I don’t try to hide it. I also identify as straight. I can’t imagine any circumstance where I’d want to be in a romantic or sexual relationship with a guy. Dicks only ever do anything for me if they’re stuck on a girl.

And I don’t think these two facts about myself are mutually exclusive, even though a lot of people seem to assume that they are. And while that incorrect assumption is honestly not that big of a deal here, it still annoys me to have to specify that no, I’m not into dudes. So here are my reasons:

Note: by “gay”, I refer to people who are attracted exclusively to people of their own sex/gender.

Note 2: I’m writing this from the perspective of a straight guy who’s into futa. I can’t speak for anybody else from my perspective, and I’m sure that other straight dudes who are into it might be into it for different reasons. This is just my personal take on it all.

Reason 1: Being “gay” implies an attraction to only one sex's set of physical characteristics.

A futa character is one who, by definition, possesses both male and female sexual characteristics. That is, they have both a penis and a vagina, and more often than not, breasts. Somebody who’s attracted to futanari specifically, as opposed to being attracted just to certain physical attributes, has to be attracted to both sets of attributes. If you’re a guy who’s into other guys, one would assume that the vagina and boobs would be something of a turnoff; if you’re not into the female bits, you aren’t really into futa, you’re just into dudes (I’m not saying that gay guys can’t be into futa; again, I can’t only go from my perspective). It can only be “gay” if you yourself are intersex or genderfluid or something along those lines.

“But wait!” you say, “That also works backwards, and if you’re a guy, it means that the penis must be part of the attraction, and that’s totally homo!” Well, the first part about the penis being part of the allure is true, but the second part isn’t quite right. “Homosexuality” implies being attracted to only the same-y bits, whereas with futa, most people find both sets to be part of the appeal. So you could try to make an argument for futa being inherently bisexual, but not gay. Though I personally wouldn’t agree with that either because…

Reason 2: Physical biology =/= gender, and that’s what orientation is based on.

If you want to be technical, futa are hermaphrodites who are neither male nor female. They are their own gender, or could be considered to be both simultaneously. Going back to point one, this means that unless you are one yourself, attraction to one cannot be gay, because it’s a different gender. But that’s not the main argument here.

While technically they’re their own gender, for all practical purposes, futa are generally drawn as either masculine or feminine. Overwhelmingly, they tend towards feminine, to the point that they’re commonly knows as “dickgirls” or “chicks with dicks” rather than as hermaphrodites. In most futa works with any kind of story or characterization, however minimal, the vast majority of the time a character who is a futa is just that: a girl who happens to have a penis. Dick or no dick, futa usually appear as and identify as female.

As such, if a character is identified as female, appears female, and is treated as a girl by the story, a straight male who is attracted to them is heterosexual. Sure, the girl might have a dick, but the overall character is still female. I know in my case at least that unless the futa is feminine in appearance, they don’t really do anything for me. A futa character who appears male and identifies as such wouldn’t do anything for me, even though they still have both sets of genitals.

Needless to say, there’s a reason why in all of my stories (and in most works involving futa in general), futa characters are girls who have dicks as opposed to being truly androgynous or intergendered. The dick is just an added bonus to something that I’m already attracted to, not the selling point on something that I wouldn’t like otherwise.

I can hear it already: “But if the dick makes it better, that’s ga… er… bisexual!” Well, not exactly. Liking dicks certainly could be gay, but I don’t know if necessarily is. I mean, the presence of a dick in something that gets you off doesn’t mean that you’re into banging dudes. I’m sure there are lots of straight guys who get off to porn involving dicks. And not necessarily just sex either; some straight guys are extra stuff like blowjobs or titfucking or bukakke that put a damn lot of emphasis on the dicks.

Obviously, this could be homoerotic, but I think that depends on why you’re into the cocks. Case in point...

Reason 3: The appeal of having the dicks in there doesn’t stem from homoeroticism.

In short, if I got off on dudes, I would be watching/reading/writing stuff with dudes. As I said in reason 2, lots of straight guys find the presence of a due to be a turn-off. So why would they want dicks in futa? Identification with what’s going on in the work.

As Rhurrs so aptly put it in their comment on the above image:

Now consider the following, how many males enjoy sex/masturbation? Both of which are things which involve a good deal of attention and use of… A dick.

Just going out in a limb here, but I’m betting that even the straightest of men get off on/with their own dick. It’s more the male form that many do not get off on, hence why you get people who stick the fun bit on a female body.

This sums it up pretty well, or at least it serves as a starting point. Namely, that it’s the male form as a whole that’s a turnoff for a lot of people, and not the dick specifically. I mean, when a straight dude jerks off, he’s grabbing a dick, and nobody calls that gay. The question, though, is why people tend to to “stick the fun bit on a female body”, and here’s my theory:

I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a guess at why straight guys will watch porn with dudes in it: the vicarious experience. They can subconsciously imagine that they’re the one banging the chick, or getting the blowjob, or whatever.

The catch is that in most porn, this comes at a price, something I call “hairy, bobbing man-ass syndrome” or HBMAS. HBMAS is when an otherwise hot scene is ruined by the fact that the eponymous hairy, bobbing man-ass, something that most straight guys have little interest in, tends to often drift into view. It can be expanded to refer to any occasions where a theoretically sexy scene is rendered not-so-much because there's too much dude in it. For some people, like myself, this can be a bit of a boner-killer. Some random dude’s butt is the last thing I want to see at that moment. A Rhurrs noted, for a lot of people, it’s the overall male form that’s a turn-off, not just the dick.

The problem is that mostly, it’s a necessary evil. In order to have that identification, you have to have somebody there to be in your place; if you want to imagine banging the girl, you have to have somebody doing the banging. Sure, you have girl/girl stuff, but they have to either use manual stimulation, which is cool, but not really sex, or strap-ons, which give the illusion of sex, but isn’t quite the real thing.

Futa is, in that sense, the best of both worlds. As a dude, you get the vicarious experience of identifying with the person with the cock without having to deal with HBMAS. Or to put it the other way, you get the hotness of a girl-on-girl scene that has actual, real, penetrative sex. In short, in some cases the presence of a futa character might make a given scene less homoerotic. Let’s compare: on one hand, you have a picture of a dude banging a girl. On the other you also have fucking, but rather than a dude it’s a girl with a dick. In both cases you get the sex, but in the latter case you avoid HBMAS by not having a guy in there at all. And personally, I find the latter way hotter because dudes don’t do anything for me.

Of course, this doesn’t account for everything. There’s quite a bit of futa stuff out there that’s solo, or where the futa character is paired with a guy. So what’s the appeal there?

Well, it gets back into the idea of trying to identify with the person who’s doing the sexy thing. As a dude, I have no idea what the hell it feels like to have a vagina or to have any sort of stimulation in that fashion. So when I watch something with chicks, I have no clue what they’re feeling. But if they have a cock, I can have a pretty good idea of what they’re feeling, and for me at least, that makes it that much more arousing. For lack of a better term it almost makes it more intimate because you can relate to the pleasure that the character is experiencing.

Or to put it another way, I find it arousing because it offers me, as a dude, the opportunity to offer a female character (or characters) the same type of sensation and pleasure I feel. It’s more engaging. Sure, I realize that oftentimes the stuff I write goes a bit more extreme than that, but that’s just the natural way explicit writing develops; you explore what you can do with the idea. Once you hit on the idea of “girls with cocks are hot” the next natural step is to try to come up with interesting (and sexy) situations to put them in.

Okay, for those of you who are still paying attention, let’s just review real quick:

Futa is appealing specifically because it has both sets of fun bits.
A girl is still a girl, regardless of whether or not she has a dick.
The reason a straight buy might want to put a dick on a girl is because it allows for greater identification.

Obviously, these aren’t all the reasons that people are into it, and not everybody is into it for these reasons. But this is pretty much why I like it, and now that I have this massive wall of text typed out I can just direct people to this rather than have to explain it from scratch every time.

Does all of the above make sense? I have no fucking clue, but I figure it's not hurtin' anything to ramble about it for a while. I could be wrong.

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2698619 Calm ur tits I'll get around to writing one eventually. Group scenes are a pain in the ass to write and I've been busy lately.

2698621 Thanks. Good to know I wasn't completely talking out of my ass.

The entirety of this blog post is GespenstKAF approved.

Ah the love for futa... I happen to be a big fan of it.

I don't really mind futa: like it or not, hey, it's a fetish, and while I don't like scat or vore, you won't find me calling people who do freaks and weirdos. Really, to each their own when it comes to stuff like this.

However, there is one aspect of futa that I find slightly disturbing: pregnancy. Namely, a female impregnating another female, and the fact that so many authors who use this sort of concept seem to do so with ease, even though fertility amongst hermaphrodites (humans, at any rate), is rather low and not very well-researched. The concept of pregnancy through a magically-endowed futa dick doesn't ring too well for me: do the cells that were magically created revert to their original state if the spell is undone, or does the female have to keep the cock forever? Does the same happen to the genetic material that was deposited as sperm into the now-fertilized egg, as in it disappears or reverts? Does this result in a miscarriage or malformed foal/offspring?

It just frightens me that the concept of futa in literature could be taken to a logical extreme where actual males are eventually phased out of the population altogether, and only females would be left, as there would be no need for males if any female, with a little magic, could "father" a foal with another female, and even then, all offspring themselves would likely be females as well.

Maybe I'm just looking too far into this.


That's quite in-depth.

Futa is certainly not gay, but it's not entirely straight either. A dick is a male part, after all. Of courses, with futa, it's only a relatively small part of the whole package, making it still rather un-gay in the big picture.

I can't exactly say why I love futa. There is the "straight sex without a dude" aspect, of course. But that can't be all. After all, I also like pictures with a futa alone, even if they don't do anything with there dicks (and prefer them over dick-less pictures). I guess I just kinda penises for some reason.

Although I think some of the stuff, you described here, applies to me too. Like the "identification" thing. Indeed, I find it easier to write for a futa, than a normal girl (or a futa "using" her pussy).

Futa is mainly used for porn purposes. Realistic portrayals of hermaphroditism, and its biology, isn't unheard of, but extremely rare in futanari porn.

So yeah, you are looking to far into this.

2698844 Yeah, thought I was.

You basically wrote out my entire opinion on the matter.

But if they have a cock, I can have a pretty good idea of what they’re feeling, and for me at least, that makes it that much more arousing.

You 100% hit the mark with that sentence.

2698707 I never really thought much about those implications 'cause I'm not really into that, but I think the most obvious way to avoid it is pretty simple: futas can't get girls pregnant. The semen might appear to be the same as if it were from a dude, but can't actually result in conception.

2698844 Yeah, on the whole accurate biology isn't exactly a high priority.

I've never spent a lot of time analyzing why I like futas, but as you said, I don't think it's a "repressed gay" thing. What I enjoy might simply be the oversexualization (that's a word, right?). Futas can (and usually do) fuck pretty much anyone. That's kind of the ultimate porn character...

Interestingly, real life she-males (i.e. guys with boobs) are a huge turn-off for me. It has to be a girl with a dick... and in fantasy. I'm not sure how I'd feel with an actual hermaphrodite.

Didn't have time to read it all, but looked at it on a whole.

Can start with: Actually, the main term of "futa" actually refers to feminine body, male genital. Herm is what posses both genitlas actually :P

Anyhow, the general "porn futa" most everyone uses is gay, ofc it is :P But like you said: Who the fuck cares?
Just because it is gay, doesn't make one gay automatically just for liking it.
Due to a incredibly common miswiring in the male brain, the most appealing sexual feature on a female for a straight male is a penis. So inherently, there's nothing really "gay" about it. But the fact sooo many throw massive fits about proving how "not gay" it is just makes me sigh. So what if most futa are male? It's a freaking fetish. Most of those don't translate irl, per se.

But yeah, I really derp at most people trying to "defend" how "not gay" futa are, usually in the manner of describing how gross they find women and vulvae, while talking about how much they want to deepthroat a horsecock. Like, yeah... that's totally helping your cause... (the amount of these people I've met is so many it's just sad)

But anyhow, like you touched at: It's mainly in how the character identifies that defines "who" they are. Or rather: their gender. That said, the fact around ~90 % of futa/herm in porn are the "guy with tits" archetype, and identify as male, doesn't really help that part :P Nor does it with people incorrectly calling or treating them as female, simply because of the whole "no homo" obsession.
Like, jebus, so what if you're into a very specific type of guy? It's like the stereotype that, a gay guy is into ALL men. It's just like how if you're straight, you're not into ALL women. It's that simple. But alas, the futa community don't seem to grasp this for the most part. Thinking "it's chill as long as I keep calling them female pronouns". But as said: Slapping a feminine body to a dick and calling it "her" does not make it female :P So far this is the only sub-fandom I've seen where both the outside and inside of the community really don't seem to know jack about it...

That said, I do really facepalm when someone either 1: Fails to have matching genitals on their characters. (like really, it's not that hard to not be haphazard) 2: Use the "best of both worlds" statement, then never have a character use their cunt, ever. (I did a fic poking fun at this, and it had quite a few flip their shit in how stupid it actually is, but ofc they only noticed it when it was reverse roles) 3: Tries to "prove" something by contradicting themselves. Like, "proving" how straight they are by telling me how disgusted they are by pussy. Or how they find zoophilia gross and wrong, and that's why they are only attracted to animal penises.
And these are something that happens a shitton with just futa-fans. While I have met a few that actually can formulate a reason, I've sadly met a massive majority of them that are incredibly thick.

Trailed off a bit. But yeah, you do have some points. Though, you do seem to have the common, lacking understanding of what "lesbian" is. Females overall and especially lesbian, seems to be something A SHITTON of people can't seem to grasp. Oh the amount of fake lesbian tags, art and fics I've seen... or perhaps "incompetence" might be more accurate. (Like, two girls giving a guy a blowjob, is NOT lesbian. Quite similar in fact to how a solo male pic is NOT gay. With the simple logic how a solo female isn't gay either.) But yeah, the sheer numbers of times I've stumbled across a pic or fic that turns out to be either straight or even gay male, yet is tagged as lesbian. It doesn't help with the limited knowledge most have as well, seeming unable to imagine lesbians do anything else than use a strap-on or randomly swap gender. Anyhow, of what I read, you do seem very one-note as well on what you think lesbian can be. Aka: Only dick flopping counts as "sex". And while as said, I only read most parts, I couldn't find anything to pin that you'd be one of those that think it's "enough" to just call/pretend a futa as female, some of your angles did seem to lean towards that part. As, to what I got, you are aware it's a gender identity, but it seemed to more be in the case of what they were written to claim they were, or simply tagged as.

3210863 I'm not sure where you're getting this idea that "futa" equals "guy with tits". Because honestly, while that's a particular variety of futa, in my personal experience most futa stuff (especially art) either includes both sets of genitalia (which yeah, is technically hermaphrodite, but in informal use most people use them interchangeably) or is literally a girl with a dick (as is, they don't even have testicles). Hell, even Wikipedia notes that in "In today's language it refers almost exclusively to characters who have an overall feminine appearance", so I know it's not just me either. It's especially true in the pony fandom, where the vast majority of futa content tends to be a female character with an added dick.

So I really don't understand where this comes from:

the fact around ~90 % of futa/herm in porn are the "guy with tits" archetype, and identify as male

Because in my experience with futa works that isn't the case at all and most futa characters are either androgynous or identify as female.

Then there's this, which if I understand correctly, I just flat out disagree with you on:

Slapping a feminine body to a dick and calling it "her" does not make it female

First off, if you have a "true" futa, that is, one with both sets of parts, the presence of a dick doesn't cancel out the female attributes. Your approach seems to assume "if there's a penis, the person is male, regardless of any other factors", which simply isn't accurate.

Second, the whole point of reason #2 in my blog post was basically about this: the presence of a particular biological organ only defines physical sex, not what gender the person identifies as. If you take a picture of Fluttershy and add a dick, she doesn't suddenly become a dude because of it. People refer to these characters with female pronouns because most of the time they're female.

It's not a case of "so what if you're into a very specific type of guy?", because a lot of people don't consider futa characters guys at all. Especially not in the pony fandom where 95% of of futa characters are female characters. They don't just turn into a dude because they happen to have a dong. In most cases, the feminine characteristics outweigh the male ones (often the penis is literally the only masculine aspect of the character and everything else is feminine). Or at least that's how it is in the stuff I tend to stick to.

3221769 The issue with that is that it's just people CLAIMING they are female identity wise, when in truth, like said: nearly 9/10 of them, are plainly male. But this obsession about "no homo" and "it's not gay!" have ramped it up for people to ensure it's a norm to think of them as female, in order to "stave off the gay". Which as said: I find retarded. As I've seen a lot of straight men, into M/M porn, that despise M/M irl, act waaaay more "straight" (but again, not that that matters for shit, as it's a fetish, not all of them even relate to what we like irl) than some supposed "I'm thuper straight! I promise!" futa fans. So either I have a nack of running into exclusively the entire fanatic "no homo" people in the futa fandom, or it seems like this is a very common trait. (And hm, most I know use "futa" as the "no vulva" word, but maybe it depends what circle you're in) And yeah, even the wiki entry supports me on that part: "Feminine appearance", that doesn't translate to female. "Fembois" are a good example of that. And in terms of the pony fandom: The keyword there being added, or rather "based on", they take a character that WAS female.
So granted, it's natural for people to then think of said female as if it was female. Despite almost all of them being the "guy with tits" archetype, most still incorrectly think of them as female, when few of them even remotely resemble it. (mentally, and yeah, I know that gender is mainly a societal invention, so don't get me wrong, I don't think they have to act "girly" or whatnot, but almost all of them make sure to emphasize how "man" they are, emphasizing it either visually, or by their actions. Like having oversized male genitals, or using terms like "daddy" or "master" or striving to come off as masculine in terms of dominance and whatnot) Heck, famous hack artist Atryl admits to exclusively doing male identity futa. As they find women disgusting. (bar loli, they're ok in their book) But they do like curves and big, throbbing dicks, so the chance to make curvy men really appealed to them. And as letting people think they're females was good for their business, they have no intent to correct people anytime soon :P But yeah, they just slap a female character to a dick. And the reason it is mostly female is a no-brainer: A huge majority of the cast happen to be female :P

And again, what you call something far from always makes it so. No too uncommon to this is like "chips", depending what country you're from, it can have different meanings. Cept in this case, it's just people being plain misinformed on what something is. Granted, maybe when it first was created, it might've been a mainly female thing, but like other words and whatnot, people twist and/or corrupt their meaning. As as of now, it's mainly something feminine in appearance, that supplements/act like a male in all regards.

And no, I don't think simply slapping a penis on something (or a something to said penis) automatically makes it male, but it DOES give a need to "prove it" so to speak. As a shitton of people just take the male lead in their run of the mill porn fic, slap tits on him and replace all male pronouns with female ones. Which is apparent with the dozens of fics where "supposed female" inexplicable obtains a penis somehow, then both chars immediately starts to act out a cheesy porno as it nothing have happened :P Quiet often to wrongly promote the fic as "lesbian" or similar. So like said: Unless the character actually in some way shows it's not just a rehashed male in the guise as a female. As these types of flat, "guys with tits" are actually incredibly harmful to the trans community. (like that guy, thehorsesays or something, that I think it was last xmas, did an ok, passable female Chrys that had a kinda sloppy, but decent looking pussy that took them about 5 min. Then later posted a out the fucking window male version of Chrys with a 5+ hours dick with retarded details, making the female version utterly moot and pointless in comparison. Not really helped either by them later making a post about how "Anything with tits is female, no matter what the fuck anyone says!". And yes, half-assing is very common, especially in the art fandom (with the likes of Atryl, Xanthor and Fisk, each admitting to not giving a fuck about putting efforts into females, evident by their often <30 second pussies and copy paste use, when they all can put 4+ hours into a dick, and refuse to even get close to as haphazard with males as with females, nor show any kind of male abuse, as to them, "that's a woman's role".) Arrogant bigots aside, like said: It's insulting to trans people to assume either way. And due to how most see futa, these "any other factors" are just hurled out the window as many go for just this "tits=female" mindset. When, like proven times and again: this is not the case, not even close. While sadly, "dick=male" is VERY accurate for most characters (in porn exclusively) with this trait.

And while you are right on the money with the "gender vs genital" part, you don't seem to grasp that few of any futa are actually "female" identity wise. That's just a peer pressure illusion. We've been told they are, and they LOOK very similar to what we consider female, and as said: they're almost always of a character we know AS originally being female. Making it very easy to trick people into this charade. So far, I've seen around ~4 futa/herm that actually identify and "act out" as females. Not just a mindless dick machine.

And like said above: No, they don't, thanks to this whole charade. Very similar as to when people are trained/taught to identify a ethnic/minority group as "animals" or the like, as that makes gradually mistreating them acceptable as "they're not human". While totally opposite goals and means, futas are treated much in the same way, where it's painted up like this to "make it okay". And in a way, it's a noble cause technically. (not the method used, the whole "making people more okay with themselves liking something they don't think they maybe should".) And your claim is only even close to correct if the "are" is changed to "aren't". Again, superficial parts don't define the character. And no, they're not a dude solely because they posses a penis, but very often it's DUE to them being tacked on a penis that turns them into a guy. Often utterly warping their personality. (like a semi-common black unicorn with blue stripes in the furry fandom: the female has close to no self-regard nor needs, is utterly under-endowed, flat as a pancake and is mostly human. When they genderswap, they become dominant, selfish, over-endowed and is mostly equine. Not even close to similar to their old self. And this happens a shitton in futa fics, a char with close to 0 sex drive or need, suddenly has ALL of it. And often as said: goes from "0 to hero" endowment wise. Emphasizing how "much more" of a man than any actual man they are, as they're always "bigger than any other stallion" and whatnot. When the char/acters often have 0 focus or dialog on either the female aspects/genitals. (especially if they start off as female, there is a huge difference in all those fics on text rows on female vs male emphsis :P As, like you said: It's all about male projection, they are the guy in this story, cept the guy just so happens to have smoking hot curves, and they can still see them as a sex object as they're based of a chick.

3224411 Okay, I can kinda see where you're coming from, in that lots of futa art tends to put the characters in a male role and emphasizes the dick over most of the other characteristics. I don't think that really equates with making the character male, though. I think that's just a side effect of the fact that there's no point in giving a female character a dick in the first place if you aren't going to have them use it. Hell, I'd say part of the appeal (for me at least) is seeing a female character's reaction to having a different kind of sexual stimulation.

In short, if you have a character, say, Fluttershy, who's female, and put a dick on them for a piece of art or a story or whatever, there's no reason to treat her as a male character even if she happens to be the one doing the penetrating in the picture/story/whateverthehellitis. Because the character was female to start with, I see no reason to stop treating them as female on account of the dick unless the thing makes it clear and explicit that they're meant to be male. In general, I think most people default to "they're the same gender as in canon unless the thing explicitly states otherwise". I.e. Fluttershy is female until the story states that they're male, regardless of what sets of genitals Fluttershy has.

3224560 What "makes" them male is that they literally just swap out the male, role wise. As, if you happen to have studied archetypes some. Porn has a VERY identifiable gender dynamic+roles it allows. This huge 90+ % chunk of Futa, all fall into this category, of being the "selfish, generic douchebag" in porn, which is, the male. And they make sure to emphasize just how much "male" they are in a number of ways. It's similar how in movies you can have a ex "Bruce Willy's" character. If you have a character doing everything in their power to come off as said character, you can call that character whatever you want, but the fact would still stand in that it IS a "Bruce Willy's" :P (which also works in how some chars do a utter 180 personality wise once they "swap gender", aka: become futa.)
And I actually proved a lot of the double moral with futa fanatics in that regard, I did a fic where I just reversed the roles, where the cunt took the role of the dick in terms of attention, and several people flipped out and ranted on me over how "what's the point of giving a character 2 genitals if they only use one?", one person that gave such comment was even an author that only had futa's use or address their penis, seemingly unable to comprehend the term "double moral" or "hypocrisy" :P
And to take a jab at more monotone porn: Any sexual stimulation is new to a majority of female chars xD Few are more than plot devices/cock-sleeves ya know? So chars with 0 sexual needs or desires is pretty easy to give different sexual stimulation as most of them never got any xP
Actually, I find genderswap and the concept of herm to be very interesting. It's just that sooooo many of the majority treat it like shit (per se) As, atop using porn norms, it's almost ALWAYS the same story. A female without and self-regard or needs randomly gets an oversized dick, and suddenly has a sex drive and goes around whipping their dick around while everyone praises it. I've seen like... 3 fics that doesn't go that, or a very similar route. Ik most are written by males, and to be fair, thanks to porn, very few people even knows shit about anything outside of porn. But it's kinda stupid how it basically only exist 1-3 futa fics, 2 of wich are just a retelling of what a biological porn male did. I mean jebus, I can't recall their name, but one author tried to see if it was true, and succeded. They wrote one fic with ~4 scenes, then took those scenes and re-arranged them, and swapped or replaced the names of the characters, x times and released as a new fic. People didn't notice shit and praised each one as "better than the last one". Kinda says something about how homogenized some of these have become...

And sadly, I'd want to agree with you. But due to how the roles work and how people treat characters. That's the majority as of now. Anything with a dick, is male, until proven otherwise. Ofc, people don't want to admit this, as it might spur on the "It's not gay!" fanatics. If a character is genderswapped, it's only to respect that and address them as such. But yes, most will just out of habit incorrectly refer to any "guy with tits" archetype char as female. But unless they can actually prove it's not a male with curves, it will be a male.

3235605 Eh, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I don't think that having a futa character take on the "male" role necessarily makes them male, but we're kind of going in circles at this point.

3235883 I guess. It depends how they take it as said :P
Those that just literally take it are male. But those that actually "act out" being female are not.
But the porn standard is that they are male. Would personally be kinda interested in reading about some actual female futa, or "true herm" chars but those fics are incredibly rare to come by.

It's a bit like hornjobs on male chars, people flip out because the male got the "real deal", thus a fake, implied blowjob is pointless. While they seem it as essential on a female char, as "they don't have a genital anyhow" xP Ah, the retarded ways of porn hehe.

I’ve seen A futa porn wear their was a normal woman with just a pussy she was having normal sex with guys and then this vampire used magic to give her a penis so now she has both parts i noticed earlier how u were saying all futas are just guys with tits but that’s obviously not true seeing how this was just a normal woman who only just had a pussy to begin with so basically what I’m trying to say is would u still say that this character is all of a sudden a male just because she now has both parts because of the vampire using magic to give her a penis leaving her now with both parts and keep in mind she was just a normal woman who had sex with guys all her life would she all of a sudden be a male just because she now has both parts because of the spell ?

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