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Update Blog #2 · 2:05am Sep 3rd, 2019

2000 Words into the second chapter of Pull My Devil Trigger

And like 15000 words into several miscellaneous works in progress, because I keep sprouting new, distracting ideas like some demented writing fungus.

Is there a word for when you have an opposite, yet equally debilitating version of Writer's Block, where you're constantly getting distracted by new ideas and projects and your already establish works are left on the proverbial shelf?

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Update Blog #1 · 8:16pm Jun 30th, 2019

After being asked several times now when the next chapter of "Fine" is to be expected and realising that it's, once again, been half a year since the last update, I've decided to start making blog posts to document my writing progress in the hope that it'll help keep me motivated and going, and keep people informed on how things stand.

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Public Service Announcement #2 - Progress Update on 'Fine' Chapter 4 · 10:35pm Apr 14th, 2018

Since a couple people have been asking when the next chapter will be ready, I thought I'd just make a blog post about it.

I'm about 2000 words into Chapter 4, but my mind is all over the place lately, so progress has been frustratingly slow. I've got an idea on how the interaction between Sunset and the Mane 5 is gonna go now though, so I might actually be able to make some more progress now.

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Public Service Announcement #1 - Regarding 'Fine' · 12:44pm Mar 19th, 2018

Because there's seems to have been some confusion about my story, due to how the first two chapters went, I wanted to clear this up:

'Fine' is not, and was not meant to be, a high-octain Anon-A-Miss drama. I have a different story, with a different twist, lined up for that purpose.

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