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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


Sunset Shimmer has been accepted by the girls at Canterlot High as a friend and she's learning a lot about friendship. However, she still finds herself missing her old home more often than not. She decides to volunteer her time at the local horse park to try and give herself something to do and reconnect, at least vaguely, with her equine roots.

Before the Battle of the Bands Adagio Dazzle had everything she thought she needed. Ambition, power, loyal-ish minions and her voice. Now, she has nothing. No friends, no magic and no future unless she can figure out how to pick herself up after the defeat of the Dazzlings.

Perhaps fellow failed villain could help her through these tough times?

Chapters to be released once per month. Unless life gets in the way.

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Commence read.


Quick typo.

Commence read.

Well, they have some similarities and common ground.

Now to see how they progress.

Dagnabit...thanks for spotting that.

Yay more Sundagio!

omg more pleaaszz. :pinkiehappy: Glad things are not to rushed like other fanfict i read of this pairing.

Adagio comes off as weaker than she's usually portrayed

She's confused. Out of sorts, cast adrift, etc. Once she finds her feet, she'll be right as rain.

I swear.

Another Sundagio story? One that takes its time with the characterization and buildup, and is willing to spend almost 9k words realistically getting our girls to the point where they're talking to one another rather than just tossing them together and forcing sparks to fly?

... Yes, please, :moustache:

Wow, Rarity has all the tact of a rampaging elephant!

I await more of this tale, as I love me some Sundagio.

Also, fuck Aria.

Sigh, is this gonna be another one of those stories where Sunset just always effortlessly wins her conflicts? Adagio gives in almost instantly here, putting up no fight whatsoever from just a little hair-pulling, which I don't find the least bit credible with how things went down in the movie.
Then again, she always had her backup there, so maybe she's just not as brave on her own? Will hopefully find out in future chapters.

Yep, this Adagio is a wimpy, awkward mess without her magic. (though I'm still wondering why she didn't think to use it in the last chapter) That in mind, I'd be lying if I said one member of the pairing being like that couldn't be adorable. :rainbowkiss:

Plus, the angle that homosexuality is stigmatized in the human world is one I definitely don't see much of, so this could be really interesting. I hope to tune in next month, unless life gets in the way. :moustache:

I think it's fine to show that Sunset significally stronger than Adagio.


I hope so. Adagio is at her best when she is swinging her hips around.


I'm a bit curious by Sunset's statement about humans aging differently from ponies. What'd she mean by that?

Well the whole cross-dimensional specie switch thing doesn't make any sense in canon, nor does their relative ages. In MY headcanon, and implied by the comics and movies, Sunset is a handful of years older than Twilight, yet she appears to be roughly the same age in the human world.

Much like the rest of the magic, it makes no sense to Sunset and she feels that if she had stayed in Equestria, she'd be a fully established adult, rather than a still shaping up teenager. And that's weird.

There will be hip swinging.


6639595 Ah, I see

I'm really enjoying this so far. A fresh take on characterizations, and then clean grammar with a smooth flow through the dialog and narration. I'm honestly surprised at the downvotes, but I think that's just become more of 'thing' all around lately.

Lets see where this goes

When they went to Pinkie's place, where were Inkie and Blinkie Limestone and Marble? I only saw mention of her parents and Maud.

Anywho, Sunset's talk with Adagio felt... really awkward, more in terms of the flow of the dialogue than its content, but I guess that kinda fits. Nice of Sunset to offer her a meal, too!

Maybe they went to the store for rock-related snacks?

Or, more likely, they didn't have names I knew of when I wrote that scene several months ago.

Ahh, I know that feel. It's weird to actually be grateful for long hiatuses if they mean you won't have to re-write anything when publishing time comes around. :twilightsheepish:

Wait, why did Sunset say Starswirl was dead for more than two hundred years? He was dead for more than a thousand! Clover the clever was his apprentice, and she lived during the time Equestria was founded, which was definitely before all the Nightmare Moon stuff, if not before Celestia and Luna altogether!

Well, technically we don't know when he died, right? And according to the Journal of the Two Sisters, Starswirl was able to reverse his own age, at least once, and he seemed to have fore-knowledge of Twilight Sparkle.

It's quite possible he did die only a few hundred years earlier, or in my crazy head canon, is still kicking around as some kind of weird time traveller.

I will admit, that particular number did stand out as a little weird to me too.

Commence read.

Random shenanigans.

Glad that things at Pinkie's wasn't a bust.

Onwards, for food.

secret Social Justice ninjas

Ho boy, this needs to be real! Can you imagine? You are sitting comfy at hone with your friends, make a somewhat offensive joke, and then suddenly BAM, social justice ninjas out of nowhere, "That is highly politically incorrect you sexist pig!"

Sunset is the key to that, I just know it While I’m gone, don’t listen to her, Sonata.

Missing a period between these two sentences.

Adagio clapped her hands together to clear off the make-up power from her fingers and grabbed her battle-worn hair brush from the fallen log that was serving as her table and chair.

Who needs magic if you have make-up power? :trollestia:


Nice catches, btw. I re-read this chapter like a dozen times and I missed those every time.


Well it kind of makes sense,Adagio is more of a manipulator than anything else so it stands to reason that she will fall back in a physical confrontation; what I found strange is that she saw Sunset on a weak state and decided to antagonaize her instead of using it as a starting point for some good old manipulation:rainbowhuh:

I'm pretty sure the Dazzlings weren't normal ponies, since everyone calls them 'sirens' and they manifest big hippocampus creatures as avatars, whereas Sunset's music creates an alicorn, each reflecting the nature of the singer, but I can overlook that.

Oh, never mind, Adagio talks about having a frill in her true form here. The way some of her introspection was phrased last chapter, it sounded like you were going a different route. I do appreciate keeping to their nature as non-pony creatures, like the changelings and the windigo.

Well, I should point out that the first chapter was written, mostly, before Rainbow Rocks had come out. The siren's true forms hadn't been revealed at the time, and on the official doll for Adagio, there is a picture of her as a pony. I later incorporated that into my headcanon - that sirens of sufficient skill could take pony form. Which is why Adagio refers to both forms and at one point makes mention of learning to walk as a pony shortly before getting banished to the EQG world.

I like the way you present Adagio's perspective and inner conflict in this chapter.

“I’m technically a full grown adult, you know? Humans just seem to age funky. Or time works differently here. I’ve never figured that one out.”

It's almost certainly time. Because even if Ponies mature faster than humans, Sunset Shimmer was at Canterlot High for three years and stole the element of magic after Twilight Sparkle had been in Ponyville for at least a couple years. Twilight studied with Princess Celestia after Sunset left. If time lined up and that would only give Twilight a year or less as Celestia's student and I don't see that. So, like Narnia, time must not flow the same in different worlds.

“If we were in Equestria,” Adagio rolled her eyes, “I’d be the size of a city bus and crush you under my tail. Then I’d drag you to the bottom of the ocean.”

Wow, I suspected the Sirens were big, but that's even larger than I pictured.

Adagio Dazzle grinned sharkishly. “Then I’m all yours.”

Nice choice of metaphor, even if she's not technically a fish in this story.

This chapter made me feel both warm and hungry.


You lost. There’s no need to be bitchy about it now, Adagio.

Considering the reason(s) for that that loss were all but divine intervention, I'd say she has good reason to be bitter.

“A ‘thrall?’ Is that what I think it is?” Sunset lowered her voice slightly. “I just called them ‘minions,’ personally.”

I do love seeing instances in which Sunset remembers being a bad guy with something other than Heroic Regret or whatever it might be called. Not wanting to hurt people anymore is great and all, but saying they never had any fun with it seems disingenuous.

“Complete with industrial strength hair dryer.”

Careful, Adagio, she's figured out what she can really bribe you with!

This is getting cute. :pinkiesmile:

Why is that important? How long do ponies live?” She pointed a finger at Sunset, grinning wickedly. “Just how old are you, hmmm? Are you actually a foal parading around in teenagers’ clothing?

What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?


Dagi needs to switch on seduction mode

6789080 but she also needs to turn off the paranoia

If this weren't some of the best damn Sundagio content around, I'd be pounding down your door demanding that you just get to the point, dammit. As it is, I'll just throw Internet stones at your Internet window and hope you get to the point, dammit.

very good chapter friend :pinkiehappy: :heart:
I can not wait to see what happens :raritywink: :ajsmug:

“I could have won! It’s not my fault we lost! It…”

Considering that the heroes were bailed out by dumb luck and the usual instant-win rainbow beams, no, it really isn't. :applejackunsure:
The 'It's your own fault' thing applies handily to Sunset and her terrible plan, so I can see why she'd be thinking that way by now, but other than lacking omniscience, did the sirens even make a single mistake?

P.S.: Can confirm Sirens are NOT fish! You can check that one off the list now.

Twilight would ask about that. :pinkiesmile:

It's nice to see Sunset show at least a hint of doubt and/or hesitation here, because having the reformer just always be right about everything they say and do usually reads like "Your whole way of life is wrong, so shut up and do things my way!"
That said, I can appreciate that the former(?) villain in question is still visibly 'evil' in at least a few ways and her thoughts on Aria and Sonata right now give us an idea of how far she has to go.

Leaving Sonata rubs me the wrong way.

Commence read.

Nice back and forth banter.

Commence read.

That's one fancy shower.

Does anyone else hear a soft 'plink'ing noise? No? Just me? Ok...

Well, you're not wrong. The Rainbooms won by virtue of a lucky break in the 11th hour. Though I like to think they probably could have pulled it off sans Vinyl's and Autobot Jazz's timely intervention. If there was any mistake, it was the Dazzlings -and therefore defacto Adagio's- underestimation of their targets. I mean, let's be honest, the Sirens are well aware of the power of Equestrian magic and that it overshadows their own. They are big game hunting and the lion got the best of them. Overconfidence was their sin, but in my headcanon and in this fic, the Sirens weren't stupid. They weren't cautious because a big juicy steak was throw into their lap and they didn't bother to check if it could fight back seriously.

When the Sirens realized who was the source of the magic at the rally before the battle, and decided to manipulate things to face off with them directly instead of using that control to stop the Rainbooms...that's probably where they went wrong.

Little bit of trivia: Sunset's living arrangements are based off a friend of mine's place in college. She lived in a converted, detached garage just like that with basically one huge room and a really big, really nice, bathroom. I did embellish a bit though. Hers only had two shower heads.

Have I ever talked about how much I love Rarity? Because it is a whole bunch. She's the best.

... Wait, that's a stalling tactic! Back to work!

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