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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


It's been years since Twilight last saw her old school friends. She'd always assumed they'd all gone on to bigger and better things in their lives, much as she had. Until one fateful night, she meets one of them again in the most unexpected of places.

Written for the Moondancer group contest, mostly before the Amending Fences episode aired. I tweaked a few things so the Moondancer here matched a bit closer to the one in the show.

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Dance, Moondancer, dance
It's a cold world, nopony understands
The feeling you can't keep inside

Go, Moondancer, go
While the Princess watching your glowstick glow
With the light of a truth you can't hide
That the books are the books, but the dance goes on forever

This was amazing!
I really wish this story did not end here, I wish it continued on showing the growing relationship between them. Hmm somehow I think that even if she stopped working there, she is still going to be dancing and I'm sure Twi won't mind.


Dance Moondancer dance, now groove sucker groove, we're the renegades of funk.


Burlesque and stripping are NOT the same thing :ajbemused:

Lucky she didn't have an eyebrow piercing. Thatd have been a give away.

Lol. Awesome story Fuz. Why the hell aren't I following you yet?

Fuzzy is a pony Midas. Everything he touches turns inedible and shiny. Or gold, I'm not sure which.

Their both forms of pole dancing, right?


I really enjoyed reading, I'm absolutely going to fave this. And I'll add it to my group, it's a small group, but Moondancer is the new addition.


Everything he touches turns inedible and shiny.

This is true; can confirm.:eeyup:

That's a good question. Why aren't you following me?

Unless, of course, you already are and I've just missed the notification somewhere.

I am now. Hit that follow button like it owed me money right after posting that.

Pinkie Pie shot forward like a rocket, barreling straight toward the door of the Pink Pony. Pinkie knocked a couple of the stallions closest to the entrance aside, and vanished inside a second later.
“...Oh my goddess, she just ran in.” Twilight shook her head. She blinked and then started running after her friend.
“Save her!” Dash picked herself up, leaping into the air to give chase.
“Oh my!” Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy all followed a second later, the fashionista leading the way. “Stick to the plan, darlings!”

Leeeeeeeerroooooooooyyyyyy Jenkinnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssss

Ha! I was wondering when someone would notice that.

Great, just great! Now you've got me wanting to look up porn of these two!

Not mad in the least, kinda happy someone relite my want for something twilight related (even if she is oblivious as a complete idiot)

Nicely done. Loved the interaction :scootangel:


Fuzzy is a pony Midas. Everything he touches turns inedible and shiny. Or gold, I'm not sure which.

When in doubt, the answer is yes. At least the stuff he touches isn't shiny and chrome. Then you'd have post apocalyptic road warriors trying to suck all the chrome off it for some god-unknown reason as they scream about Valhalla.

Saucy and sweet, the perfect combo!

Future chapter with Twilight's "hooves on" study session plz? :twilightblush:


6200120 Only occasionally, what I mean is that stripping is not normally done as an actual dance as much as it is for sexual pleasure of the viewer. Burlesque is an actual art.

Question: Is this based before, after or not in mind of the show and the MoonDancer episode?

You could look at it as an alternate version of the episode...I guess?

I started writing this about a month before Amending Fences aired. Moondancer was pretty much a surprise. Before that, part of the joke of her character was that she'd never had any lines or screentime in the show. She was only ever mentioned in the first episode of season one.

This should have a sex tag for the whole... strip club... thing. And the lap dance didn't help....

6219506 Oh wow. nice timing.

6201232 i demand a sequel...preferably a rated M one please :twilightsmile:

This was so good! I have to join the chorus of others in that I would love for a follow up story.

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