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Pinkie gets a book on how to ship her two best friends Twilight and Rainbow Dash and because they are so cute together, Pinkie decides to ships them using her new found book The TwiDash For Dummies.

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In my honest opinion, this was actually pretty good XD Good creativity for one of my favorite ships :).

thumbs up

I am intrigued with the cover! Your writing has ever improved and one of which made me laugh. Well done.

This could be good, but I couldn't finish reading it. I'm not going to lie, I'm not all that great with grammar, but even I caught a handful of errors in this story. If you have an editor, please have them go over this story with you. If you don't, then join one of the editing groups and have them take a figurative red marker to this. It's painful to read in it's current state, and the only way it's remotely forgivable is if English isn't your first language.

The sound of knocking came from the front door of Sugar Cube Corner, with Pinkie stand behind the counter.

This is the first sentence and we already have an error. in here, "stand" should be "standing".

Bring it inside, Pinkie open the box to be lost.

This sentence doesn't even make sense... I mean yes I can infer what you meant here, but that is not how you write, or even speak, in English here. And there are many more errors like this throughout the story. For example, at least twice you use the word "sign" instead of "sigh".

"But I'm not an orphan" Scootaloo stated causing Pinkie to sign.

Anyway, I shall withhold my like until I see this edited, look here for resources to help you with this.

6977350 Well I fix those errors up, but the errors are just my fault :ajbemused:

Fun but a bit meta. But still worth reading.

aww dude.. ya beat me to it.. After I got a few of my other works posted... once i get them written, I was totally gonna do a story based off that picture!! :applecry:
Aww, oh well.. my version has alot of difference from yours... I might still do it.. and it's significantly longer too. I'll just have to find a different name for it.
Say, if i ever get it done... would you be interested in reading it?

6978264 Early bird gets the worm. :ajsmug: but I'm sure your one would be much better then my one I wouldn't mind reading it when it is finished :twilightsmile: I'm always up for a little TwiDash :rainbowdetermined2::heart::twilightsheepish:

I've got a few others on my Agenda first, starting with the very first pony fic I ever wrote
(four years ago to be precise, Lost it before i got it posted, just a oneshot, but still) and no matter how many others i tried to write.... i could never get em done and posted. but I'm over that block now. (thanks to my recent participation in the Twidash 3K member special collab). So I'ma start writing soon.
I'll become a follower of yours, that way once it's done, I won't forget who you were, and can let you know it's up... ...
just don't expect it right away :derpytongue2:

That bio makes me want to rethink my life..:applejackunsure:

I was busting a gut throughout this, so many clichés to parody.:rainbowlaugh: My personal fave was the Scootaloo one, even though I must admit do like reading stories with Scootaloo getting adopted. Always so sweet to read.

Hey, is the book on the cover real? I need to buy it! 🤣

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