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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


There are a lot of things Maud Pie could regret. Spending time with her sister Pinkie is not one of those things. Neither is going to a fancy party, like the Grand Galloping Gala.

Written for the May 2015 WriteOff: "I Regret Nothing."

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I might be the geologist in the family, but Pinkie Pie is the one that is never caught unprepared for flooding inside a castle high up on a mountainside.

Heh! Didn't think of that.

Maud is best deadpan snarker, and needs to do it more often. Also, this story needs a comedy tag.

But hey, I’m just a geologist, not an expert at jokes.

(Scottish accent)Dammit Jim! I'm a Geologist, NOT a comedian.(/Scottish accent)

That was quite the heartwarming story. A bit random (which is to be expected from the Pie family), but kinda touching in its own way.:moustache:

:moustache: Rarity was naked?! Gosh I missed it. . . . Wait she's that way all the time. . .Time for another sapphire cupcake

.:raritydespair: Save me!

:twilightoops: Ya missed the boat!

:facehoof: I have an egghead ache !

6030307 That's McCoy's line, not Scotty's :twistnerd:

Damnit Fuzzy, that was good great.

meh. Close enough
I'm a Star Wars fan, not a Trekkie

Short, sweet and to the point! I really enjoyed your story a lot. Nice, unique approach to tell the story from a surprisingly witty and funny Maud's perspective. You have done an excellent job creating a Maude where her stoicism is perfectly preserved - as with the original character from the series - yet, you did a truly great job showing us all that she has a dry yet very sharp sense of wit and humor and is, in reality a very funny pony!

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more of your creations.

A lovely short story :twilightsmile:


Dammit, Jim! It's our dilithium crystals. They're deteriorating rapidly.

I really, really enjoyed this story.
Top notch.

I'm so confused on what happened

Stoic with a hidden biting wit is the best kind of Maud.

I swear I thought you were the same person based on the profile pics.


Well, I'm usually some iteration of Beauty Brass... that may narrow it down a bit...

This is beautiful. I love POV stories written in this style. :pinkiesmile:

i'v doen a drematic read on yoru fic

Dude...DUDE...Thank you! That is flattering as heck that you'd do a dramatic reading of a fic I wrote.

You have my eternal gratitude!

6077019 that's ok I love doing dramatic reads

its fun and reading fic's like this is fun

Author Interviewer

The title of this really bothers me. <.< What the heck is it a reference to? Why does it make me think of poop?

It's a ref to this:
the old brit WWII propaganda that took off a year or two back as a meme. C'mon PP, use that big beautiful brain!
Maud IS Keep Calm and Carry On, personality-wise. She drops bombs on Discord and then floats on Smooze...


Author Interviewer

I saw the connection, but not the purpose.

I'm just gonna assume she pooped in the Smooze. :V

Ew...lol, but ew...

6440398 Wasn't it "Keep Calm and Keep a Stiff Upper Lip"?

From my little bit of research (sources here and here), "Keep Calm and Carry On" is the original phrasing from the '39 British propaganda poster.

It does hearken to the stoic-ness phrase "keep a still upper lip", so it's no surprise the two might have been combined at some point when this was a bigger meme online.

Interesting portrayal of Mauds POV of the episode


Hey! Awesome! Thank you so much. I was just checking in today and this was such a pleasant surprise!

Thank the pony and wolf! 😁

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