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It's over 10,000... · 2:55am Nov 21st, 2016

Just passed 10,000 story views.

So that's cool, I guess.

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I'm looking for artists!

I have a few ideas for some fan webcomics, but I can't draw very well. Somepony save me!

I need someone with a sort of grittier, more realistic style that is still recognizably MLP and someone with a fantasy style.

E-mail me some examples of your art at peacevic@ymail.com

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Genetic Research Series chronology

Dates are in years/weeks before and after What Would a Genealogy Cutie Mark Look Like, Anyway?

-49 years: Ingenue is born
-48 years: Lulamoon is born
-29 years: Ingenue arrives in Detrot
-26 years: Applejack is born
-26-24 years: Flashback portions of The Great and Powerful Mission
-23 years: Trixie is born
-9 years: Events described in flashbacks of Genetic History
0: What Would a Genealogy Cutie Mark Look Like, Anyway?
1 week: Lulamoon dies
2 weeks: Tricks of the Genetic Tree
3 Weeks: Genetics of a Scene
3.5 weeks: modern day parts of Genetic History
4 weeks: Purple Clash
4.5 weeks: The Magician, and Her Timid Assistant
5 weeks: modern day parts of The Great and Powerful Mission
6 weeks: Three T's
6.5 weeks: Blue Genes
7.5 weeks: Genetic Dead End

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2169172 Thought that after the first couple, but by then I was kinda locked in.

Having gone through your Genetic Research stories...

I think you made a mistake in making them separate stories. Each could be a chapter in a longer, over-arcing story, singular.

2070233 No problem, dude. It was interesting.

Thank you for adding "The Reality I Choose" to your bookshelf! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

2068924 Anything for you, Negi-Sensei

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