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Rainbow Dash is bae.


hey · 7:50am Jan 15th, 2017

holy shit its been a while

im alive and still working on ideas for my "without her dash she's just a rainbow" fic.

might take a while but eh, life happens.

so stay tuned i guess??

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I hope you enjoy Dying to Get There when you get around to reading it!

Also, a very appropriate icon for today.

thanks again~:heart:

Thanks for the watch!

Comment on any story you read, I'd appreciate the ego boost. Oh yeah, and feedback.

Hey, thanks for putting my story in your "Lovin' It" box (paraphrased, of course :derpytongue2:)!

Thanks for the favorite!

Edit: I also thank you for adding it to your "X-Rated" collection~

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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