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This story is a sequel to Once Monsters

Gazing out across the ocean has a way of affecting a person. The vastness of the sea might bring peace to a troubled spirit. Its depths can open doors to soul-searching introspection. Its eternity, for some, may evoke the ache of longing for loved-ones lost—and for others, the memory of home.

But then... what is home? Perhaps there's more than just one simple answer.

SunDagio intensifies.

If you haven't read any of the prior stories, you'll want to for the sake of some context for how these two got to where they are now. (An Open Door is the first.) And I'm opting for a slow release of the chapters this time around, unlike the daily cycle for Monsters. The full story is outlined, but the chapters will be prose'd-out and written one at a time.

Editing and idea-bouncing by Bookish Delight.
Additional pre-reading by Theigi.
(If you're into some deep history for the sirens Equestira-side, check out her thing. Seriously. Do it.)

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I should be going to bed, but when I saw it was up I had to jump into this first. And what can I say? It's awesome. With every story you post, you technical skill leaps ahead.

Meant to get back sooner, but regardless, I like this one! The prose is great, very much stronger. And the Sundagio is still as enjoyable as ever. :raritywink:

Edit: Blame my autocorrect for those horrible typos. :twilightblush:

And then sexy times happened.

Well this is off to a great start. The next installment is definitely going to be worth the wait.

Thanks. And I'm actually spending part of tonight catching up on your stories as well (finally). Tomorrow will likely be back to planning for this one. ;)

6348093 Well, I hope you enjoy them, and that tomorrow proves fruitful for you. Any progress is good progress.

As I appreciate both of your respective styles quite a bit, this means a lot. Thanks.

Or perhaps just some cuddles tonight, afterall. ;)

Off to a cute, touchy start! :pinkiehappy:

The Adventure tag makes me wary, but I doubt we'll see anything much worse than meeting a big monster out at sea or Adagio (maybe Sunset too, all things considered) being accosted by surly authorities about past grievances.

I am so PUMPED to see more of your brilliant content! I love this!

Also calling it right now, there will be shenanigans at sea, I pray for horse pirates!:pinkiecrazy:

I'll admit after writing that little #spankwar bit between Dagi and Sunset, I couldn't help but think of your fic. ;) I had a feeling you'd like this one.

6351941 You haven't the foggiest just how much I enjoy reading those two Ahem, compete/ I love it so far and look greatly forward to more!

Hang on, only Adagio and Sunset will be going. But, what about Sonata and Aria, if I was them I'd feel so angry. Adagio got to experience home, and they were left behind.

6352230 A valid concern, yeah. It'll be covered though. =)

Nice to see your work again. Let's see where this goes.

C'mon, Dagi. You want that jewel fixed. Take it with you.

Hey, protagonists taking proper precautions. Sweet ^_^

Interesting to think about the time and possible dilation. I'm not quite sure if its a 1-1 scale and sunset was young when she crossed over or slightly slower on the EQG side.


Hey, protagonists taking proper precautions. Sweet ^_^

I know, right? wot?

I'm enjoying writing this as much for my own sake as anyone else's, as a way to really dig further into Adagio's mind, and a bit of Sunset's as well by proxy, beyond what was explored in the prior fic.

Adagio has such a potential to be a deep and complex character, given how much the three of them have experienced, and how cerebral she herself seems to be. I like to think of her as a bit of an introvert at heart, despite that desire for adoration.

Haha, answered my question the very next chapter XD. Hm, now I'm curios about these few friends that she can count on one hand, not to mention this mounted messenger. So many past mysteries now, that are peaking my curiosity. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Comment posted by bjorn2345 deleted Sep 7th, 2015

Ah, saw a new comment alert, but then come to check it out and it's gone. Curious what it was now. ;)

6396778 Meant to reply sooner. Hoping to use some of this exploration of her past to also explore some additional depth of her character. Can't guarantee more specifics about the other human contacts, but they're still on the table as a means of adding to that character depth.

Are they going to Equestria for good or for a visit?

6435616 They're just heading for a vacation of sorts, not a full move.

Thanks for treating the travel through a strange portal that warps your body as a big deal and keeping the Sirens' true forms what they almost certainly were meant to be-- the dragon-fish-pony hippocampus things we see in the movie.

Darn, I was hoping Adagio would have a chance to go all "BEHOLD MY TRUE FORM, AND DESPAAAAAIIRR!!!" as a joke or something, but I guess it really wouldn't have fit the mood.

Romping around as a fluffy-wuffy ponydagio is okay too. :rainbowkiss:

Siren gem lore loosely inspired by Daniel-Gleebits' Three Little Visitors.


I'll admit, I kinda wish we got to actually see the Sunset/Celestia bit, but that would have been a smidge difficult given the POV. :twilightsheepish:
Sounds like something Sonata would do. :yay:

Looks like I'm not the only one to occasionally borrow from other authors around here. A relief, that.

And is it wrong that I expected Adagio to come out of the portal as a pony? I got my fluffly-wuffliness either way, so not complaining.

I'm picturing Galadriel from Jackson's LotR movies here, heh.

I was sure this would come up. I'm thinking my answer will be "bonus chapter" from Sunset's POV there, but it'd be at the end after the main story concludes.

Fluffies+1. And I was pleased at being able to pull it off in a canonical way. ;)

“You do seem well, Adagio.” Celestia stated. “I’m pleased. Is there anything further I can do to help.”

This line seems a bit flat, but I'm not sure how to fix it, beyond changing the period to a question mark at the end.

Wait a minute. Fridge logic moment-- They're going to go swimming at the beach.

Does Adagio even know how to swim as a pony? If not, Sunset may need to break the transformation spell, in which case they will then have to either write Twilight or try to transport a giant horse-fish-dragon back to the portal.

Adagio's tail wrapped around Sunset was a cute image, speaking of giant hippocampi.

I gotta admit, I held my breath when Adagio came out on the other side of the portal, just knowing what that meant for her, and those who remembered her (Celestia and Luna). Kinda was an awe-inspiring but still emotional moment. Pony Adagio is always welcome, too, though!

I'm not upset with not getting to hear Sunset's convo with Celestia. I mean... we know how that's gonna go, right? :rainbowlaugh: I think you described it just enough for it to be satisfying.

I'm excited to see what Adagio gets into roaming around and interacting with her former "food". Should be interesting. :trollestia:

Also, just an addition here, but your prose just keeps getting better and better!

I'll admit it... I was mildly disappointed that Sunset did not take this opportunity to continue the spanking war, given that Adagio had no chance of dodging when she was still in fishy-form, :rainbowkiss:

Thanks. I'm glad you picked up on what I was going for with the Sunset/Celestia thing. Wanted to show the feels without jarring up the pacing to do a ~1500 word POV switch.


You're on to something here, yeah. When this dialog played out in my head while writing it, it was said in a warm and welcoming way, though still with some formality. But I think the period at the end hurts in conveying that. Just an oversight on my part that it wasn't a question mark - will fix it.

Also, yes. That does happen to pose a bit of a problem, doesn't it? ;) - Also, recall where (and why) Sunset's book is right now.

Update! Awesome.

Not much to say, except it's very sweet as always, and I like these extra bits of siren lore. Also, I'm not usually a fan of ponified Adagio, but here you've made it work for me.

6477054 Glad to hear, about Adagio. If I had to wager a guess, I think the reason that "pony" works in the context you're framing is because I'm approaching it here as a necessary means, rather than the end goal of the fic. I didn't set out to write this because I wanted creampuff pony... it's just a logistic necessity for them to make this journey, short of something like the way you approached "the thing" at the end of yours (which was mindblowingly creative, btw).


This is why I didn't give you a hard time about it, either. :D

Because yeah wow am I otherwise done with "EQG" stories that only serve to turn characters (usually their precious SunsetWaifu why won't she go back to Equestria ;____;) into ponies without even otherwise trying. :facehoof:

I know that feel. ;)

And regarding >didn't give you a hard time

I'd hope not, heh.
Yanno, since this sort of spun out from a comment you made regarding the artwork.


Hah, thanks. I think that's it, though -- it all spins off logically from the basic structure.

Gah!! You've done more?!

...Have I ever said how awesome you are? Seriously, I've read some good stories by some talented authors...but...to "meet" (I suppose the phrasing is limited in this sense) someone that has that talent and is ALSO good at art? You have got to be the envy of folks with professions in the Arts all over the place!

6521917 Ah, thanks man. Glad you're enjoying it. Will be getting started on the next chapter soon.

Thanks man. I still remember a lot of the feels from your "Siren Night" being lodged in my head when I set to writing on Open Door all those months ago.

Well, now that I'm finally caught up, I eagerly await the next update.

Appreciating the detail you are putting into this fic in regard to travelling through the portal, mentioning a bit of Adagio's past, oh and Sunset and Adagio being together as always. :raritywink:

6586737 I've actually finally gotten back to writing just last night and this morning. About 800 words in now, with (most) of the remainder outlined. Hoping by next weekend.

Heh... now I can say it's looking to be ready by this weekend. 4500 words down and ~500 to go? A lot more than I was expecting for this day-about-town chapter, but pleased with how it's come together.

“Alright, alright… I’ll take your word for it.”

Of course, naturally, they will have to meet the mare, the myth, the legend at some point.

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