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Rockin' that fedora like Cary Grant.


...said every "best dazzling" poll ever. · 8:28am April 30th

- and this is actually one of the higher ones.

I-it's not like she cares, or anything...

So it's been a while, hasn't it? I've been absent, but not completely idle.

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Seeing this image took me right back to this story · 9:40pm April 18th

And while I still don't foresee finishing Homesick, at least for a long while, I wanted to share this. It perfectly encapsulates Adagio's state of mind in the first chapter.

However -

I won't leave y'all totally hanging (those noble few who remain following me).

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Hype? · 7:43pm Jul 2nd, 2016

I noticed a few days ago that Boomerang started re-running some of the old Genndy-and-crew shows. Dexter's Lab, Foster's, etc. My first thought, of course, was something akin to, "nice." But then my eyes widened. Because this must mean...




That news I heard around the end of last year must be coming to a head. And now just last night, this drops:

Avatar change to celebrate.

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So Babscon · 4:51pm Apr 13th, 2016

Been typing back and forth a bit with DWK lately, and he might have talked me into going down there for one day (Friday). It's not for sure yet. Curious if any others here are planning to be en route as well.

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So I saw Zootopia on Thursday with the fam · 6:45pm Mar 13th, 2016

And I may just have to dive into another Shakira binge, cuz oh my damn, that song...

And yanno, the lyrics actually work really well for 'past is not today' Sunset, or especially post-pendant Adagio, as I like to imagine (and write) her. And Shakira's hair in the vid here is treading dangerously close to 3d-poof territory.

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So yeah... · 5:15pm Jan 27th, 2016

I feel bad letting this story idle for so long, but the inspiration just isn't there right now for bridging from the previous chapter into my ideas for the final ~3 chapters. I know how I want it to end... it's just that middle part now for getting there.

And now with Blade & Soul just released...
Just, yeah.

(some of the aspects of this game give me such a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon vibe, in an MMO, kinda digging it)

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First Pair Acquired · 4:53pm Jan 14th, 2016

And... with Sunset undoubtedly to be included—and Adagio already confirmed—the other pairing is also inevitable.

Rarity's hair tho. As top-heavy as it is, and as loose as the hip joints are on these, it really takes some work to get her to stand up, even with support. Cats and kids: please don't touch.

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Happy Morning-of · 5:42pm Dec 25th, 2015

Coffee consumed
Kid gifts opened
(wife's and my own, as well - though significantly fewer than theirs, heh)

Now it's off to see Good Dinosaur.

Getting there with chapter 6, too. Been looking forward to this one.

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It's that season again? · 5:23am Dec 2nd, 2015

I'll hop on this Christmas avatar bandwagon sleigh (with a bit of help from the drawing tablet and SAI, heh).

Got chapter 5 decently outlined now. But I've been taking a break to polish Open Door for the EQD stuffs. The pre-reader there gave some very insightful feedback. So the story's seen yet more improvements. <3

Tree. Up.
Decorations. Up.
Gifts for wife & three kids? ... Uh... Hrm. WIP?

And then being awoken 6 a.m. the morning of?

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Chapter 4 Tomorrow =) · 11:42pm Nov 24th, 2015

This one took a while. As blocked as I was with getting ideas rolling, I'm actually very pleased with how it turned out. Hope y'all are as well. Expected it to be a very short chapter, but at ~5,500 it's the longest to date.

Just a bit more review and smoothing, then I hope to drop it in the morning.

On the horizon -

Chapter 5 is still very drawing-board.

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