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So, this will be a thing · 3:38am Apr 7th, 2015

As a note for anyone here who doesn't watch my dA account, the next story is in the works now. :twilightblush:

I'll likely end up flagging it as a sequel to Messenger, as it follows along the same timeline a month or two down the road. Can't promise any sort of 'when' for a drop-date, though. Taking my time with this one as I did with the last.

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Merry Christmas (belated) and Thanks · 9:55pm Dec 29th, 2014

Firstly, I want to say thanks for the feedback on my first shot at creative writing, to the folks who chose to follow me here, and thanks again to C and Jondor for the assistance and advice.

I posted this bit below in a comment on the story, but figure it's appropriate here too.

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Work is going on chapter 4 · 9:13pm Dec 16th, 2014

Got ideas rolling, now that my artwork fix, and a request, are out of the way. Should be obvious from the end of the 3rd chapter that this will focus mostly on Adagio and Sunset after the prior exploration of Aria and Sonata.

So speaking of those two, what are they doing while Adagio and Sunset are out walking?

No, not that. Well, maybe not. Perhaps something more like this:

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